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Rejoiner overview

A new way for eCommerce companies to fuel revenue growth using email.

Rejoiner is eCommerce email marketing software powered by a team of email marketers that work with you. eCommerce companies in 35 countries have generated $70M+ in revenue using our approach and software.

Done-with-you eCommerce email marketing - Work directly with our team to build a successful eCommerce lifecycle and cart abandonment email program.

Send data-driven broadcast and automated email campaigns - Combine data from your existing email lists and eCommerce platform to power campaigns that increase customer lifetime value.

Built-in eCommerce triggers & segments - Segment customers and send emails at the perfect (and most profitable) moments.

Generate more revenue with A/B split testing - Hire our team to test your campaigns to increase your return on investment.

We push the envelope and create unique inbox experiences with hand-crafted, interactive emails that render perfectly on any device.


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Rejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's dashboard displaying site analytics, which measures checkout sessions, abandonment rate, recoverable revenue, average cart value and moreRejoiner Self Guided TourRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's email campaign view. Build cart abandonment, win-back, welcome series, VIP campaigns and more using the campaign builder.Rejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's segmentation feature allows you to build and send emails to specific segments of your customer list for higher converting campaignsRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's campaign results dashboard shows your conversions, total campaign revenue and revenue per email generatedRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's a/b tesing results shows you sends, opens and open rate, percentage lift of the variant campaign and confidence levelsRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's email analytics shows you sends, ioens, clicks, conversions and unsubscribe rateRejoiner screenshot: a/b test running inside Rejoiner shows you sends, opens, clicks, conversions, revenue generated and which email is winning the testRejoiner screenshot: Rejoiner's integration process makes it easy to connect your eCommerce platform with our software

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Don Vasquez

Rejoiner has been a key component to our explosive growth

Reviewed 2016-03-23
Review Source: GetApp

About a year ago we were looking for a company to help us with cart abandonment. We knew that this was going to be a key in helping us with recovering lost revenue. So we tried a few companies that offered free trials and found some success, then we found Rejoiner. Mike took the time to go over with us Rejoiners strategic difference in detail. He also provided accurate numbers as what we should expect for different campaigns. These numbers allowed us to make a calculated decision to see if working with them made sense to our profit and loss. They did not offer a free trial as the other companies did, however we concluded they really understood the planning of recuperating lost revenue much more in depth than they other companies we had worked with. One of the first things they helped us with is understanding when is the best time to reach the customer in every phase of the purchase (pre, post and win backs). To do this they meticulously went through 2 years worth of previous data and helped us determine critical information about our customer. They also took the time to give us proven methods on our site to help convert first time buyers, which is well beyond the scope of what we pay them for. Fast forward 8 months later and I can tell you that we are so glad we choose them. They have demonstrated on many occasions that they are willing to do what it takes to help us succeed. Often we have felt that they treat us like its their own company, something that is all but lost with any type of consultant these days. They monitor our campaigns and have made suggestions that resulted in a great increase to our ROI. Eddie is an expert in Ecommerce and having his expertise has been an invaluable asset to our success. I can say with certainty that we would not be where we are today without the help from Rejoiner. We highly recommend them for there expertise in eCommerce and understanding the entire customer life cycle. -Experts in Ecomerce -Experts in recovering lost revenue -Experts in customer analysis to make decisions based on customer history -Phoneomal Customer Service with a proactive approach (When they spot a potential issue they bring it to your attention before we even knew about it) -Price is very low compared to ROI. Its also fixed pricing so as time goes on and we allow them to make the proper adjustments, the ROI has increased. -Onsite design team to cover every step of the process

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Bryan Johnson

Great for Growing your Email Business without Increasing Staff

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-20
Review Source: Capterra

We're a small business and have been with Rejoiner since 2015. It has turned out to be one of the better email marketing decisions we've ever made. The thought of triggered/automated marketing is nice in theory, but once you try and go to implement it in-house (and for cheap), you end up just using something like MailChimp which requires lots of heavy lifting to make sure the data is making its way up there, and MC (or other simple email marketing platforms) don't integrate easily with our website. Enter Rejoiner. Our website was integrated within 1 hour, had our first cart abandonment campaign up and running in less than a week, and the rest is history. We now are running 6 different automated campaigns with them with various inputs and more are sure to come. What's really nice about them and what sets them apart, is that they are not like other cloud offerings where you pay a monthly fee, and you're left to do with the tool what you want. No. Rejoiner actually works with you to come up with the campaigns, does the creative, and sets the campaign up all for you. All you have to do is approve the campaign and you're rolling. Its honestly like having a team of email marketing experts, but at a fraction of the cost. Looking at the landscape of the various tools we use for our website, Rejoiner is the one I would recommend over and over again to those who ask. Great team. Great product. The great team of email experts you get with it.

