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All-in-one business travel booking & management platform.

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TravelPerk is the top-rated business travel management tool. Manage your domestic & international business travel wisely–policies, single invoicing, spend tracking & VAT reclaim all in one place.

No wonder 3000 businesses have already chosen TravelPerk.
So what are you waiting for? Book a demo now.

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Cloud-Based Policy Management and Contract Management

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DocTract is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations automate processes for creating, approving, revising, and renewing contracts and policies. Advanced security capabilities let users match employee profiles with relevant documents, which are distributed across stakeholders.

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Policy & procedure management solution

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PowerDMS is a cloud-based software platform that automatically disseminates, collects signatures on, and tracks your organization’s policies and procedures.

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Powerful Policy Management.

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Policy management software that allows you to easily automate, deliver and maintain your organisation's policy management life cycle.

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Empower Your Teams to Turn Enterprise Risk Into Innovation

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LogicGate is an easy to use, customizable software that allows you build effective policy management throughout your organization.

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Policy & procedure management

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PolicyTech is a policy and procedure lifecycle management solution with the aim of helping businesses to remain audit ready and reduce corporate risk

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SaaS ERM software with top-rated customer support.

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LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. LogicManager's ERM software empowers organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what's ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance.

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Software for managing policies, contracts & other documents

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ComplyALIGN helps businesses create, deploy, and manage policies, procedures, and contracts to ensure compliance with statutory regulations and accreditations across various processes. Users can maintain a centralized knowledgebase to let users design and store internal documents for reference.

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Insurance tracking and compliance management software

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Automated Policy Tracking & Renewal Requests and OCR Technology for Streamlined Compliance Verification

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Cloud-based data management solution

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Classify360 is a cloud-based risk management solution that helps organizations to manage their data and maintain compliance across processes. It enables users to track document statuses, collaborate with colleagues, and review organizational performance using charts.

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Compliance & ethics management platform

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Convercent is a suite of enterprise compliance and ethics management tools for handling cases, compliance policies, conflicts of interest, training, and more

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Policy & Procedure Management


Policy and compliance management software

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TotalCompliance is a policy and compliance management software designed to help organizations streamline the entire process of policy creation, revision, approval, and distribution. The application allows employees to access the current version of policies and procedures and collaborate with document editors and reviewers to edit or modify business policies.

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IT asset risk management software for companies of all sizes

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Lockpath (formerly Keylight) is an integrated risk management platform designed to help businesses manage audit preparation & execution, compliance, business continuity, health & safety, IT, operational, third-party risk, issues & incidents, IT threats & vulnerabilities, policy governance, and more

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Policy, procedure & compliance management

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DynamicPolicy is a web-based software for medium & large companies to manage, distribute & assign corporate policies, procedures & compliance related documents

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Policy and standard operating procedure management tool

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Staff.Wiki is a cloud-based solution which helps users centralize, manage, and streamline organization policies and standard operating procedures. Key features include web chat, approval workflows, checklists, incident management, employee training, and feedback collection.

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HIPAA Compliance, Made Easy.

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HIPAA policies - Accountable guides organizations step-by-step through the process of achieving and managing HIPAA compliance.

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Risk & Compliance Mgmt. Solutions for Banks & Financial Svcs

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360factors Predict360 Policy & Procedure Management Software is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled, web based solution that ensures if an organizations policies and procedures are in compliance with the standards and regulations required by the relevant regulatory authorities.

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Diligent Compliance


Policy management software to create compliance programs

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Diligent Compliance is a policy management software designed to help businesses of all sizes create and manage compliance programs by leveraging best practice frameworks and standards. Administrators can evaluate policy terms and identify gaps to address them before launching programs.

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Intelligent automation & real-time reporting for any process

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Onspring is a cloud-based, no-code software for reporting, analysis, process management and coordination. Our connected solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance, ITSM, and Business Operations create efficiencies for your teams and put key metrics at your fingertips anytime and everywhere.

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Policy & procedure management software

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PolicyHub is a cloud-based policy & procedure management solution designed to help SMBs streamline policy & procedure creation, approval, and communication, plus distribution, knowledge assessments, and reporting with tools such as version control, audit trail, Microsoft Office integration, and more

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Data governance and privacy regulation software

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Immuta is an on-premise and cloud-based data governance platform designed to help businesses manage, store, and share data across enterprise systems. Administrators can access the catalog to view various data sources, curate metadata, & gain an overview of all enforced policies across the database.

