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Verified Reviewer  16th of August

Excellent product!

Chargebee is excellent for subscription businesses who need to manage their payments and invoices. I would strongly recommend trying it out. It's extremely easy to use. Should you run into any issues, their support team is amazing and very responsive.

Pros: Extremely easy to get set up and start taking payments.

Cons: A Xero integration would be useful, which they have built and are currently testing.

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Verified Reviewer  28th of October, 2015

Simply Awesome Subscription Billing that JUST WORKS!

I''ve been relying on Chargebee to handle all subscription needs for my online wordpress maintenance service for the last 3 years. They always went above and beyond my expectations in helping me with anything I asked of them. I have never once encountered a problem due to their service! I love their team. I respect their leadership. I highly recommend you check them out!

Pros: Fast and easy setup, Intuitive UI, Rich features, Flexible, Stable, Great support

Cons: None! Never had an issue.

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1-2 years

13th of March, 2014

Stellar service saving time and money

I've had many 'long-term' customers, who are very satisfied with my Pilates services, but for whom the whole 'buying/tracking' packages of sessions has become too onerous. Chargebee has allowed me to provide my customers with the same stellar service, but at a reduced cost because I save bookkeeping time and money.

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10th of March, 2014

Wonderful API and Support

I stumble across ChargeBee after searching on the web for subscription API management for our new signal service. From the very start , I found the ChargeBee API very easy to use , the web site easy to navigate and the response from our specific help requests first rate. Our signal service went live a couple of months ago with zero problems from the subscription side which worked with no problems. I can 100% recommend ChargeBee to anyone who reads this and to anyone who emails me personally

18th of May, 2013

Chargebee is great!

Our small local professional org / non-profit was looking for a newsletter / member management system that was supported and not going to break the bank. During our investigations of MailChimp, we learned about Chargebee. While a relatively new company, we were given confidence by MailChimp's endorsement. We went live a week ago with our new solutions and cannot be happier.

Pros: We've found Krish and his team to be super helpful. They were responsive and informative to our pre-sales questions and have been helpful setting us up with their system. Generally, the product is very easy to use. They are receptive to feedback.

Cons: Since Chargebee is a new company, there are a few rough spots, for example, when using their hosted payment pages, any payment errors are generic. Also, for someone not familiar with payments, some of the configuration took some work.

Response from Chargebee Inc.

Thank you Todd. A pleasure to work with you. Your inputs on your use cases certainly helped us & your review has been a great help to import your existing subscriptions. Looking forward to a long relationship. Thank you.

2nd of January, 2013

Great API Docs and Fantastic customer support

I first heard of Chargebee after doing some trial integration of both Chargify and Spreedly with our new SaaS app A quick look over their API documentation and we were off to work integrating their system with our billing and customer management. Chargebee's API was very easy to integrate, it took only 1 day to get up and running on their sandbox due to their great example code. As an Australian Startup it's very difficult to find a payment manager that can connect to a payment gateway to process USD. Fortunately Chargebee integrates with both Worldpay and eWay. We use Worldpay as our payment gateway so it was paramount that our payment manager supported them. Not only do they support them but about 25 other payment gateways should we ever need to change payment gateways. Chargebee's fees are dirt cheap which makes it a great option for startups who are bootstrapping their building. Their pricing is very competitive and was the best I could find on the market. The team at Chargebee are very helpful and always respond quickly to support emails. Any questions we've had have been answered in detail and the team is a pleasure to communicate with. I will be using and recommending the Chargebee billing platform for all my future projects.

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Half a year now with ChargeBee hosted payment pages has allowed us to grow to customer numbers that we never would have managed with manual billing. VAT regulation changes in January 2015 that almost made billing for electronic products in EU a nightmare, but as ChargeBee had the support for new system available from day one, the trouble was minimized and correct VAT percentages used for each country automatically. Also getting metrics data from ChargeBee beats our custom google spreadsheet metrics easily. The responsiveness of their support team was probably one reason for us to pick ChargeBee over other available solutions and I haven't regretted at all.

Antti V, COO and Co-Founder of Sharetribe Ltd

We have over 30,000+ customers, and ChargeBee helps us keep our billing in order. It is always difficult for the marketing team to introduce new promotions or plans for our customers as we need to pull in the engineering team to build it. However with ChargeBee, new plans and promotions are only a couple of clicks away. Also, the Finance team can easily pull all the reports needed from one system.

Kiran D, Director Technical Operations of Freshdesk Inc.

We transitioned to ChargeBee from another service with a very good user interface but very limited customization and reporting. We have been extremely pleased with our experience. The transition was seamless because we use Stripe as the credit card processor so our subscribers didn't have to re-enter payment info. The customer service has been outstanding. Training our team (across multiple locations) was also very easy - the user interface is very straightforward and intuitive.

Jamie P, Founder of Enerspace Coworking

We needed a first-class subscription billing platform that was not expensive from the beginning. As a startup ChargeBee was a perfect entry point. And to know they also serve large companies is reassuring because as we grow they will have the solutions for us. ChargeBee has fantastic onboarding support. I also love the dashboard design and metrics. The team are also thinking ahead and adding new features, they are a passionate company and that always shows.

Paul D, Founder of Media Diplomat

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