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Health Cloud


Patient relationship management software in the Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients

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Remote patient monitoring platform for medical practitioners

100Plus is a patient monitoring platform that helps healthcare providers monitor patient health across multiple areas, including blood pressure, temperature, and weight. The alert functionality automatically sends notifications to doctors regarding at-risk patients with attached patient reports.

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Practice Management Made Simple

Practice Management Software with HIPAA-compliant EHR, mobile Telehealth, autopay and more for therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health & wellness professionals

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Patient tracking & engagement management solution

PatientTrak is patient tracking and engagement solution, which helps medical organizations manage processes related to registration, check-in, staff management, treatment, communication, & more. It includes an online reservation system, which enables users to schedule appointments & view wait times.

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Build online database applications without coding.

Caspio is the world’s leading LOW-CODE platform for building online database applications without having to write code.

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The EHR + PM Choice for High-Grown Medical Groups

CareCloud’s award-winning financial, clinical, patient experience and revenue cycle solutions run at the speed of your practice to drive your performance and delight your patients.

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My Clients Plus


Practice management & EHR for mental health providers

My Clients Plus is a practice management and EHR solution for mental health providers and practices with therapy notes, electronic billing, and more

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The Leading AI & Patient Engagement Platform

Single Digit No-Show Rates: Digital Forms, Telehealth, Appointment Reminders, &Patient Self-Scheduling. #1 Customer Rated Support & Custom Workflows.

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Patient care coordination software for hospitals and ACOs

CareStat is a web-based clinical operations management software designed to improve coordination between accountable care organizations (ACOs) or hospitals and home health providers about patients' re-admissions, care plans, progress, and more.

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Web-based mental health software for practitioners

TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing

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Custom online database creation. Low code database software.

Patient Management online application empowers health practitioners with a centralized database solution to track patients' visits and manage billing and scheduling information. The system is fully customizable. TeamDesk provides unlimited records, data storage, support, stable rates and free trial.

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Clinic management for allied health

BookingTimes helps Massage Therapy businesses gain new customers, reduce no shows, track clients & reduce administrative effort

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Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking Tool With Reminders

10to8 is an intelligent patient scheduling and management system trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals. Rid your practice of inefficiency, wasted time and costly no-shows. Join free today!

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Luma Health


The only Total Patient Engagement platform.

Luma Health is your Total Patient Engagement Platform. Our smart, simple, and intuitive technology streamlines the entire patient journey, transforming your current process with better workflows and communication. From intelligent scheduling, referral management, patient feedback, intake and more.

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Nudge Coach


Smarter Coaching Management Software For Teams

Remote coaching and wellness program management software with advanced patient engagement training for team members.

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EHR software for hospitals & medical centers with 10+ users

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EHR YOUR WAY offers practice management, substance abuse center and physician solutions for small to mid-sized hospitals and private practitioners with 10+ users. $500 month minimum.

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Hospital management system for healthcare operations

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Insta is a cloud-based hospital management software that offers tools for digitizing and automating workflows, streamlining operations, enhancing patient engagement, and managing patient health records. The platform can be used by speciality clinics, medical centers, day care centers, and hospitals.

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Medical software for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies & labs

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Simplex HIMES is a cloud-based medical practice management software designed to help hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic laboratories manage patient intake, care, and treatment from end-to-end. Features include consent forms, bed management, ID scanning, OT scheduling, and picture archiving.

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Sales management software for legal and medical industries

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MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository.

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Office Practicum


Pediatric practice management & EHR solution

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Office Practicum is a comprehensive pediatric management solution designed to help practices organize EHR, control billing & simplify patient engagement

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EHR software for healthcare professionals

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Our award-winning EHR gives providers greater control, so they can focus on what they do best.

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Enterprise EHR & practice management with mobile app support

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Greenway’s electronic health record (EHR) and practice management platform Intergy offers a user-friendly, specialty-focused solution for ambulatory healthcare practices. It provides tools to manage chronic conditions, capture payer incentives, and thrive in the world of value-based healthcare.