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Tandem Software


Security and compliance solution for financial institutions

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Tandem is a security and compliance solution designed to help small to large financial institutions manage audits, business continuity planning, compliance, risk assessment, social media and vendors. The platform enables users to create role-based access and custom workflows using built-in programs.

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Single Source of truth for integrated risk & compliance

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CyberOne GRC supports companies ranging from 5 to 100,000+ employees across all industries looking to move from paper, spreadsheets to a single source of truth for Governance, Risk, Compliance & BCM. Choose modules or build and scale your entire GRC program in CyberOne's open API platform.

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Internal audit risk compliance quality management GRC GDPR

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Auditrunner is a customizable and low-code process automation platform that helps businesses in banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy, and other sectors interconnect systems to perform audits, risk analysis, compliance checks, and quality processes across applications.

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WhatsUp Gold


All-in-one monitoring of your entire infrastructure.

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WhatsUp Gold lets you find and fix network problems fast – usually before end users notice. Its unique, interactive mapping interface lets you intuitively see up/down availability and performance at-a-glance for everything connected to your network, both on premises and in the cloud.

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Buyers Guide

policy management

Employees not complying with organizational and industry policies can cause serious damage to a business, such as regulatory fines and revenue loss. Nevertheless, the onus of ensuring that each employee knows and understands the relevant policies lies with the business.

Policy management software helps all types of businesses organize, review, and distribute their policies as well as get their employees to acknowledge and accept them.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the various deployment options and common features you must look for when shortlisting policy management software.

What is policy management software?

Policy management software is a tool that allows you to organize, edit, review, and distribute your policy and procedure documents. The software allows you to customize workflows that determine which employee or group is responsible for the next step in policy creation and sharing.

These tools help improve collaboration between legal, IT, and business operations team in creating and abiding by policies. Also, they let employees electronically attest that they agree to abide by the policies.

What are the deployment options for policy management software?

You can either subscribe to policy management solutions that are available on the cloud or buy the license and install the software on your system (on-premise). Your choice of deployment option will determine your upfront costs, maintenance costs, and availability of updates.

We discuss the two deployment options in detail below.

  • Cloud-based: These solutions are hosted on vendors’ servers and you can access them via web browsers (or mobile app, if available). Cloud-based solutions have lower upfront costs, generally offer free updates, and can be scaled easily to meet your evolving business needs. The major drawbacks of these solutions are reduced control as your data is stored on third-party servers and increased vulnerability as those servers support multiple tenants. 

  • On-premise: On-premise applications are hosted on your organization’s own server and require investments in server, storage, and network hardware. The licenses are usually procured with a one-time fee. You’ll need to employ your own IT team for system maintenance, updates, and integrations. This option gives you complete control over your data. recommends cloud-based applications for small and midsize businesses as they save a user the cost and effort of deploying and maintaining the software. It takes less time to set-up and start using the software.

Key questions to ask a vendor: How long does it take to set-up and start using the software? For the SaaS version, what’s the process to scale up?

What are some common features of policy management software?

Choosing a solution that offers the right set of features to match your needs is important. Here are the common features to look out for in policy management software:

Policy creation: Policy creation or policy authoring functionality lets you write, edit, review, and approve policies from directly within the tool. Custom workflows ensure that the right people have access to policy documents at the right step in the workflow.

Access controls in PolicyTech

Policy drafts in PolicyTech

Search: The search functionality in policy management software allows you to type in a keyword and get a list of all matching results. Advanced search functions allow you to search policies by author, title, or metadata, as well as within particular folders or drives.

Search bar in PolicyManager

Search bar in PolicyManager 

Attestation: This feature allows employees to digitally sign and acknowledge that they agree to a particular set of terms. This also helps to track policy distribution and compliance.

Attestion options in PolicyHub

Attestation feature in PolicyHub

Access controls: These controls help to ensure the appropriate degree of access to the right people, determining who can view, review, or edit policies. 

Access controls in PolicyTech

Access controls in PolicyTech

Reports and dashboards: Reports and dashboards provide a centralized view of all your business policies—recent changes, policies that need update, how many employees have attested policies, etc. They help the management make decisions on revamping policies or creating new ones.

Dashboard in PolicyManager

Dashboard in PolicyManager 

Version control: It helps track all the versions of a policy document, allowing the management to monitor how they’ve evolved over time. It also helps maintain audit trails and capture details on who has made changes to a policy, and when.

Version history in PolicyManager

Version history in PolicyManager

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations; they’ve been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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