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Job management software for plumbers & electricians

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Fergus overview

Fergus is a cloud-based job management software built for electricians and plumbers which offers tools for job tracking, scheduling, quoting & estimating, back costing, time tracking, invoicing, reporting, and more.

Fergus includes a status board for users to track business performance and any items requiring attention, including queries raised when problems arise.

Job progress and responsibilities are stored in job cards, with attached notes, files, and photos, and information can be organized into site visits to allow separate reporting for different work stages. Variations can also be added and linked to parent jobs for financial tracking purposes.

Staff can be assigned to specific jobs, and the integrated calendar enables drag-and-drop job scheduling.

Charged and uncharged time can be manually logged on each job, or users can utilize the integrated timer in the Fergus apps for iOS and Android.

Email and text messages can be sent to staff and customers through Fergus, with users able to customize SMS and email templates, and store multiple site addresses, contacts, and phone numbers on the built-in customer cards.

Invoices, quotes, and estimates can be created in the pricing editor and emailed directly to customers along with Terms of Trade, and customers can accept these from directly within the email.

Push notifications can be delivered to tablets and smartphones to alert users to important events, and staff can be kept up-to-date with job details and plans using the team notice board.


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Fergus screenshot: The dashboard shows you the status of all of your jobs and how much revenue is sitting in each section. Click on a subsection to see all of the jobs sitting within it in the job list below.Malady Electrical Customer StoryFergus screenshot: The quote builder helps you track different versions of quotes, can automatically pull pricing from imported price books when adding materials, and allows you to easily add markups.Fergus screenshot: The drag-and-drop calendar allows you to easily schedule jobs for your team in the field, notifying the customer and the team member assigned to the job through the mobile app.Fergus screenshot: GPS tracking allows you to easily see where your team members are and where they've been throughout the course of the day.Fergus screenshot: Financial reporting tools allow you to see where you've made or lost money on jobs, and how your business is tracking financially within specified time periods.Fergus screenshot: Your employee overview can show you who is billing the most and the least so that you can identify team members having any issues and help them get back on track.Fergus screenshot: The Status Board, timesheets, notifications, and more can be accessed through Fergus's mobile appFergus screenshot: The Fergus mobile app on AndroidFergus screenshot: Customers can sign your quotes and estimates for acceptance through the Fergus mobile appFergus screenshot: The Job Card on the Fergus mobile app with start/stop timerWelcome to FergusWhy Fergus?

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Samantha McMiken

Stone ages to Fergus

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Fergus pretty much since it started. Previous to Fergus everything was hand written, including time sheets, client details, scheduling and notes for jobs were written in a diary and on a huge whiteboard, monthly invoicing was done with stacks and stacks of paper and was a huge job every month. Back costing was something that didn't happen due to the time it took. The change to Fergus has meant invoices, time sheets and notes are very easily loaded onto jobs and all in the right, easy to find place for anyone who has access. Invoicing can happen with a couple of clicks and back costing or financial reports and all done for you. It has made it so easy to keep an eye on the numbers in our business at any time. Its also easy to run wherever you are, we have been over seas and managed the business without being in the office. We would never look back and have gained so much from Fergus, the customer support is fantastic. We would happily recommend this software to anyone.CSV uploads for invoices saves so much time from having to manually enter every. single. piece of gear! Having everything on a job number to easily find. Times, materials and anything to do with a particular job is in one place. Being able to Pin notes on jobs for any updates or special information. As long as everything is put on the job number nothing is forgotten. Ability to have a different client and site contact and address. Ease of finding client details.