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Patient check-in system for medical practices

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Clearwave is a cloud-based patient check-in system for medical practices, physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems. It also offers a patient registration and check-in kiosk tool to help practices manage and track patient visits and capture patient data in a self service manner.

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Cloud based electronic medical record system

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Elation is a cloud-based EHR solution for doctors & physicians to manage patient medical records, notes & appointments and generate prescriptions electronically

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Pomelo Health


Patient Engagement tools to simplify patient-provider flow.

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Patient Engagement Platform designed to simplify provider and patient flows.
Online booking, secure messaging, broadcast, automated appointment reminders, video appointments and remote check-in. All in one place.

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Buyers Guide

Patient Management

Patient management is a process of streamlining various tasks within a medical practice, such as managing appointments, sending reminders, handling patient check-ins, and verifying insurance eligibility. It also involves managing all patient-related details, including contact information, diagnoses, and prescriptions.

Patient management software can help automate administrative tasks and speed up communication to reduce the workload of employees to allow them to focus more on delivering quality patient care. The software can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry and record keeping.

There is a wide range of patient management solutions available on the market. This buyers guide touches upon aspects you’ll need to know while evaluating software options. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is patient management software?

Patient management software is a software tool that allows medical practices to automate repetitive administrative tasks, such as scheduling patient appointments, sending reminders, managing the allocation of hospital beds, and checking insurance eligibility.

The software can be used for general patient management as well as for specific processes such as inpatient tracking, blood testing, or capturing and storing information from wearable devices. The need and functionality of patient management software largely depend on the size and scale of a medical practice.

What are the deployment options for patient management software?

Most software solutions are deployed on the cloud or on-premise. We’ve listed the characteristics of each option below.

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based patient management software is hosted on either vendors’ servers or other third-party servers. It can be accessed from any web browser or mobile application. There are no setup charges, and users generally pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Cloud-based software allows users the flexibility to scale up or down based on their overall usage and requirements.

On-premise deployment: On-premise patient management software deployment is hosted on users’ internal server; thus, it requires investment in network equipment and hardware. This model offers greater data protection than the cloud-based model because the entire software infrastructure, including servers, resides within users’ premises. However, it requires higher investment, including software license fees and a one-time setup cost. Post setup, users also need inhouse IT staff to support and manage any potential issues that may arise.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy

What are some common features of patient management software?

Understanding the common features of patient management software will help you select a software tool that caters to your practice needs.

Appointment scheduling: Allows physicians to book or reschedule patient appointments online. Some tools also offer the capability to set up recurring appointments.

Set recurring patient appointments using DocMeIn

Setting up recurring patient appointments in DocMeIn

Appointment reminders: Allows physicians to send appointment reminders to patients via email or text/voice message. Physicians can set up automated reminders and even customize the message template to add images, colored text, website link, and more. 

Send customized appointment reminders via email using IntakeQ software

Sending customized appointment reminders via email using IntakeQ 

Insurance eligibility check: Allows medical practices to check the insurance eligibility of patients and verify details such as co-insurance, copay, and deductible. This feature notifies practices of any charges that aren’t covered by patients’ healthcare plan.

Scan and verify patients insurance cards using Carbon Health software

Verifying patients' insurance eligibility in Dentrix Ascend

Patient check-in: Allows practices to manage the patient check-in or intake process. Patients can fill up and submit intake forms online, and the medical staff gets real-time notifications about all check-in activities.  

Manage patient check-in using Breeze software

Managing patient check-ins using Breeze 

Bed management: Allows practices to view the real-time status of the beds available at their medical facility. It helps manage the use and allocation of beds through proper coordination with staff and patients.

Checking patients' bed status in TiaMD NuMR

Checking patients' bed details in TiaMD NuMR

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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