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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

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Degreed overview

Degreed is an enterprise learning portal, not an LMS. Our learning solution aggregates the best content available, maps learning to the evolving needs of the employee and company, and measures all forms of formal and informal training.

Being learner first means aggregating content across providers and modalities so that employees can engage based on their preferences. All learning is tracked so the organization has complete line of sight to drive decisions and the employee has a profile that captures all of their experiences over time.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German and 7 other languages, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
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Todd Strosnider

Best way to find, access and track ALL learning!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-06-24
Review Source: Capterra

When I realized that our LMS was not utilized, I began researching options. I had heard from Degreed right when they appeared on the scene, but the timing wasn't right. Once the LMS contract was nearing expiration and seeing low usage, I reached out to Degreed and eventually implemented about 1000 licenses at my organization to pilot the system and show the proof of concept to my leadership team. I first rolled it out to our top 20 executives and created pathways, goals, etc. for the group. I showed the team all the great content formerly on our LMS that I added to the platform as well as links to books, articles and videos we shared as an exec team. The group was won-over and I then rolled it out to our next level of senior leadership, about 250 leaders from across the globe. My colleague facilitated a few webinars on how to access Degreed and we created a group so we could recommend content as well as track usage. The majority of the new users took to the system quickly and positively. Since that group of leaders also participates in our annual Leadership Summit in the spring, I created a pathway that served as pre-work for the gathering. I leveraged the healthy competition we have in our organization. Degreed sponsored a booth at our summit, so Our Client Success Director joined and heard all the rave reviews of the system. Since then, we have added a few other groups and are experimenting with getting the most usage from employees at every level in the organization. We are about to propose adding more licenses earlier than anticipated since the word is out and people across the company are asking for Degreed!!

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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

Aaron Brown

Transforming Organizational Learning

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-31
Review Source: GetApp

We launched Degreed throughout the entire organization and the base platform for employee development. We had an amazing pre-launch design, faultless launch and almost zero tech support with only 2 tickets for the population of 1,200 employees. It allows the every employee to be in control of their own learning and development. We used it as an integral part of our talent development process tied to quarterly development check-ins. We have used it to create learning groups around key topics and have curated learning paths to reinforce our cultural and leadership principles. A really nice wow experience for new hires to see how they can start learning from day 1. It totally and seamlessly integrates with all content on our LMS and Intranet sites. We are a cloud-based technology company that needed a simple but elegant learning ecosystem. It has totally met our expectations.

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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

Sarah Mueller

Good Solution When You Can't Afford An LMS

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-10-03
Review Source: Capterra

Site sources free or for fee learning on the web. You can think of it as the Pintrest of Learning. Individuals can sign up for free or organizations can host a site for a fee. Employees take their learning profiles with them when they leave employment. Employers can post their own internal training as well. Beware that Degreed only points to a course file, they don't house it. You need SharePoint or a Dropbox that is accessible for employees to access the actual course files. Overall, Degreed has been a great solution for us to provide training resources as well as deliver our own proprietary internal training.

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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning


Useful tool for L&D - but could be improved

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-24
Review Source: Capterra

- The gamification effect is real - it's definitely been an extra incentive for me to go out and keep up my development. - Chrome extension is really helpful for encouraging use - Creation of pathways is a nice simple way to set up cross-media training plans

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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

Suraj More

Best training tracker and content curation

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-23
Review Source: GetApp

Integrations are smooth, few issues but the support team is much helpful. Nice and clean UI, (Recent acquisition of Pathgather may further improve this) Mobile app is quick and very easy for learners.

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The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

Degreed pricing

Pricing options

Degreed for Enterprise provides SaaS based pricing with annual contracts aligned to an organization's size.

Degreed is free for individuals.

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Degreed Pricing Reviews

  • - The gamification effect is real - it's definitely been an extra incentive for me to go out and keep up my development. - Chrome extension is really helpful for encouraging use - Creation of pathways is a nice simple way to set up cross-media training plans
  • I really like Degreed! I love that you can make your own pathways to learn new things, or choose from already created pathways. There are a lot of subjects to choose from which is nice, and it's easy to find free learning. I also like the gamification aspect of earning points for new things you learn and seeing graphs of your progress.
  • Content aggregation very strong. Ability to create learning paths from both external and internal content and assign to users/groups. Ease of creating and following learning groups. Easy to tag and create daily learning feeds. So easy to share and add content from any web source to existing internally create learning paths. Very easy to administer and support. Great UI. Very affordable.
  • First a disclaimer: I am a user of the individual, free version. On to the pros: I really love the whole concept of using this service for a central location to keep a record of my informal learning. The bookmarklet, in particular, is very handy. I've installed it on both my browsers. It automatically harvests the URL and other metadata it needs and assigns the point values accordingly. For instance, on a YouTube video, it knows how long the video is. Customer support response time is quite reasonable for what I'm paying.
  • Would love to see more action oriented triggers to users as reminders to nudge learners to stay active. Would love to see a more robust way to measure if what the organization is learning is making a difference to the business or to customer's experience.
  • The lack of a fully developed native app and the reporting are lacking. I would like the same experience on my mobile device as I have on my laptop. I would also like the ability to pull/download and create dynamic reports as well as allow others to do so w/o full admin access.
  • It was a little hard to figure out at first. It took me a minute to figure out what a "pathway" was. I also got a little frustrated when I'd find a course I was interested in and then find out that it cost a lot of money. I think courses that have a fee should be marked more clearly or kept separate. Overall though, it's a good way to keep track of articles and subjects you want to learn!
  • - Category feed (at least for me) has not been hugely relevant, and there is not much I can do to customise it. - The scoring of different learning resources can be hit and miss. If something is behind a paywall Degreed seems unable to gauge it's length and will assign it a low score. - No way to easily re-categorise something as e.g. an article, and not a video - Would love greater analytics e.g. to see how my team are progressing
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Degreed features

Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Real Time Reporting

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Activity Tracking (194 other apps)
Applicant Tracking (231 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (305 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (201 other apps)
Customizable Branding (229 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

The world is quickly changing, and the amount of learning content that is available online has exploded in recent years. As a result, human resources professionals now have to juggle many different platforms and vendors, and much of the informal learning process is happening in closed-off settings. Degreed has a solution that simplifies the management of online learning programs and enables busy administrators to manage thousands of courses and platforms in one place.

Much more advanced than a typical learning management system (LMS), Degreed is actually an enterprise learning portal that aggregates the best content, maps out the learning process, and accurately measures all forms of training. Top features include a learning library, pathways, insights and analytics, learner profiles, learning ecosystem integration, and a browser extension for saving, recommending, and adding content to pathways.

What is Degreed?

Degreed provides centralized learning portals for organizations and their employees. Through these portals, organizations are able to find, track, and recognize all learning. It aggregates content across providers and modalities, which allows employees to engage with the organizations they belong to based on their own individual user preferences.

For administrators, Degreed is an enterprise learning portal that offers complete flexibility. HR departments have the ability to manage thousands of platforms and providers in one place. And because all learning is tracked and measured, they can see what skills, content providers, groups, and individuals are learning at any given time. This empowers employees and fosters an enhanced learning culture within growing organizations.

Who is Degreed for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: All business sizes
  • Departments/roles: Learning and development, human resources, instructional design, information technology, and others
  • Budget/point: Subscription pricing for businesses, free for individuals

Main features

Learning Library

Degreed’s learning library integrates all internal, formal, and informal learning. This is the location within the Degreed platform where learners will look to find content to learn.

When you visit the learning library, you’ll see content filtered by pathway, category, and group. Enter a keyword to search for content related to a specific topic, or scroll through the latest content that’s been posted by approved providers. When you find something that looks interesting, click on the title to get started.


Pathways are content curation. Businesses and groups can create their own custom pathways by combining resources from around the web. Pathways can be used to help employees prepare for certification, onboard new employees, outline paths to promotion, or to create step-by-step guides to learning new skills.

Take a look at the content you’ve collected around a certain topic, and combine that to create your own custom pathway. You can add content from courses, books, articles, or videos. Degreed lets you content from an unlimited number of providers, rather than requiring that all of your content come from the same one or two sources.

Learner Profiles

Each learner with a Degreed account has his or her own learner profile. This profile captures and displays all learning information, including the number of courses completed, the number of articles read, and the number of books read.

When you create your learner profile, make sure to include links to all of your accounts elsewhere online, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, along with information about your educational background and work history. Decide for yourself whether your profile should be locked or unlocked. Your profile also lists all the Groups you belong to within Degreed.

Insights & Analytics

Businesses that use Degreed can get insights into how their employees are taking advantage of the platform. Both formal and informal insights and analytics round the app’s enterprise learning portal. Administrators can get complete views of their employees’ learning patterns, and employees benefit from being able to see the learning paths that their peers are taking.

As an admin, you can get insight into how your employees are learning via the pathways you’ve created. This includes a full view of all learning, as opposed to just being able to view company-mandated courses. Looking at these analytics, you should be able to identify talent and employees with cross-functional skills.


For enterprise users, Degreed integrates within the client’s learning ecosystem to create a portal where all learning can be access by employees. Integrations may include an LMS, learning content providers such as Lynda or Pluralsight, and other tools, like Wiki and SSO.

For learners, it offers integrations with apps such as Pocket, GoodReads, and learning providers such as Coursera, Khan Academy, and Treehouse.


Degreed for Enterprise provides SaaS-based pricing with annual contracts aligned to each organization’s unique size and goals.

Degreed is free for individuals.

Bottom line

  • Provides a centralized learning portal for organizations and their employees
  • Accounts for all learning in the 70:20:10 model
  • First enterprise learning portal that puts learner first
  • Personalized dashboards help make learning a daily habit
  • Free learning tools for individuals

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of Degreed

  • Leverage all internal, formal, and informal content
  • Includes social leanring
  • Remains with employee & captures all learning
  • LMS & Content Provider Integrations
  • Insights into all learning at your organization
  • Aggregate and granular levels
  • XAPI Compliant


Learning ecosystem integration: Degreed aggregates learning content from the world's best sources across modalities (more than 225,000 courses) and providers (1,300 learning platforms and providers). In addition, Degreed integrates your organization's content (LMS, proprietary, SharePoint, etc.) into a single portal with SSO.

Real-time analytics: Gain a full view of all employees’ learning, not just company mandated. Leaders identify talent and employees with cross-functional skills.

Content curation: Course authoring allow departments to create their own learning goals and pathways as you nurture a culture of consistent learning in your company.

Training management: Purchase and manage all vendors in one place, then empowers learners with FlexEd dollars to spend toward any desired learning activity.

Client success team: A group of full-time professionals from the L&D industry will guide you through implementation, training, and on-going strategic initiatives.