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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

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Teamleader overview

Teamleader enables SME's to organise their business, build better relationships and collaborate with their team in a single tool.
An easy to use interface and a variety of integrations allow your business to stay efficient, keep your workflow simple, focus on your business (not your administration) and work smarter.


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Europe, Germany, United Kingdom

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Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French and 7 other languages, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
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Teamleader reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Dennis Sievers

Probably one of the most complete solutions for CRM, Project management, Time tracking and invoicing

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-23
Review Source: Capterra

Its a one-stop-shop for managing clients, projects, tasks, hours and invoices. But it comes with a price and thats the lack of flexibility if you work on retainer contracts. Teamleader has it all. You can manage your clients and contacts. You can manage your projects, with milestones, tasks and users and apply budgets to all of of them. You can track time on those tasks and keep a close look on how the projects are evolving. You can invoice directly from the software and integrate (export/import) the invoices in to your accounting software.

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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

Stef Knaepkens

The best CRM for SME

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-07
Review Source: Software Advice

I work with Teamleader since 2014 and I have never had any problem with it.Teamleader CRM is very simple to use and very complete. It's the type of CRM you don't have to sell as a sales manager to your sales staff. The integration of the mobile app is also great.

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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

Bruno Verbruggen

Their marketing is 100% true; they really make you Work Smarter

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-30
Review Source: Capterra

Time saving, single source of truth, less grey hairs, ... The simplicity and speed of using Teamleader is incredible and the rich customization options allow you to create a CRM environment that completely fits your companies' needs. Teamleader saves us a lot of administration and time; every single day.

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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

Frederik Van Leeckwyck

Simple and complete CRM that gets you up and running in no time

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

The CRM is ideal for small teams. You are up and running very quickly and due to the various modules, you can finally have all functionality (planning, invoicing, etc.) in one tool. It boasts a couple of nice integrations which make daily use that tiny bit simpler. In all, it's a simple and effective CRM tool that goes beyond the basic sales functionality.

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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

Carl Vanhoutte

Teamleader is a great tool to improve efficiency.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-30
Review Source: Capterra

efficiency & overview- Easy to use - CRM management, Deal management, Project management, invoicing all in one - Great customer support, quick and accurate replies

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CRM, invoicing & project planning in a single tool for SME's

Teamleader pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial

For 2 users:

CRM: €25/month
Invoicing: €25/month
Projects: €50/month
Ticketing: €50/month

Additional users: €10/month each

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Teamleader Pricing Reviews

  • Very nice tool, easy to use and not that expensive.
  • Teamleader has it all. You can manage your clients and contacts. You can manage your projects, with milestones, tasks and users and apply budgets to all of of them. You can track time on those tasks and keep a close look on how the projects are evolving. You can invoice directly from the software and integrate (export/import) the invoices in to your accounting software.
  • None, the tool is great!
  • Having it all in one tool is great, but it comes with a price: the flexibility and ease of use is somewhat disappointing. Teamleader is very strict and the GUI isn't always that handy when managing projects and budgets. I think it works well with fixed priced projects that have a start and end date, clear milestones and tasks during the project. But it doesn't work well when you work on retainer contract with clients. Also, time tracking is somewhat time consuming, which makes it hard to get everybody on board and using it.
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Teamleader features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Automatic Reminders
CRM Integration
Calendar Management
Contact Database
Custom Fields
Customer Database
Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Email Integration
Reporting & Statistics
Social Media Integration
Third Party Integration

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Electronic Payments (105 other apps)
Mobile Integration (108 other apps)

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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GetApp Analysis

Teamleader helps you and your team work smarter so your small business thrives. Bringing CRM, project management and invoicing together with an intuitive software solution, Teamleader enables your team to collaborate, organize and build your business.

Available on any device, Teamleader is an excellent productivity tool for professionals on the go. It lets your sales team track your customers’ journey from initial contact to becoming a paying client. Invoices are brandable and can be automatically sent on a recurring basis, a handy feature for subscription-based businesses. Some of Teamleader’s core features include contact management, project planning, invoices, lead management, and sales tracking.

What is Teamleader?

Teamleader is an all-in-one CRM solution that allows users to work on a host of business-critical tasks – keep track of their sales and deal pipelines, schedule tasks, meetings, or calls, track time, plan and monitor projects, create and send invoices, manage support tickets, analyze the company’s overall progress, and so on. Teamleader’s VoIP service makes it easy to record calls and add new client information. With the Click-to-Dial function, which can be integrated with Outlook and Gmail, calling your customers is just a click away.

Teamleader comes with a nifty Chrome extension that allows you to tie incoming and outgoing emails to the relevant contact record in your CRM database. It’s equipped with an Outlook plugin that also sends out emails from your email client. There’s also a feature in Microsoft Word 2013 that allows you to toggle your time tracker on or off, and edit PDFs and Word documents and save them straight to Teamleader.

