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Nasdaq Boardvantage logo

Nasdaq Boardvantage


A Collaborative Platform Supporting Board Meeting Management

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Nasdaq Boardvantage® is a governance and collaboration tool designed to help small to large businesses across industries streamline and manage board meeting processes. Enhance collaboration by creating single or multiple board meetings in a day and track details, files & attendance using board books

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OnBoard logo



Capterra’s most reviewed & G2’s leader in Board Management

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The OnBoard board intelligence platform transforms complicated, outdated, and time-consuming board meeting processes so boards can focus on what matters most. More than 5,000 boards trust OnBoard for more effective governance. Try it for yourself today with a free, no-commitment trial.

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BoardEffect logo



Board management platform driving efficiency & collaboration

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BoardEffect’s board software supports modern governance best practices within and across each cycle of board activity.

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Boardable logo



We do more for nonprofits, so they can do more for others.

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Boardable empowers nonprofit boards to do more - wherever they are – by removing friction and renewing focus to enact positive change in the world. Our nonprofit board software allows boards and committees to collaborate seamlessly, streamline operations, and increase engagement.

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Convene logo



The Board Management Software That’s Smart, Simple, & Secure

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Convene is designed to enhance the board management process by increasing the efficiency of board processes, enhancing collaboration, and improving corporate governance with a comprehensive meeting platform.

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Computershare BoardWorks logo

Computershare BoardWorks


Transform the way you share board materials

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The BoardWorks board portal was developed to assist directors and administrators in modernizing the sharing of board resources. It is a digital, secure communication and collaboration tool.

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ContractZen logo



Contract Management | Board Portal | Entity Management | VDR

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ContractZen's 100% paperless Board Portal for end-to-end meeting management: Manage the entire meeting process from assembling the meeting to creating, approving, and e-signing the minutes. Enjoy easy invitations, secure material distribution, task management, powerful search with OCR, and more.

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Diligent Boards logo

Diligent Boards


Diligent: Built to Drive Your Modern Governance Needs

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Diligent Boards, used by 50% of the Fortune 1000, provides boards and executives with modern governance tools that allows the board to expand their reach outside the boardroom as well as meeting requirements such as distribution of board meeting materials in a secure environment.

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Easy Board logo

Easy Board


The best way to manage a nonprofit or volunteer board

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Easy Board is a simple, web-based platform that helps nonprofit leaders save time and optimize board resources.

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Wrike logo



Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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Wrike is a board management platform trusted by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Features include role-based access, customizable dashboards, shared calendars and 400+ app integrations. Share files, schedule meetings, and collaborate with board directors using Wrike's all-in-one software.

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Ansarada Board logo

Ansarada Board


Board management platform

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Ansarada Board is a secure Board portal online for organizing and running board meetings. It’s designed for boards and committees of all sizes, taking care of the details so you can focus on strategy, governance, risk management and other core duties without worrying about the technology.

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DocSend logo



Secure document sharing and tracking for professionals.

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Create a secure data room to share board materials ahead of time, update documents on the fly, and present to remote board members. Each DocSend Spaces comes with its own security features, ensuring that you always have control over who has access to your share documents.

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Twelve Directors' Portal logo

Twelve Directors' Portal


Meeting and board management solution for corporations

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twelve Directors Portal by Loomion is a cloud-based board management solution designed to assist directors and board members with communication, collaboration and file sharing, through full-text search, digital signage, documentation, meeting scheduling, voting, surveys, and calendar synchronization

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Aptien logo



Employee management & office collaboration suite

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The numerous and tedious back and forth of emailing and discussing a simple issue. With the help of Aptien Board Management you streamline communication between board members and your company. Organise and coordinate board meetings. Share board agenda. Take board meeting minutes.

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eScribe logo



Meeting management solution for the public sector

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eScribe is an end-to-end meeting management software designed for the public sector. By streamlining administrative tasks, simplifying meetings, & boosting transparency, eScribe helps public sector organizations focus on the future of their communities. Want to learn more?Schedule a free demo today!

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Pexip Secure meetings logo

Pexip Secure meetings


Secure Spaces by Pexip

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Pexip Secure Meeting provides a collaboration solution with complete control and data ownership.

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BoardSpot logo



Board management solution for nonprofits

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BoardSpot is a cloud-based board management solution for nonprofits which includes tools designed to simplify the management of meeting agendas, committees, notes, crucial documents, and attendance. The unified platform supports unlimited members, committees, and meetings.

