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AxisCare Software

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AxisCare Software overview

AxisCare is a home care scheduling and management platform designed for managers, owners and all admin of home care agencies in the US and abroad. The solution can be accessed from anywhere as it is a web-based platform, and the company provides free and unlimited training and support.

AxisCare offers a marketing suite along with scheduling, billing, reporting and payroll integration functionalities. The marketing and CRM features allow users to track revenue by referral source, analyze advertising methods, select the best advertisement methodology and convert leads into active clients. Tracking of connections and relationship by marketing professionals in a specific community helps in managing the marketing efforts and offers a better return on investment.

AxisCare offers easy scheduling of appointments with caregivers and provides real-time alerts to managers notifying that late entry of caregivers. The ability to clock in and clock out through mobile devices restricted by geofence of GPS ensure that users sign-in honestly and conveniently. Users can further record the care notes, track mileage, expenses and many other things inside the app.

AxisCare integrates with Quickbooks and works in collaboration with client and caregiver surveys (Home Care Pulse), background checks (ClearStar), caregiver CEU's (IPCed), among others. AxisCare offer free video tutorials and customer support to help their clients in minimal possible time.


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AxisCare Software screenshotAxisCare Home Care SoftwareAxisCare Software screenshot: GPS Caregiver Mobile AppAxisCare Software screenshotAxisCare Software screenshot: Schedule one-time or ongoing visits in secondsAxisCare Software screenshot: Marketing reports that display revenue by referral sourceAxisCare Software screenshot: Payroll reports consolidated by caregiver, region or rateAxisCare Software screenshot: Telephony reports with clock-in and out timingsAxisCare - Customer Testimonials

AxisCare Software reviews

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Matthew Croft

Fantastic Home Care Software! Scheduling Genius!!!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-21
Review Source: Software Advice

AxisCare was easy for our agency to get started with and has been the best, safe, secure, and customizable solution we have seen. It has allowed our management, caregivers and our client families to all stay on the same page. AxisCare software helps add a modern professional edge to our Home Care agency. The scheduling features and functions are outstanding. For such an incredibly powerful software soulution, AxisCare is extremely intuitive and user friendly. We can have new scheduling managers up to speed in a short amount of time. The dashboard overviews allows management to track just about every detail you could possibly imagine or want. The app, which is both Apple & Android compatible, is wonderful. It allows caregivers to clock in and out using a single tap. As an agency we can be confident that our caregivers are on site and ready to perform their duties (clients homes are geofenced, so they can only clock in at the house). The app works on both new and really old phones - a huge plus! The app also shows all the ADL’s which are tapped to indicate completion and the caregivers add their care notes directly into the app, which can then be verified online. We have so many caregivers comment how easy this system is compared to other agencies they have worked with.

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James Frank

This IT Consultant Turned Home-care Provider Loves AxisCare

Reviewed 2015-05-06
Review Source: Software Advice

I like that AxisCare was built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of a Private Duty company. Instead of being something that tries to please all the people all the time, they have come up with a beyond robust platform that meets every need that I have in Home Care. From clients to caregivers, leads and referrals, messaging and telephony, it's all there and then some. The marketing portion of this program is the single most important factor in the growth of my business. AxisCare works seamlessly with Quickbooks Pro or Quickbooks Online Edition. I've used both and AxisCare saves me so much time. I am constantly finding new and innovative ways to use AxisCare and their support and development teams are the best. Problems are solved immediately and suggestions are implemented in the newest updates.

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Kimberly Pappas

Best Scheduling Software Around

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-29
Review Source: Capterra

This is the best scheduling software around. The features are execellent and Customer Support is awesome. Whenever an issue may come up, we have contacted Customer support and they are immediately there to help. If support isn't sure how to handle the issue they will research it and get back with us. They have always gotten back to us in a timely manner and resolve the issue when they do. The software is easy to work with. Once we got used to using all the features we were able to set up schedules, assessments, plan of care, billing and payroll. It is an all in one software which is compatible with Quickbooks. The billing software is also compatible with third payer software once everything is set up. Compatibility with other software programs we use. Ability to take a prospective client or employee and convert into a actual client/employee. Alerts for scheduling errors, unscheduled shifts, client/employee birthdays, alerts for employee's requirements (Valid DL, Auto Ins, First Aid, Professional License), and alerts when an employee doesn't clock in for a shift.

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Betsy Kurko

I used to have complaints over Axiscare but it has been developing and becoming more user friendly.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-28
Review Source: Software Advice

I do wish that we could have some kind of way to maybe press and hold shift or control then individually click each visit (or press and hold the left mouse button and then drag over visits) to adjust those times... kind of like in scheduling but you're doing it on the calendar itself. This would be really helpful for when you get an increase in hours for one month, it's that easy. Also since hours vary, maybe there is a drop down menu that says "add one hour before, add one hour after, add 30 min before, add 30 min after" and while everything is highlighted, you just push that button and it will adjust all highlighted visits. Also maybe underneath the caregiver and client calendar, a spot where we can write call logs... we just highlight whatever visit we are referring to and it will automatically populate the caregiver and client's name in the log. Also in call logs, it would be awesome if we could save a document in there such as an important recorded phone call so we can refer to that more easily.I really like how you can copy and paste visits where you used to have to make them individually. Yalls improvements have been great.

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Teresa Holbrook

Axis has made scheduling a more efficient process, and saved time.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall, AXIS is a great scheduling system, that has DEFINITELY added ease and efficiency to the job of the scheduler. And I should know, since I am the scheduler!!!The alerts that enable you to know when you have double booked a caregiver with more than one client. Also, the layout of the website gives the user easy access to client/caregiver schedules, profiles, and reports that aide in running a home health company.

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AxisCare Software features

Automated Scheduling
Automatic Reminders
Records Management

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Additional information for AxisCare Software

Key features of AxisCare Software

  • Marketing reminders
  • Track certification
  • Telephony and messaging
  • GPS controlled clock in and out
  • View historical visits
  • Capture and convert leads
  • Multi-location
  • Integration with payroll
  • Manage notes of each visit
  • Real time alerts
  • Record care notes
  • Track and report on referrals
  • Quick status reports
  • View upcoming visits
  • Manage caregiver credentials
  • Automated shift scheduling
  • Track and manage overtime
  • Manage revenue by referral source
  • Background checking
  • Profiles management
  • Easily track referral sources
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● AxisCare allows agency owners to easily manage caregivers by tracking overtime, GPS clock-ins, background checks and certifications.

● Agencies can accurately track break times, meal times, inter-visit travel times, etc.

● The AxisCare mobile app allows users to respond to open visit requests and track upcoming/historical visit data.

● The solution offers payroll report generation and integration with several third-party payroll suppliers that provide a complete visibility of all the aspects of an agency.

● AxisCare provides real-time information to all stakeholders such as caregivers, clients and their family about care plans and visits schedules.