The software can be downloaded as a native mobile app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Who is Teamleader for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All service-based industries
  • Business size: Small to medium businesses
  • Departments/roles: Sales and marketing professionals, invoicing specialists, project managers, help desk personnel
  • Budget/point: Starts at €25 per month
  • Example customers: Eneco, Bloovi, thinkerIT, and Qubrik

Main features

Contact Management

If you’re a sales or marketing professional, an organized contact database you can rely on is critical. With Teamleader, you have all your clients’ data at your fingertips – contact details, the company they’re associated with, and the position they hold within the company. Teamleader keeps track of each time you or a team member contacts a client, and records all phone calls, meetings, emails, and invoices.

An existing contact list can be imported to Teamleader via the Teamleader API or in CSV format. To find all available information on a company, you only need to enter the VAT number. Client segments, such as sector, postal code, province, and so on, can be created to organize your database.

Project Planning

Teamleader’s project planning feature lets project managers plan, manage, and monitor their projects’ progress from one centralized location. It helps you keep your projects within budget and on track to follow agreed-upon timelines. You get an overview of ongoing tasks and related assignments. You can generate up-to-date work completion reports, assign tasks to the members of your team, set different hourly rates, and even collaborate with clients through the Cloudproject platform, which enables them to contact members of your team or view planned meetings, for example.

Teamleader automatically calculates the amount of time needed to complete a project based on the schedules entered in your calendar. Color-coded Gantt charts give you a quick snapshot into the project’s progress, and if teams and individual members are on track to bring the project to completion on time.


Teamleader’s invoicing module allows you to create and send fully brandable invoices to your customers with just a few clicks. Each invoice is tracked, and if a client fails to settle their dues on time, you get an alert and the client receives an automatic invoice reminder. When you log in to Teamleader, the time tracker automatically runs in the background and restarts for each new activity. This means time spent on tasks, meetings, projects, and client collaboration is conveniently tracked, ensuring time-based invoices are as accurate as possible.

For subscription businesses, Teamleader automatically sends out recurring invoices. It also allows you to limit uninvoiced time per client. For consultations exceeding the free 30-minute limit, for example, the client gets an invoice. Teamleader integrates with multiple accounting programs including Accountancy, Exact Online, BOB, Wings, Alpha Management, and Octopus.

Sales Tracking

Teamleader’s sales tracking feature allows you to monitor customer interaction with your company from first contact to invoicing. Offers or quotes can be created via a template or from scratch, which can then be sent via email and approved by your customers through the CloudSign platform. Deals can be added to your customers’ existing contract with your company.

Teamleader also enables you to monitor your sales team's performance. Team and individual goals can be assigned, and Teamleader’s robust tracking and reporting functionality lets you instantly know whether or not your people are achieving their targets.

Support Tickets

Teamleader’s tickets module bundles all support questions from customers and forwards them to your help desk or support department. One or more support personnel can work on a question, and all support questions are tied to a client record in your CRM.

As with any activity in Teamleader, the time tracking feature runs in the background, allowing you to keep track of the total amount of time to resolve customer queries or requests. This information appears in the client’s CRM record, enabling you to send accurate invoices later. Teamleader’s ticketing feature can also be used internally as a knowledge management tool.


Teamleader integrates with a host of third-party business solutions like Google Apps, Dropbox, iCloud, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Twilio, JIRA, JotForm, Wufoo, Formstack, KerioConnect, Office 365, and VOIPcenter. An Outlook plugin and Chrome extension are available, as well as a time-tracking feature that can be toggled on or off within MS Word 2013.

Teamleader data can also be exported to various accounting programs including BOB, Exact Online, Alpha Management, Wings, Twinfield, and Octopus. Teamleader’s API and webhooks are offered to connect other tools you already use and push real-time notifications.


Teamleader subscription starts at €25 per month for the CRM module. This plan already includes CRM and offers, time tracking, lead management, calendar management, and two users. Each additional user costs $10 per month. The invoicing module costs $25 per month, projects, $50, and tickets, $50.

Teamleader offers a free 14-day trial and a 5% discount for plans paid online for a year in advance.

Bottom line

  • CRM, sales, project management, calendar management, time tracking, ticketing, invoicing, and VoIP in one integrated tool
  • Platform-agnostic solution that integrates with a whole host of business tools
  • Affordable modules that can be used together or separately
  • Data safety mechanisms that include SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, encrypted data communications, redundant data storage, audit log, and daily backups
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies

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Key features of Teamleader

  • Online CRM
  • Calendar
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Management
  • Project planning
  • Support tickets
  • Time tracking
  • Voice calls (VoIP)
  • Quotations
  • Deals
  • Lead Management
  • Work Orders
  • Online Payments


Easy to implement
Easy to use
Free support