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Max Salas

Rejoiner Provides Critical Components of an Effective E-Commerce Strategy!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

Given that we are receiving a very respectable ROI, integration has been very easy, and performance is consistent, we see no negatives to Rejoiner.Rejoiner provides the ability to retarget customers who have abandoned a shopping cart, have browsed specific products, or have browsed product categories without making a purchase. The software is very effective in identifying these customers. It then segments the customers and sends fully customized email communication in an effort to increase conversions. The sequence of email communication is iterative and logical, offering customers increasing incentives to convert with each subsequent email. Integration was extremely simple; we had all aspects of Rejoiner integrated within several hours. Additionally, Rejoiner ran several A/B tests for us to determine the most effect creative and copy for all of our email categories. This ensured the highest conversion rates for each stage of the retargeting funnels. Since integrating Rejoiner several years ago, we have seen conversion rates improve by over 20% as we have successfully brought many customers back to purchase who would otherwise have been lost. Given the increase in revenue attributable to Rejoiner, the cost of the service is a no-brainer for us.

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Jasmina Aganovic

Seamless lifecycle email marketing for growing brands

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

For about 9 months, we had been managing automated email campaigns in house. We quickly exceeded capacity and wanted to take things to the next level. Rejoiner was recommended to us and we found them very easy to work with. After an intro call, they had clear recommendations on where we could start and within the first couple months all our campaigns were already live and even more thoroughly built out. Their team understood our priorities and the balance of brand and performance. They listened well and incorporated it all into their drafts of copy and images. The iterations were minimal and as a third party service they understood our brand very quickly. Beyond the onboarding process, the campaigns immediately started delivering on revenue, and we have been continuing to work on improvements ever since. Rejoiner has provided us with a seamless, integrated solution, while keeping a sensitivity to our personal look and tone. We have been impressed with how they've been able to craft content and design that's on brand combined with their real effort to meet our specific needs and timing.  They have great ideas that work, even if you sometimes don't think they will! Listen to them and you will likely be pleasantly surprised (as we have been). They are also highly responsive, organized, and very action-oriented.

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Kimi Klasser

A true partner to their clients, innovative and effective

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-07-31
Review Source: Capterra

Revenue! This service provides an amazing touchpoint for customers and they make it easy to implement and manage.It works! I have been working with the Rejoiner team since 2015 and we have grown our client's triggered emails from one to six because we have seen such great success. The Rejoiner team is a full service shop - from strategy to build to management. They listen to the client and accommodate - but not at the expensive of their best practices. I've also enjoyed their flexibility and innovation. They are always bringing new ideas and working on improving results for their customers. As an agency it's so important to me to have vendors that are responsive and work with the individual needs of my clients, and Rejoiner does that. If you're looking for email marketing experts, you've found them!

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GetApp Analysis

Succeeding in the fast-paced eCommerce industry requires a strong allegiance to automation and data-driven marketing tactics. Rejoiner is a web-based solution built by eCommerce veterans to generate more sales for online retailers. The company’s lifecycle email software automates data-driven cart abandonment and retention email campaigns for brands of all sizes, including global leaders like Guess, FootJoy, and Hallmark.

Rejoiner was developed to give eCommerce businesses a smarter way to maximize revenue from existing customers. The online solution uses data to convert abandoned shopping carts into new customers. It continuously optimizes email marketing campaigns to increase sales for eCommerce businesses small and large. Key features include email automation, email analytics, email segmentation, and A/B testing.

What is Rejoiner?

Rejoiner uses data-driven marketing and automation technology to reduce cart abandonment rates and recover lost revenue. Online retailers that use Rejoiner can create their own automated cart abandonment email campaigns. These campaigns involve multi-stage email sequences, which are sent at regular intervals, to follow up with shoppers who’ve abandoned their virtual shopping carts. Rejoiner gives its users a way to send hyper-segmented, hyper-personalized cart abandonment emails that are likely to regenerate user sessions.

