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EHR YOUR WAY overview

****5+ USERS ONLY****EHR YOUR WAY is a cloud based behavioral health solution that can be customized as per the needs of private practices, home health care or assisted living. The product allows users to follow their own workflow & forms and is adaptable as per their requirements.

The product has the capability to take paper workflow of organization and generate an electronic copy that can be easily filled out in EHR. This eases the process of form filling as users are completing the same document on a computer rather than a wasting a piece of paper. EHR YOUR WAY can also display automatic messages for any pending action such as sign off on a treatment plan by the supervisor and further automatically forward the form for sign off.

EHR YOUR WAY offers appointment management functionality which allows users to book appointments for individuals or in groups and also customize the time slots on the basis of either provider or location.

EHR YOUR WAY is HIPAA, CARF and JCOR compliant and also ONC 2014 certified. To maintain security of data, the product has the capability to restrict access rights on the basis of user roles and needs.


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EHR YOUR WAY screenshot: EHR YOUR WAY - Login PageEHR YOUR WAYEHR YOUR WAY screenshot: EHR YOUR WAY - Click and select notesEHR YOUR WAY screenshot: EHR YOUR WAY - Discharge summary formEHR YOUR WAY screenshot: EHR YOUR WAY - Master treatment plan and current stage of change formEHR YOUR WAY screenshot: EHR YOUR WAY - Simple and easy to use notesEHR YOUR WAY - Private PracticeYour Forms. Your Workflow. Your Way.Create your own or select from our library.

EHR YOUR WAY reviews

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Sarah Owen

So happy we switched

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

We are a small non-profit organization that provides substance abuse treatment, and we are still relatively new to the EHR world. We initially switched from our antiquated paper system to an EMR system in April 2014, however we were ultimately dissatisfied with the experience, as its functionality was primarily designed for a medical doctor's office. After searching (via Capterra) for a new system and looking into price comparisons, EHR Your Way (EHRYW) was our top pick, without question! EHRYW is *entitled* to bragging rights when it comes to customization - our workflow involved a slew of paperwork and various forms that were unique to our organization, and the EHRYW design team was able to meet all of our needs to make it as user-friendly as possible! We have a couple of staff members who acknowledge that they are slow to catch on to anything computer-related, but due to the customization promised by EHRYW, all of our digitized forms are comparable to fillable PDFs, and were very easy to learn. Furthermore , it is worth mentioning that EHRYW was incredibly reasonable in their pricing, in contrast to other EHR/EMR systems that can cost insane amounts of money (and most of which our little non-profit couldn't possibly begin to afford). Now, as someone who often relies on online reviews prior to investing in anything, I am typically suspicious of any review that is nothing but glowing and unquestioning. Therefore, in the interest of being realistic, here is the "bad" of the system: We signed up with EHR Your Way in the midst of their transition from using a Remote Desktop application through Internet Explorer, to a web-based system through Google Chrome. As of this review, the transition of the system is still in place, so Google Chrome has yet to provide all of the features that are currently available through the original Remote Desktop design. So, until the system is transferred to Chrome in full, there are occasional bumps in the road. That said, this is to be expected with *any* EHR system undergoing such a transition, so we don't begrudge EHRYW for that reason. It's worth noting that the end result will be absolutely worth the wait, as the current Chrome user interface is an attractive, clean, and intuitive design. In short, I would say this is an ideal system, particularly for any medical/mental health provider looking to transition into an EHR system for the first time. - Highly customizable forms, which makes for smoother transition from paper to digital (forms are essentially comparable to fillable PDFs) - The Chrome design is very clean and user-friendly - Rapid response from EHR Support when any kind of issue arises - Positive/friendly demeanor from support staff, both via email and conference calls - Design team is receptive to feedback from consumers, to make improvements to the system's design

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Randy Stuck

Voice-Driven Electronic Medical Record System

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-17
Review Source: Software Advice

The EHR Your Way electronic health record system is the only system I am aware of that allows the user to navigate throughout the application by voice commands. If you want to go to the exam, all you have to do is say "Go To Exam" and the physical exam section appears. Likewise, if you want to accept all of the defaults in a particular section you simply say "Accept Defaults" and the standard entries for a normal data set is entered. The onerous task of clicking and clicking and clicking is no longer an issue. As a result, the speed with which an exam can be completed is a fraction of what it used to take us. What the staff likes most about the system is the ability to navigate by using voice commands rather than having to click multiple times to get where you want to go.

