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Spendesk overview

We’re on a mission to make the lives and work of finance professionals easier and better with software and service that’s built for the way businesses work today.

Spendesk is an all-in-one spending platform that is fundamentally changing the way finance teams track employee spend. With smart cards, expense reports and real-time insights, employees can easily pay for what they need while the finance team remains in control.

How we’re different from other solutions is that we allow finance teams to decentralise their work which saves them time and allows their teams to move faster. We believe when companies trust and empower their team they create a better workplace and ultimately are more successful.

"I know in real time where the money is spent, and I don’t have to lend out the company’s credit card anymore. What a relief!" — Xavier Haffreingue (COO @Tinyclues)

There are variety of different solutions that companies choose to help employees manage their expenses and pay for their needs at work. We compete with two main options—company cards and expense management software. You’ll find that companies usually need to adopt both in addition tracking everything in Excel as they solutions only address part of the pain of managing employee spending at work.

Having all employee spending centralised in one place, means more visibility, more automation and less time spent on the tedious admin tasks.

We’ve focus on creating a great experience for not only the admin but for the entire company. Because we believe in:
- Payment management is at the heart of every business: money is emotional, complicated, and impacts every part of the business.
- Autonomy and empowerment: those are key values to allowing employees to do their best work.
- Technology and design can free us from time-consuming and frustrating work.
- Trust, but trust does not exclude control.


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Spendesk screenshot: Spendesk is also available on your smartphone for moving teams.SPENDESK • There'll always be a before and an after Spendesk...Spendesk screenshot: While out of office, just take a picture of your receipt after each payment with your physical card. Your expense report is done!Spendesk screenshot: Our SaaS software enables you to centralized all payments, from all teams, to have real-time visibility.Spendesk screenshot: Generate unique virtual cards to pay safely while on internet. A one-usage code that's can't be hacked!Spendesk screenshot: Become today an expense management superhero!

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Matthew Whiteley

Very nearly perfection, but I have a use case not handled well

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

This is cliche, but the software just works. I really appreciate how fast it is to do all the tasks I need to do, and it really helps get my colleagues on board when it doesn't take up much of their time to upload receipts.

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Pauline Tordeur

Absolutely amazing tool to manage you team spendings

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-15
Review Source: Capterra

We implemented Spendesk as soon as we heard from them for my compan Hivy. Hivy is a Saas helping Office Managers to answer every employee needs. What was the problem I was facing at Hivy? Well few corporate cards, not enough agility in the team when we needed to buy stuff online. Spendesk was the perfect tool to make my team move faster. I used Spendesk's product since the beginning - I love the fact that each time I have a question on the product, they quickly get back to me and do whatever is needed to solve my problem. That's what I call customer support :)

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Nicolas Godin

I have been one of the first customer of Spendesk, saved me a lot of time and mistakes

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-15
Review Source: Capterra

Time saving, seamless approval workflow, team management, Xero integration

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Ken O'Flaherty

Happy to recommend

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-04-16
Review Source: Capterra

I have to say that I have been nothing but impressed by the Spendesk platform since we implemented it earlier this year. Tracking credit card expenditure was a manual painstaking process for us until we introduced Spendesk which involved chasing receipts and manually deriving accounting entries from a spreadsheet. I now have control and visibility across the business of the entire spend and am confident that I have the back up and approval processes for it in one location. You have managed to develop a cross platform UX that is easy for the user and the finance team alike and the reporting capability is second to none. I have no hesitation in giving a top rating and have since recommended it to other finance professionals.

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Mark Lodge

Great efficiency tool for small companies

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-11-21
Review Source: Capterra

It greatly improves the purchasing workflow, all the way through to payments and accounting. It decentralises purchasing, while keeping control of the whole process with the decision makers. It's very intuitive to use - I never have to train new employees on Spendesk. The customer support level is the best I've ever seen, and they are constantly adding new features and improving the existing ones.

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Additional information for Spendesk

Key features of Spendesk

  • Auto-categorization
  • Automatic reminders
  • Card blocking
  • Customizable approval flows
  • Dashboard for more visibility
  • Defined budget limits
  • Departmental filtering
  • Expense Management
  • Instant spend notifications
  • Invoice management
  • Online subscription management
  • Payment and receipt exports
  • Physical corporate cards
  • Pre-written invoice reminders
  • Real-time addition and removal of funds
  • Real-time notifications
  • Real-time spending reports
  • Receipt photographs
  • Reconciliation with accounting tool
  • Request review and approval
  • Single-use number for each transaction
  • Team spending overview
  • Transaction filtering
  • Virtual cards
  • Visibility on every spending
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- Employee autonomy: With Spendesk, everyone is empowered to pay for what they need at work. When no one is blocked, teams can move fast.

- Company visibility: With Spendesk, company spend is trackable and actionable. Real-time insights allow managers to stay within budget and ahead of mistakes.

- Time savings: With Spendesk, you and your team will spend less time on tedious tasks and more time doing the work that will drive results.