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Workday Enterprise Management Cloud logo

Cloud-based ERP tool for HR, finance, analytics, and more.

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Workday Enterprise Management Cloud is a suite of software solutions designed to streamline and optimize daily business operations.

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Karanext logo

Let’s focus on growing your business.

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Karanext is a complete suite in SaaS mode - ERP, CRM & HR - designed for SMEs that want to improve the management of their business. Our solution is particularly suitable for service companies such as consulting firms or engineering.

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Sales Booster logo

Streamline tedious, manual and time-consuming processes.

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Sales booster is a lead generation tool that helps businesses to generate personalized messages for verified contacts and improve outreach among targeted customer profiles. It includes several features such as strategy brainstorming, email delivery, email personalization, customer profiles, A/B testing and more.

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SCOPE Better logo

Cloud-based CPQ platform

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SCOPE Better is a cloud-based CPQ platform designed for Professional Services businesses. Collaboration and approval are facilitated through the platform, allowing the right people to come together and work on scopes of work seamlessly. With version control and approval workflows, unnecessary complexity and errors are reduced, saving time, streamlining workflows, and enabling faster deal closure.

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Infor Cloud ERP logo

Smart. Preconfigured. Modern.

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Infor ERP is a suite of purpose-built, end-to-end, industry-specialized enterprise resource planning solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

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Feng Office logo

Collaborative Project Management System

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Feng Office is a Web Based Collaboration Platform that integrate Project Management, Client Relationship Management, Billing, Financing and more.

Ideal for Professional Services Business Productivity.

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Elite 3E logo

Enterprise resource planning software for legal firms

learn more
3E is an on-premise and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses manage and streamline various administrative processes related to finance, risks, client management, and more. Supervisors can gain an overview of legal processes, configure workflows, and automate daily tasks according to requirements.

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Senfoni logo

Time tracking and productivity management for remote teams

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Senfoni is a cloud accounting & professional services software designed for agencies, consultancy, legal & audit companies. It allows users to track time, run projects, boost collaboration, track & manage expenses and time off.

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MyMediaConnect logo

Project management for graphic design & brand asset

learn more
MyMediaConnect is a secure collaborative cloud-based platform for project management related to the graphic design and management of brand assets.

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Fielder Agent logo

Cloud-based software for managing agents in the field.

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Fielder Agent is an application for the management and control of field agent assignments. The software operates based on the planning of optimal routes and the use of resources. It also facilitates the traceability of activities in real-time. It includes a web portal and mobile apps.

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP logo

Web-based IT service management software

learn more
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based IT service management software designed to help businesses handle help desk, reporting, service catalogs, asset tracking, and other operations from within a unified platform.

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Metis logo

Make better decisions with our consultancy software

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Metis brings together your key data, giving you real-time insight for more effective decision-making. Spend more time doing business and less time tracking it.

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Juntrax logo

PSA solution for streamlining operational processes

learn more
Juntrax is a cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) platform that helps businesses manage operational processes related to employees, sales, and more. It allows users to generate custom invoices, dashboards, and reports, and deliver statements of work (SoW) to vendors as well as clients.

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SAP Ruum logo

AI-driven project management and collaboration tool by SAP

learn more
SAP Ruum is a collaborative, AI-driven project management solution for teams which provides project management, task tracking, and progress reporting. The platform is designed for sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, analytics, and professional services teams, and integrates with the SAP C/4HANA suite.

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Service365 logo

Service365 connects your field services teams with QuickBook

learn more
Service 365 is an intuitive field service management software built for the industrial services industry.

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Time Manager logo

For high-performance teams

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We are a Practice Management System, a system that operates from the cloud, requires an ideal platform for the comprehensive management and administration of law firms.

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Exact for Project Management logo

Gain insights with project management software

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Exact for Project Management, the fully customizable project management application designed to help you manage your projects and resources in one place. This solution makes it easy to work with multiple project managers and collaborate with team members within or across projects.

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CMap logo

Project and resource management software.

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CMap's end-to-end CRM & PSA exists to help professional services companies to win more work, deliver it more profitably and make better business decisions.

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Perpetua logo

Growth infrastructure for eCommerce

learn more
Perpetua provides advertising optimization and reporting technology for all Amazon Ads (Sponsored Ads and DSP), Instacart and Walmart. The platform offers advanced analytics, AI-powered algorithmic bidding, campaign automation, keyword harvesting, ad spend allocation, and more.

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Aysling logo

Professional Services ERP

learn more
Aysling is a cloud-based professional services ERP that aids businesses with streamlining their back-office operations and managing every step of the client lifecycle. The platform offers modules including CRM, project management, order management, and more.

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Bautomate logo

Business Process Automation Software

learn more
Bautomate is praised for pioneering an intelligent digital workforce, combining BPA with cognitive capabilities to surpass other automation solutions, and also providing actionable insights.

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Safelink logo

Virtual data room & client extranet service

learn more
Safelink Data Rooms is a full feature virtual data room and secure extranet solution with encrypted data transmission and storage held offshore

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Hydra logo

Project planning & management for professional services

learn more
Hydra is a project resource management solution designed to help professional services design, execute and optimize their projects through knowledge management

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iPlanWare PPM logo

Deliver better project, resource and portfolio management.

learn more
iPlanWare is an on-premises/cloud/SaaS based project portfolio management (PPM) solution that ensures you select the right projects to run and then run them better. It allows you to make better use of resources, deliver more projects on time and get complete visibility of your organisation's work.

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Comindwork logo

Collaborate and Manage Projects Online

learn more
Comindwork SaaS helps manage projects and teams online. It improves the knowledge work productivity in projects performed by workgroups in professional service firms (software, advertising & marketing, consulting, NGO) and by divisions within enterprises (support, marketing, R&D, management).

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