In addition to its advanced tools for recovering lapsed shoppers, Rejoiner also uses sophisticated technology to maximize revenue from existing customers and extend the customer lifecycle. Rejoiner sends automated welcome, replenishment, VIP, and win-back email campaigns, and it constantly optimizes the checkout funnel to pinpoints where any leaks are coming from. Powerful segmentation tools give eCommerce brands the ability to send targeted messages to customers based on demographics, transaction data, purchase histories, and online behaviors.

Who is Rejoiner for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: eCommerce
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, large businesses
  • Departments/roles: Marketing
  • Budget/point: Starting from $1,000 per month
  • Example customers: Guess, FootJoy, Hallmark

Main features

Email automation

Email automation is at the Rejoiner’s core, informing many of the other key features of present within the advanced targeting and marketing platform. Automated emails can be sent out at regular intervals after triggering events occur, the most common of which are cart abandonment emails.

Setup your first campaign by selecting the time schedule for your email sequence. (For example, you might want an email to go out automatically 30 minutes after a visitor has left your website.) Rejoiner’s automation campaigns work on their own, so you won’t have to click “Send” or customize your emails each time they go out. An in-house design and HTML team helps you create and launch every email campaign for you.

Email analytics

The best email marketing campaigns are never truly finished. With optimization and analytics, eCommerce brands can continue refining their messaging and marketing tactics in order to get the best results.

To uncover how your automated emails are performing, visit the Rejoiner dashboard page. You’ll see how cart abandonment emails are impacting your website, how your campaign emails are performing, and how much actual revenue is being generated by each campaign. If you notice lower-than-average email open rates, that could be a sign that it’s time to change up your marketing pitch.

Email segmentation

Segmentation can be used to target selected customer groups with relevant messages. Segmented groups typically share certain traits or characteristics, such as customers who abandoned their carts before completing their purchases or customers who fit certain demographic characteristics.

Create as many segments as you need, choosing a name and a set of filters for each new segment. Your segments will be structured as a CND formula, with a segment, clause, and filter. Filter your segments based on cart items, cart data, customers, events, lists, or email engagement. Once your segments have been setup, you’ll be able to send automated email messages to customers based on the items they have left in their carts or based on the types of emails they’ve opened in the past.

A/B testing

Using Rejoiner’s Campaign Editor, eCommerce brands can setup, schedule, test, and manage their automated email campaigns. A/B testing plays an important role in creating and optimizing email marketing campaigns. Using multiple test types, like 50/50 splits and hold outs, brands are able to determine which types of content and messaging their customers are responding to and which messages are most likely to end up in the trash.

A/B testing helps you see how small changes in your messaging or targeting impact key metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue per email. Define your own sample size and type out a short description of the test you’re running. For example, you might want to test different subject lines to see what customers are responding to, and then measure those results based on your own pre-determined goals. You can see the results from your Email Campaign Manager.


Rejoiner integrates with many third-party apps and eCommerce platforms, including Wordpress, Nexternal Solutions, Spark Pay, Volusion, SendGrid, Google Analytics, Magento , Zapier, Mailgun, WooCommerce, and X-Cart. An API is available for custom JavaScript, as well.


Pricing for Rejoiner starts at $1,000 per month for the Recover package, which reduces cart abandonment. For $2,000 per month, brands can select the Retain package. An Optimize add-on is available for $500 per month. Custom pricing is available for Agencies that manage multiple sites. All Rejoiner packages include unlimited emails with full service account management.

Bottom line

  • Full service email marketing solution for eCommerce brands
  • Sends multi-stage email sequences
  • Identifies guests who’ve abandoned the checkout process before clicking “Submit”
  • Segmented customer lists based on demographics, transactions, and purchase data
  • Control groups demonstrate how email campaigns impact actual sales

Additional information for Rejoiner

Key features of Rejoiner

  • Test two email campaigns against each other to find a winner
  • Segment based on demographic, transaction and purchase data
  • Deliver emails when they generate maximum impact
  • Send multistage email sequences at times you schedule
  • All customer data is stored and SSL encrypted
  • Manage multiple client accounts — all from one dashboard
  • Holdout Testing
  • Integrated with 10+ eCommerce platforms
  • Site Analytics
  • Email Analytics
  • Conversion & Revenue Tracking
  • Pre-Submit Tracking
  • Cart Regeneration
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Reduce your cart abandonment rate by up to 15% and recover revenue with multi stage automated campaigns.

Maximize customer lifetime value with personalized and automated data driven retention emails.

Optimize campaigns over time with A/B testing, segmentation, personalization and more to increase revenue generated per email.

Done-with-you eCommerce email marketing - Work directly with our team to build a successful eCommerce email program from scratch.