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Dynamic Signal

Employee advocacy platform for pre-approved social sharing

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Dynamic Signal overview

Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStorm is a subscription-based, online product for managing employee advocacy. This new channel for corporate content marketing incentivizes business staff to spread an approved, consistent and positive PR message within personal social media circles. Pro and Enterprise plans for mid-size and large organizations offer cloud-based dashboard access, seamlessly integrating with existing business platforms. Free mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure multi-device support, adding push notifications for quick sharing relevant content while on the move.

VoiceStorm’s advocacy platform encourages proud employees to promote and defend their corporate brand. Gamification features provide reward and recognition for active, positive communication and the sharing of the latest, consistent content. Alert staff of what to share and when, while tracking activities and improving both internal and external business relations. Maintain control over relaxed social policies, facilitating satisfied endorsements useful for talent acquisition and raising reputation. Employees in turn can enjoy the benefits of personal brand building, social networking and attracting followers while gaining greater recognition from colleagues and management.

Employees can also be segmented into custom groups and divisions to deliver specific messages. Approved content can then be disseminated to target specific interests, job functions and locations – all from a single space. Compatibility with Single Sign On (SSO) process keeps integration simple; alongside extensive language support spanning internationally recognized social media channels.


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Dynamic Signal features

Activity Dashboard
Social Media Integration
Social Network Marketing

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Key features of Dynamic Signal

  • Activity dashboard
  • Social advertising
  • Social media integration
  • Social media metrics
  • Social network marketing
  • Social recruiting
  • Marketing management
  • Mobile access
  • Mobile alerts
  • Mobile integration
  • Gamification
  • Employee communities
  • Employee relations
  • Talent acquisition
  • Content filtering
  • Incentive programs
  • Email notifications
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Empowers employees to share company approved content within their personal social media channels and circles.

Track employee advocacy and use gamification features to reward staff for positive social activity.

Improve external company reputation and invite existing proud, happy staff to communicate useful messages for HR and talent acquisition.

Help employees build their own personal social brand by finding new followers while catching the eye of colleagues and management.

Distribute pre-approved content consistently among the right employees at the right time, leveraging email and push notifications.

Online dashboard-based access is backed by support across all devices, with VoiceStorm apps available for iOS, Apple Watch and Android.

VoiceStorm offers support for internationally popular social media channels, spanning over 15 languages with recognition capabilities.

Enterprise plan extends mid-market solution with specialized training, expert customer success consultation, best practices and knowledge bases.