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Blizz overview

Blizz is a meeting and collaboration platform designed for remote and global teams, enabling high quality online meetings for up to 300 participants. The web-based software offers features for meeting recording, screen sharing, and Outlook integration for one-click meetings. The platform is accessible from anywhere, via any internet connected desktop or mobile device with a web browser.

Blizz allows users to start and join meetings without having to sign up for an account, and users can begin a conference with a single click from a chat or through a contacts list. All users are provided with a unique personal meeting ID that can be sent to colleagues or friends, inviting them to join the meeting. Attendees can call from high-quality VoIP, or free local dial-in phone numbers, and mix both VoIP and phone.

Entire screens or only selected applications can be shared from any Windows PC or Mac, and viewed by other members via any PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile device. Users can send files to participants during the meeting, and stay connected before and after meetings through instant messaging and chat. The whiteboard feature allows users to mark up their screen during meetings, and user rights can be setup for speaking, chatting and file sharing.

Blizz ensures security with end-to-end session encryption and trusted device verification at login, as well as optional two factor authentication.


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Blizz screenshot: Share screens and files with Blizz, and receive a unique personal meeting ID to join meetingsBlizz Product VideoBlizz screenshot: Stay connected before and after meetings via chats and instant messagingBlizz screenshot: Bring people together via the contacts list with a single click Blizz screenshot: Collaborate via VoIP or mobile device and share or view screens

Blizz reviews

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Copley Sutton

Blizz enabled interaction and made us feel less disconnected even though we work remotely

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2018-08-10
Review Source: Capterra

- I can connect with multiple people even with the free version. - Other apps often overwhelm new users with the multitude of features. In the end you don’t become more efficient because it’s too complicated to use. Blizz is very basic as a simple communications tool and it’s not confusing. - The app doesn’t take up much space on my SmartPhone so I don’t feel bad asking others to download it too. - The video quality is impressive in terms of color and clarity. - It’s so easy to record audio or video so I don’t even take notes of meetings anymore. - It syncs across all my devices.

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G . Scot Robinson

Just what I needed to help me manage my startup business. It's very convenient and easy to use.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-30
Review Source: Capterra

I’m the owner of my business, so I use this app to manage and train my team.When I started my online writing business, I knew I needed an app that would allow me to communicate clearly with my team members in more ways that just email or Skype. I needed something that offered more options, and something that everyone could use with ease. That’s when I found Blizz. This app is great for doing online business meetings, and keeping in touch with my team members. Everyone has an easy time using it with its simple setup. The HQ video calling comes in handy a lot. Unlike other apps I’ve tried, this one works great with both Android and iPhone, which is really important when you have a big team of people that use different phones. Not only this, but it can be used on a computer or other devices as well. This app has saved me a lot of money and hassle since I started using it for my startup business. I don’t have to worry about coming up with a meeting place for every meeting or that any other app will let me down.

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Tom Foster

Well-designed, highly intuitive piece of software. Very new product but shows a lot of potential.

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-05-22
Review Source: Capterra

Looks great, very easy to use and works seamlessly across all kinds of devices.- Really intuitive layout and design. I skipped the tutorial and help sections and had absolutely no problem figuring out all the features. - Simple interface. The interface isn't cluttered with unnecessary/confusing buttons, but still has just about every feature that you could realistically need from video conferencing software. - Links up seamlessly with other participants on mobile devices, different platforms (e.g. Mac/PC/Android), and people on the phone. Very useful for a scattered team and cross-site collaborations. - Secured connection, so you can confidently share sensitive data. - Great live text chat feature for when you don't want to interrupt someone else's flow. - Ability to add up to 300 participants to a meeting. Not something that I or the vast majority of users would ever realistically exceed.

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Blizz, keeps you so close to your customers even if they are at a distance.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-01-15
Review Source: Capterra

In each audit topic we have Blizz and it helps us to have a great experience with all the departments. Even if these are in different regions. Its easy use and quick access makes it quite appropriate for corporate issues.Its easy use meets all the requirements you are looking for to keep your conferences with your business group. Its operation in mobile devices is very good. Video conferencing works correctly even though you have more than 100 people added.

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Ruwani Apsara

Now i can conduct 'business meetings and knowledge transfer sessions' easily.!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-10-04
Review Source: Capterra

I'm using it everyday in my office. Light weight and very powerful application. It comes with a beautiful and simple user interface. Very attractive and easy to work with 'Blizz'. I can conduct business meetings with my team over my mobile device anytime. Here are some major plus points identified by myself, 01- Live conferencing 02- Video Recording functions 03- Live chat features 04- Cheaper subscription pricing 05- Integration with email services 06- 'Android' and 'IOS' support. Also by following couple of simple steps, 'Blizz' helped me to collaborate with my team members and conduct "knowledge transfer sessions" easily.

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Blizz pricing

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Pricing scales with no. of participants. Monthly / annual billing options.

Free: €0 /month (1 Organizer, 5 Participants)

Core: €6 /month (1 organizer, 10 participants)

Crew: €14 /month (1 Organizer, 25 participants)

Company: €19 /month (1 Organizer, 300 participants)

Blizz features

File Management
SSL Security

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Additional information for Blizz

Key features of Blizz

  • Chat / messaging
  • Audio / video conferencing
  • Live chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Session recording
  • Post-meeting tools
  • Invitation management
  • Internal meetings
  • End-to-end session encryption
  • Mix VoIP and phone
  • Integrate with Outlook for single click meetings
  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Collaborate on any PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile device
  • Instant messaging
  • Meeting IDs
  • Multiple participants in a single call
  • User rights for speaking, chatting and file sharing
  • Join meetings without signing up for an account
  • Screen sharing
  • Record meetings & create reports
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Blizz offers high-quality video conferencing that allows users to talk to and see up to 300 participants simultaneously in a single call.

Share files and screens with participants during the meeting from any Mac or Windows PC to efficiently collaborate with others via any Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile device.

Each member receives a unique meeting ID that can be shared with colleagues and friends to invite them to join the conference call.

Attendees can call from any audio channel, whether high-quality VoIP, or free local dial-in phone numbers, and mix box VoIP and phone.

Blizz enables one-click meetings via integration with Outlook, and calls can be started directly from a chat or through a contacts list.