Online CRM Software

What is Online CRM Software?

Online CRM software is offered exclusively on-demand (SaaS). Online CRM helps a company to manage customer relationships in an organized way. It builds a database about its customers so that management, salespeople and other employees could access information, understand customer needs and market products and services. Key functions typically provided by online CRM software are: Enabling marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage efficient marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team. Optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing customers related processes. Developing individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits. Knowing customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company, its customer base and third parties involved in marketing, selling and servicing the customer. Companies of small to medium sizes turn to online CRM software to help them manage their customer relationships.

Online CRM Software Comparison

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