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Open source CRM system

learn more
YetiForce is an innovative and versatile CRM system that collects all information related to the most important business processes, such as sales, marketing, projects, accounting, support, logistics, and many more. It is truly open source and always free-to-use for unlimited number of users.

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Turn relationships into results

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Use Contactually to see all your sales activity on a dashboard, organize contact records into buckets, automate actions, send emails & create pipelines.

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Field service management and sales engagement software

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SPOTIO is a field service management software that helps businesses across several industry segments, including solar, medical, telecommunications, and distribution manage operations related to route optimization, customer communications, lead visit tracking, and more on a centralized platform.

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The Italian CRM for small businesses.

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Mokapen is a new Italian based CRM for small enterprises and professionals. Free. Easy. Italian.

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CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation for B2B Sales Teams

learn more
CRM sales people will use! Simple and easy to use. Easy to customize to your unique business.

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Frontline sales incentivization platform

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Wingmate (formerly Gopher Leads) helps businesses to incentivize frontline teams to gather importance customer intelligence, sales leads, competitive insights, prospects, and more

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Sales pipeline software & CRM for teams

learn more
Tubular is a cloud-based sales pipeline & customer relationship management (CRM) software built for teams, for managing contacts, leads, deals, tasks, and more

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All-in-one CRM & collaboration tool for SMBs

learn more
Grow your sales faster than ever by avoiding simple sales mistakes with TeamGram’s easy to use Customer relationship management software. This B2B sales CRM enables small and medium-sized businesses to fully visualize their entire sales pipeline from the lead stage to winning a deal in real-time.

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Inside sales management with automated prospecting

learn more
Platformax is a complete inside sales CRM that makes it simple to organize your sales pipeline and leads, manage team members and prospect via calls and emails.

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Conversational enablement platform

learn more (formerly Agentology) is a conversational enablement platform for businesses to respond to and follow-up with leads generated online.'s 100% U.S. based concierge team instantly contacts, follows up with, and qualified inbound leads via SMS, email, and phone.

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Sales, contact management & relationship automation tool

learn more
InStream is a sales, contact management & relationship automation tool designed to enable SMBs to build, manage & sustain effective customer relationships

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Prophet CRM


CRM Software in Outlook

learn more
Getting Prophet CRM for Outlook Means:

No more switching between Outlook and your CRM
No redundancy, no syncing, no time wasted
No more lost sales opportunities

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Mobile-first intelligent sales assistant for field sales

learn more
Vymo is an intelligent, AI-enhanced, mobile-first personal assistant designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of sales and service teams across the U.S., and Asia, with targeted recommendations; data-driven, actionable sales insights; real-time activity tracking; work allocation; and more

Read more about Vymo

Lead Liaison


Marketing Automation platform

learn more
Lead Liaison Marketing Automation is a cloud-based marketing automation and lead generation, nuturing & qualification application for SMBs

Read more about Lead Liaison



Real Estate CRM & lead generation software

learn more
Chime is a real estate CRM, IDX, and lead generation solution suite engineered to help you build your business.

Read more about Chime



Doing Business, Better

learn more
By integrating every aspect of your business, CRM systems help attract, retain, and delight customers through a combination of people, process, and technology.

Read more about 1CRM


The engine of growth. An all in one solution for user data.

learn more is marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers, reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more; all available in one place.

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Marketing automation and sales execution platform

learn more
LeadSquared CRM software is designed to help you sell faster and increase your sales velocity.

Read more about LeadSquared

Salesboom CRM Suite


Online CRM Software

learn more
Salesboom CRM is an online CRM and customer retention software designed to manage your customer base and identify up-selling opportunities. Established in 2003, the Salesboom CRM system has been helping enterprises of all sizes coordinate their customer relationship management and cross/up-selling strategies as well as providing online training courses and support.

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Customer process management & CRM

learn more
Anthill is a customer process management & CRM solution that allows organizations to organize employee and customer interactions into workflow streams across teams, channels and locations to streamline business operations

Read more about Anthill



Visual Sales CRM system & Powerful Data Management software.

learn more
Visual Sales CRM and Powerful Data Management software for B2B business. Customize your CRM to your needs and integrate it with most popular enterprise apps.

Read more about SalesSeek



The most easy-to-use CRM solution with lovely customer care!

learn more
Keep on top of the game with our easy-to-use contact management system… because in business it’s the details that count!

Read more about RAYNET CRM



Small business CRM software

learn more
karmaCRM is a customizable CRM tool for small businesses to engage with customers and keep track of the leads that their teams follow.

Read more about karmaCRM



B2B marketing growth and ABM platform

learn more
RollWorks is a B2B marketing software designed to help marketers drive revenue growth by establishing meaningful customer relationships through uncovering new contacts within target accounts, serving relevant ads, and optimizing for conversions. Users can connect RollWorks to their CRM & MA systems.

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Work Smarter, Close Faster.

learn more
A new approach to CRM - proactive relationship management - that helps sales teams work smarter and close more deals.

Read more about Spiro

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