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BoardPro logo



Online board meeting management for SMBs and Non Profits

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Elegant and easy-to-use software that helps SMEs and Non-Profits streamline board processes.
Save time, reduce hassle and ease stress with BoardPro

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Shaparency logo



Board management for small to medium organisations

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A self-servce, secure, cost effective and and no contract board management platform for small to medium businesses.

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Govenda logo



Board Success Platform for Corporate Governance.

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Govenda is a Board Success Platform built to be the trusted technology partner for mid to large-size organizations in meeting modern governance challenges. Offering unmatched ROI, user-experience focused design and premium support, Govenda is the answer to complex governance.

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BoardPAC logo



Simple. Secure. Powerful

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BoardPAC streamlines board management with secure access to meeting documents, collaboration tools, and notification reminders. Advanced features like data analytics and compliance tracking promote efficiency and accountability in corporate governance.

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Ansarada logo



Artifical Intelligence based virtual data room for brokers

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The only tool you need for board committee management. House documentation, streamline collaboration & attain best practice governance.

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Sherpany logo



Meeting management solution

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Sherpany is a complete meeting management solution designed specifically for formal board and executive leadership meetings.

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BoardDocs logo



Governance that benefits the community

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BoardDocs is a board management and paperless governance solution for K-12 and community colleges of all sizes

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idgard logo



Your data secure at last

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Provider of GDPR-compliant cloud and data room solutions for companies as well as one of the leading secure cloud providers in Europe.

Uniscon’s business cloud idgard® secures and simplifies digital communication and data exchange with partners, customers and colleagues at the highest level.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Board management

From protecting shareholders’ interests to deciding on important organizational issues, a board of directors plays a crucial role in a business’s survival and growth. With responsibilities that can make or break the business, these individuals can’t afford to work in silos, have partial visibility into matters, or (even) accidentally diffuse sensitive information. 

A board management software solution is an essential tool that addresses these concerns. It can help the board work cohesively and securely, without the longer turnaround time spent on exchanging information through emails.   

In this buyers guide, we will learn more about this solution and its key features. Here is what we will cover:

What is board management software?

Board management software is a tool that provides a virtual platform for all members to collaborate on strategic organizational matters, such as drafting policies, reviewing performance, or hiring executives.  

By consolidating workflows, the tool helps the board to stay organized and expedite decision-making. It also acts as a database for important documents and information the board might need handy.

What are the deployment options for board management software?

There are two deployment options for the software. A general understanding of them and their resource requirements and pricing models will help in selecting the right option for your business. 

Cloud-based deployment (SaaS): The vendor hosts the tool on its own or third-party servers and manages the maintenance and support. Users can access the tool on internet-connected devices by paying the subscription fee, which is usually charged monthly or annually. This deployment’s primary benefits are a lower upfront investment and easier on-demand scalability. 

On-premise deployment: The user organization takes on the responsibility of hosting the tool on its private network infrastructure, thereby, also taking up the responsibility for its support and maintenance. Only the devices inside the private network or the ones on which the tool is installed directly can access the software. The procurement is typically a one-time per-user license fee. This deployment’s primary benefit is the absolute control over organizational data. 

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What security measures does your tool have to safeguard the sensitive business information it will have access to?  

What are some common features of board management software?

Knowing the common features of board management software will give an understanding of the basic capabilities to look for when exploring the market. 

Collaboration: Allow all members to work on proposals, cast votes, attend virtual meetings, and have discussions through the board portal. They can also assign tasks to each other and communicate through chats. 


A thread of annotations in Diligent Boards (Source)

Calendar management: Share calendar invites for meetings and events with agendas and important documents attached. Users can sync the tool with their webmail systems such as Outlook or Gmail to receive reminders and avoid missing important events.

calender management

Calendar management in Aprio (Source)

Document management: Create and share board packages (a collection of documents used during board meetings) with board members. The feature allows enforcing access restrictions on documents and provides greater security than sharing them over emails. 

document management

Document management in BoardPro (Source)

Minutes management: Record attendee lists, dates of meetings, and topics of discussion. The feature helps pull minutes of past meetings for discussions and share them with other stakeholders.

minutes of the meeting

Minutes of a meeting in BoardPro (Source)

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Does your tool cover all the common features? What additional capabilities does your tool have? 

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.