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Social Media Wall logo

Social wall for events & websites

learn more
Social Media Wall is a social media platform for events & websites which curates hashtags, profiles & location based posts from Instagram, Twitter & more

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Etus logo

A solution for the integrated management of social networks.

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Etus is a solution for the centralized management of social networks, which enables the complete scheduling of publications in multiple media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, and offers a mechanism for boosting posts, from pre-established segmentation strategies.

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AdBraze logo

Ad and marketing automation tool

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AdBraze is an all-in-one ad and marketing automation tool designed to boost your business efficiency and scale fast. With AdBraze, teams can streamline the marketing workflow, minimize the routine of media buyers and increase efficiency within the creative team.

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Ovonts logo

One workplace. Everything influence, anything content.

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Ovonts is a cloud-based influencer marketing and omnichannel social commerce enablement platform. It is built on an open architecture powered by modules, custom analytics and workflow tools to empower your work the way you do with influencers, creators, content, managers and teams.

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Promoty logo

Influencer management tool for brands and agencies

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Promoty helps businesses add influencers by username or profile URL, and organize them by boards and columns. Users can add notes, reminders, labels, shipping details, birthdays, and preferences for each influencer.

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Socialhuge logo

Software for managing reviews & posts across social channels

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SocialHuge is a cloud-based platform that helps freelancers, SMBs, and agencies manage social media channels and reviews. The platform allows users to create, schedule, and publish engaging content across multiple social networks.

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Datawalt logo

we manage a unified visualization of your data.

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With Datawalt, you will be able to access updated reports for each area, obtain a complete view of your company and better evaluate the performance of your operations for future decisions.

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Reech Influence Cloud logo

Influence at the Heart of Marketing Performance

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Reech Influence Cloud technology enables brands and their partners to autonomously manage & optimize all of their influence activities. With our solution, you can identify, qualify and activate influencers, draw up contracts, measure the performance of your campaigns and monitor influencer trends.

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Heropost logo

A tool for social media management.

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Heropost can manage and integrate accounts on multiple social media networks. The app is aimed at intensive users of these platforms who wish to keep track of their activities. Tasks are completed via a central dashboard.

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Airdesk logo

Centralized workspace for all services.

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Airdesk is a centralized workspace with a 360º view of all your services. With it, businesses can manage customers and contacts, deals and contracts, project and task management, customer interactions and ticket handling in a single place.

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Followr logo

AI-based social media management tool

learn more
Followr is an AI-enabled social media tool with automated scheduling, AI-assisted content creation, and analytics features.

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DirectLync logo

Cloud-based social media marketing solution

learn more
DirectLync is a cloud-based social media and digital marketing software that helps marketers to access email campaigns, client database, form builder, and more from a unified platform. Users can generate reports, view scheduled tasks, and track pertinent metrics related to email open rates, followers, and page hit rates.

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Woop  logo

Social media scheduler & analytics

learn more
Woop is a social media scheduler & analytics tool which helps users manage their social media channels & measure social performance with scheduling & reports

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CloudSocial logo

Social media management software for small businesses

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CloudSocial is a social media management software designed to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital agencies, and small businesses manage multiple user accounts, communicate with customers and prospects, and publish content across platforms.

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Users also considered logo

Social media management tool for agencies and marketers

learn more is a cloud-based social media management tool that helps medium to large agencies with content planning and publishing. It is primarily designed to assist marketers, broadcasters and customer service teams with collaboration, customer insights and analytics relating to their social content.

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Users also considered
Surefire Local logo

Cloud-based local marketing platform for small businesses

learn more
Surefire Local is a cloud-based digital marketing solution designed to help local businesses manage digital marketing campaigns, online reviews, and customer communications. Key features include lead management, email marketing, search tools, reputation management, content marketing, and more.

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Experia logo

Customer engagement platform

learn more
Customer engagement platform leveraging digital and social networks to enhance they way businesses interact with their audiences.

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Dash Hudson logo

All-in-one social media management platform

learn more
Dash Hudson is a comprehensive social media management platform that provides brands of all sizes with the insights and workflow tools needed to excel on social media. This all-in-one platform offers sophisticated analytics, AI-powered content predictions, influencer tracking, and scheduling capabilities to help businesses streamline their social media efforts and drive meaningful engagement.

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uhub logo

So that topic-oriented & integrated communication succeeds

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uhub is a communication management software that combines strategy, planning, content and analysis. With uhub, strategic communication becomes easy.

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Cosmic Data logo

Posting, Collecting, Analyzing, and Answering

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Cosmic Data for posting, collecting, analyzing, and answering all your clients on Google My Business and on all social networks on the market.

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Zoho Tables logo

Task management and collaboration software

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With Zoho Tables, you can elevate your collaborative efforts, enhance productivity, and simplify work management.

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Social Jazz logo

Hit your social media groove!

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Social Jazz automatically crafts and delivers on-brand posts for businesses who want to stay active on social media.

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Hashtag'd logo

Step-change paid social ad performance using external cues

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Let customers tell the brand's story with their photos, video and social media posts. Gather, curate & leverage UGC on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter + YouTube

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Sharebee logo

Employee Advocacy Platform

learn more
Sharebee is a platform that helps companies manage Social Selling and Employee Advocacy programs. The platform provides content creation, gamification, advanced analytics, and AI assistance to engage employees to share branded content on social media.

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Orlo logo

Enhance CS and marketing ops with Orlo's Social CX Suite.

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Orlo is an AI-enabled software designed to help businesses streamline marketing engagement, social listening, and performance analytics operations via a unified platform. It enables marketing and customer service professionals to enhance the company’s reputation and improve

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