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Projector PSA

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Projector PSA overview

Projector was designed with three distinct but integrated modules, each of which is designed to give you answers about a different part of your business.

Projector's Project Accounting module is all about the past. It helps you track the time and expenses you've invested to date to deliver your projects. It manages the process of invoicing your clients to ensure you bill them for every hour invested and every dollar disbursed on their behalf. Finally, it can act as the project accounting sub-ledger for your general ledger, seamlessly sending transactions to your accounting system to always keep it in sync.

Our Resource Scheduling module helps you efficiently match the perfect person to the right project. It lets project managers describe what sort of resources they need on their projects based on skill sets, certifications, physical locations, and required hours. It also gives resource managers the ability to match up resource needs with staff availability, and make strategic tradeoffs amongst potentially competing needs. The Resource Scheduling module is central to helping manage future-looking utilization, revenue and profitability, and hiring needs.

Projector's Project Management module gives you the power to plan, track, and execute projects at a detailed level. It provides a simpler alternative to Microsoft Project if desired or integrates directly with Microsoft Project if needed and allows project managers to assign tasks and track project health at a detailed level. It also provides project workspaces to encourage communication and collaboration with your team and your clients as you deliver the project.


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Projector PSA reviews


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Bob Randolph

User-friendly, nice step up from other SaaS based PSA Services

Reviewed 2015-02-23
Review Source: Software Advice

It has a big improvement in ease of use over other Professional Service software and services we had previously used. We use the software globally and have gained great acceptance from the professional staff cross-culture in different regions. It's easy to understand and has plenty of aids to speed up time and expense entry. The SaaS based service has been very reliable over the years we have been a customer. It's above expectation given we are a user of several other SaaS based services. Other key points are the administrative functions of the product are far superior than other systems we use. It has a good report writer that they keep improving. Product support via phone is also a big plus. They have well trained, knowledgeable support staff. The accounting system integration has been reliable and has given us no issues with the cloud-based systems.

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Bruce Lovenberg

Projector PSA - A must have tool for professional services firms

Reviewed 2015-02-23
Review Source: Software Advice

Projector PSA provides a straightforward approach to Resource Planning and Time Entry, making implementation a breeze and enabling you to reach your full potential quickly. Projector's use of Excel Pivot Tables and easy-to-configure Report Writer also enabled us to train Project Managers and Department Heads to be self-proficient quickly. Through the use of Projector PSA, we have been able to "move the needle" in our professional services firm. Projector PSA has been with us all the way. They have a vested interest in our success and are always open to our input.

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Evan Kenty

Quick deployment, great service

Reviewed 2012-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, projector is easy to use and deploys quickly. I beat my deadline for go live and stayed under budget. It is easy to customize and the learning curve is not very demanding. My only recommendation to make the process better is to put together a plan for data migration into Projector from old systems in a way that will not overburden the implementer with non-value add work.My expierence with Bill Robinson, our implementation consultant, was nothing short of exemplary. Bill and everyone else from the Projector team took the time to understand our business model and shape the solution to fit our needs. I was particularly impressed by the way Projector was able to accomodate hourly billing engagements and complex integration projects with billing and revenue recognition milestones. The reporting engine is easy to use and great for executive level and mid-level management reporting.

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Tom Lanzetta

this product addressed our issues beyond expectation

Reviewed 2012-05-17
Review Source: GetApp

Overall my organization is very happy with the Projector PSA application. We had a very specific need and this product addressed our issues beyond expectation. The application is intuitive, the support is attentive and knowledgeable, and compared to other similar applications I believe we get significant value from the product. Our goal prior to installing the Projector PSA tool was to gain tighter control of our employee resource pool and leverage these resources most efficiently on client engagements. Projector has deep, easy to use functionality that allowed us to realize these goals. We have been able to have data driven conversations with clients to improve billing rates, supported by easy to understand out of the box Projector reporting. * Intuitive User Friendly Interface * Product evolution driven by very smart professional service best practices * Robust reporting * Setup and Implementation very manageable

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Jim Hennessy

Wish we had moved to Projector earlier

Reviewed 2012-09-11
Review Source: GetApp

As CEO of a small consulting firm (~50 team members), we knew we had long outgrown our spreadsheet-based methods for team members to report time and expenses, and to generate invoices. After spending over a year evaluating options to migrate to, we made the move to Projector and completed a migration within 2-3 weeks. The system has totally transformed our operations, and excited our team members and customers. Team members highlighted our switch to Projector as one of their top "satisfiers" in a recent employee survey - they love it. Customers have responded to the improvements in our invoices. However, the visibility into our current engagements and resource utilization has been the most important achievement for our management team. The dashboarding and flexibility of reports and real-time visibility has been incredible. The problems with historical records that we found as a result of the migration pointed out the risks & issues that we were not even aware of with our previous "platform." We have complete confidence and audit-ability of our records now. Needless to say, we are satisfied and enthusiastic customers of Projector!

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Projector PSA pricing

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Projector is available on a monthly subscription basis starting at $15/user. We calculate monthly subscription fees at the end of the month based on the actual number of users, optional services, and integrations used for that month. There are no activation fees, termination fees, or minimum contract terms, so you're always in control of how you want to use Projector and for how long.

Projector PSA features


Activity Dashboard (95 other apps)
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Automatic Notifications (93 other apps)
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Collaborative Workspace (84 other apps)
Commenting (85 other apps)
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Additional information for Projector PSA

Key features of Projector PSA

  • Professional Services Automation
  • Project Management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Client Billing and Invoicing
  • Project Workspaces
  • Automated Budgeting Alerts
  • Analytical Reporting
  • People and Project Matching
  • Dashboards and Alerts
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Company
  • Operational Forecasting
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Pre-Packaged Integrations
  • Mobile Access
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No matter which module or modules you choose, Projector provides foundational layers for each one to provide visibility, control, and integration.

Projector's Visibility layer includes a powerful analytical reporting engine that lets you design and create reports in Excel pivot tables, allowing you to perform ad-hoc analysis on the data without requiring an advanced degree in quantitative analytics. When combined with Projector's e-mail alerts and interactive dashboards, you'll always have an up-to-the-minute, accurate view of how your organization is doing.

The Control layer manages workflows and user permissions, giving you the ability to control who is allowed to do and see what and when. Full audit trails will show you who actually did what and when.

Our Integration layer allows you to integrate Projector with the other critical systems your organization uses. Whether you take advantage of Projector's pre-built interfaces to applications such as QuickBooks, Great Plains, SalesForce, and Microsoft Project, or use the web services to build integrations with other systems, Projector's open architecture provides the advantages of best-of-breed thinking with fully integrated systems.