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Best Team Communication Software for Linux

Team communication software enables communication and collaboration within teams. Common features of team communication software include instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing.

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Open source workplace messaging for web, PCs & phones

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Mattermost is an open source workplace messaging system for web, PCs & phones, that supports 1-1 & group messaging, file sharing, multiple languages, & more

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The Leading Enterprise Communication Hub

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Get things done faster by enabling your teams to o chat and collaborate quickly in a single communication platform. Allow your team to get things done faster regardless of their location. Rocket.Chat is a remote-first platform that centralizes discussions,increasing team efficiency and productivity.

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VoIP communication and collaboration management solution

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Bria is a cloud-based and on-premise VoIP solution that helps businesses manage communication & collaboration via messaging, file sharing, video conferencing & more. The white-label capabilities help organizations design a personalized softphone using custom logos, themes, colors, and configuration.

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The most secure collaboration platform.

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Wire is a secure messaging & collaboration tool for businesses with end-to-end encryption, group chats, video & voice calls, file sharing, screen sharing & more

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Employee app & portal for remote teams

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Blink is a complete employee app and portal solution for mobile teams to encourage communication, enhance productivity, and keep everyone informed

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Zoho Cliq


Team communication software

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Zoho Cliq is a team communication & collaboration solution from Zoho with team & private channels, video conferencing, file sharing, searchable chat histories & more

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Gmelius transforms Gmail into a team workspace

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Gmelius is a cloud-based collaboration tool that brings teams together within the Gmail platform. By transforming email inboxes into a workspace for team collaboration, Gmelius allows teams to manage projects and clients without leaving their inbox.

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A flexible messenger for team communication and file sharing

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A messenger app that integrates with email. It includes file sharing, tasks, pin boards and more and works across multiple organisations

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Team communication platform for field agents and dispatchers

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Zello is an integrated transportation dispatch solution that helps businesses in hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and other industries streamline communication between field agents and dispatchers. It enables enterprises to store received messages in a centralized database.

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Group Messaging + Task Management + Workflow Automation

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Ryver helps organize all your team collaboration in one app. It includes Group Messaging (Chat + Topic-threaded Chat + File Sharing), Task Management, and Workflow Automation. Ryver is accessible from any device and affordable for teams of all sizes.

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Your Inbox, reinvented

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Spike brings all of your communication: your emails, messaging, chats, voice and video calls, team collaboration, everything - to a single place. It’s what you and your team have been looking for in a productivity and collaboration app, but so much easier, and all from your inbox.

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Team communication software for facilitating collaboration

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Circuit is a virtual collaboration software designed to help small and medium-sized businesses organize projects, share documents, and communicate with team members. It offers face-to-face video meetings, screen sharing, mobile applications, and content labeling, plus an API for app integrations.

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Communication and collaboration management application

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Pumble helps businesses in healthcare, software development, financial services, and other industries chat with members across departments and multiple locations. Users can create public or private channels with custom names and descriptions to collaborate on projects and exchange information.

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Team on the Run


The All-in-one Business Process Communication solution

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Secure private smartphone/desktop communication and other process automation tools for leading business teams: group chats, PTT, NFC, VoIP..

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Troop Messenger


Real-time messenger application for businesses of all sizes

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Troop Messenger is a real-time messenger application which helps small to large businesses manage team collaboration and communication. It facilitates a secure instant messaging platform, allowing users to discuss projects, share ideas and connect with employees across their entire organization.

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Collaboration tool for SMEs and education institutes

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Lark is a collaboration software that helps businesses establish communication through instant messaging and audio or video calling. It lets users create chat threads and view interaction history to streamline communication and provide context on specific topics.

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CA Flowdock


Chat & inbox software for teams

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Flowdock is a collaboration app that integrates chat and team inbox.

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Communication management solution

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Pronto is a communication management solution, which helps educational institutions & businesses collaborate and communicate via real-time text or video chats. It lets users modify, delete, or store various documents such as spreadsheets, images, videos & slideshows in a centralized repository.

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Halo Health


HIPAA-compliant communication software

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Halo is a HIPAA-compliant communication software that helps healthcare organizations collaborate on clinical tasks via instant messaging, VoIP calls and on-call scheduling. Administrators can build custom screens to display information such as a phone directory, staff list, call schedules & surveys.

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Team collaboration app

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Communicate with teams whether at home or in the office with AnywhereWorks. Create a virtual office environment using availability indicators, messaging, and video conferencing tools.

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Collaboration and communication tools for remote workplaces

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Adeya is an on-premise and cloud-based communication software designed to help businesses securely collaborate on assignments and share content on a digital workplace. The platform allows users to communicate via encrypted one-to one or group calls, video conferencing, SMS, and instant messaging.

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Communication management software for traders

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Echofin is a communication management software designed to help traders, financial educators, trading groups, and brokerage firms interact and collaborate with financial experts via communities, chat rooms, private chats, and digital workspaces. The platform offers white-labeling capabilities, which enable organizations to personalize the interface with a custom logo to establish brand identity with the target audience.

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Voice chat software to establish team communication

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SwitchBoard is a voice chat software that helps businesses establish two-way communication between individuals and teams. It enables users to send and receive voice notes along with the text transcripts for all messages.

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Tasks under control. Time in focus. Projects on schedule.

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With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time.

Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately — optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage!

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