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Gerald Dieterich

Everything Your Way

Reviewed 2015-02-06
Review Source: Capterra

No. It's a word one hears countless times on a daily basis. I can say--unequivocally--this is not in the vocabulary of the team from EHR Your Way. From conversations, conference calls, and e-mails the EHR Your Way team took our exact workflow and literally built an entire front-end module that will allow us to capture the data we need and links into their billing. The majority of this work was completed before we even made a commitment to the software! Also, when asking a question about certain hardware (chromebook) we were using, the EHR Your Way team went out and purchased a chromebook to perform their own test to verify compatability. I was completely floored! There was no talk about it "technically" being able to work. It was tested that same day!! We are currently in the implementation/training stage of the system and the support has not ended at all. I can confidently say we have a partner as a software vendor. This is what Software as a Service was meant to be. Pros: Simple and Customizable User Interface Dedicated Team that wants to provide the solution you want Framework which can literally support any work-flow Overall Value and Pricing Most Customization options I have seen Patient Portal with form entry Neutral: Remote desktop connection capabilities required to access the main application In the past this may have been a con, but with current technology this won't slow you down. This is allowing the application to be able to use less of your own system resources which allowed us to purchase less expensive technology and still access all of the features of the system. I have used the full application on a Chromebook(Chrome RDP) , Android-phone/tablet(Microsoft Remote Desktop App), Mac(Microsoft Remote Desktop App), and Windows machine and there was no performance loss that I was able to see between them. My overall Impression of the product thus far is, just, WOW! Thank you EHR Your Way!!

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Sandy Rogers

We are still in implementation, however it has been a breath of fresh air. Very helpful staff.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-01-29
Review Source: Capterra

Peace of mind. I feel like this implementation will be successful and look forward to using this company for many years to come.What we like about the software is that it is user friendly and the staff make it fit our needs, not us having to change because the "system is not built to do that". Turnaround on forms and needs is very efficient and if the EHR-YOUR-WAY implementation team do not understand we do a call, or go to meeting, to clear up what is being asked. The company is very knowledgeable about what we do and was more than willing to assist with the state reporting that is required - in fact we sent them the state manual and they did the work! It has been a pleasure to work with EHR-YOUR WAY staff after dealing with more than 13 individuals on our previous implementation! We have had one contact person who then works with their team. We cannot wait to actually put this system into our work day. It will be used daily by multiple staff serving outpatient mental health, substance abuse residential, substance abuse out patient, and the IDD population both residential and day programs.

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Taylor Kyle

Great Company That Used Our Forms

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-02-05
Review Source: Capterra

This software allowed our company the ability to expand because before having an online system, we used email for all of our employees which was not successful. The software is easy to use so that makes the learning curve for our employees short and not a hindrance to their daily workload. This company was able to use the forms we designed in their software. When we have an issue come up, they work hard to resolve those issues. The system is easy to use and new employees are able to figure it out within a short time.

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EHR YOUR WAY pricing

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EHR YOUR WAY offers three modules:
- Secretary/Practice management module
- Provider module
- Billing module

EHR YOUR WAY features

Appointment Management
Client Portal
Document Storage
Electronic Signature Capture
HIPAA Compliance
Health Insurance

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Automated Scheduling (58 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (53 other apps)
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Additional information for EHR YOUR WAY

Key features of EHR YOUR WAY

  • Customization of forms
  • Client portal
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Document management and storage
  • Internal messaging
  • Access rights restriction
  • Appointment reminders
  • Insurance eligibility check
  • Electronic signatures – client & clinician
  • Enterprise billing module
  • Referral tracking
  • Attendance reporting
  • Inventory control
  • Employee compensation system
  • Productivity reports
  • Form rules
  • Group notes
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*****5+ USERS ONLY+++++
● EHR YOUR WAY is a cloud based solution that can be accessed on any device connected through internet.
● The product allows users to take notes quickly with the help of voice driven EHR that has the capability to formulate notes in approximately 120 seconds.
● In order to function efficiently and not change the workflow of users, EHR YOUR WAY takes paper documents and converts them into electronic copies.
● EHR YOUR WAY helps with the storage and management of patient information such as demographics, treatment plans, medical history and discharge summaries.
● Pre populated content is offered by EHR YOUR WAY which simplifies the process of customization by allowing users to access a library of objectives, goals and problems.