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Daniel Gunther

Fergus has been a fantastic tool to manage our growing electrical firm. It is really easy to operate

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-04-15
Review Source: Capterra

It is a one stop shop "power house" that runs our electrical and heat pump contracting business. It integrates seamlessly to Xero which has made it very simple to implement. We like the ability to track staff when required and the fact that it has a full health and safety component also. The customers enjoy the interface through email and we regard the ability of the system to track and record site related information to be very valuable for all users. By adopting this system we are now seen as professional and progressive with in our town. We are now capturing better information about job costs before we send invoices which has helped us to raise our overall profit margin. We no longer have jobs falling through the cracks at invoicing time either. The scheduling features are fantastic, all staff can see what is on for the week, not just those in the office that can see the whiteboard! The workers on the ground have access to client details which allows them to make contact without input from the office, they also have full job history and quote/estimate information which makes their job easier also. The App runs on any mobile platform which solves the android vs IOS debate, we just use the platform that we like. No software to manage is also a bonus, if we have internet access... were in business! This has been the biggest leap towards a paperless office that we've made so far. We enjoy the friendly knowledgeable helpdesk staff who always answer the phone promptly. Awesome!

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Wayne Britton

We have been using Fergus for almost 12 months now and are very happy with the program.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-22
Review Source: Capterra

The benefits to our business using this software is ultimately less time processing paperwork and data and simplicity for our users. The other great feature of the software is being able to store job specific data like photos that are easily accessableWe went from a single person operation to 4 people on the road and one office based team member. The old program we were using didn't have enough quite do every thing we wanted and was quite clunky on site. The way in which Fergus flows and easily displays information regarding jobs means there is no confusion on site and when used correctly office staff can collate the data to create invoices easily, meaning we can get invoices out faster and hopefully paid faster. Now with the additional benefit of Fergus offering our customers credit card payment, we have found even less reason for customer not to pay. The schedulling calander on Fergus gives us the best forsite we have ever had to see potential lead times and alsogives us a better look at keeping things ahead of jobs wth regards to ordering materials and organising other important parts to any given job. Our guys on site love it as it is super simple to use for them and realistically cuts down there paperwork too. Time sheets created off all there job data is done automatically meaning the office is not trying to get times off them each week to do payroll. In general Fergus has made our business run smoother and less things get forgotten about, missed or overlooked.

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Gregg Sheridan

Has been a game changer for our business, i wish it was around 10 years ago!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

Invoicing and quoting are much less of chore and can now be done much quicker than before. This has resulted in an improved cash flow for or business.Tracking and entering costs (both labor and materials) has made our invoicing and quoting much more accurate. Being able to set up favorite item lists makes quoting much less of a chore than it used to be as items can be just selected from a pre made list and added where needed. Our wholesalers send us daily CSV files with our purchases which are then uploaded directly to Fergus. The Job numbers are all linked already so its just a matter of clicking a button and the materials are automatically assigned to the job and corresponding site visit. Pricelists are also uploaded from our wholesalers so prices for thousands of items are available instantly and are up to date. This means jobs can be invoiced quickly and on site if need be. We also use Xero for our accounting software and Fergus integrates perfectly with it.

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Tristan Fish

Fergus has made our lives a lot easier since moving from workflowmax. Much less manual entering.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-12
Review Source: Capterra

Speeding up invoicing, better tracking of old jobs via photos/notes etc. Entering time sheets, phone tracking, integration with our suppliers csv files, linking to xero, favourites lists with materials, photo attachments. Staff reply relatively quickly to any queries and seem happy to help. System seems to constantly grow, many new features since we first signed up.

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Key features of Fergus

  • Automatic notifications
  • Back costing
  • CSV invoice importing
  • Custom payment terms
  • Customer & job notes
  • Customizable email templates
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • File & photo attachments
  • Financial reporting
  • Flexible contact records
  • GPS tracking
  • Integrated calendar
  • Invoice builder
  • Job & customer histories
  • Job assignment
  • Job cards
  • Pricing document builder
  • Purchase orders
  • Push notifications
  • Queries
  • Quotes & estimates
  • SMS integration
  • Scheduling system
  • Status board
  • Team notice board
  • Timesheets
  • User permissions management
  • Variations tracking
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The centralized status board gives users an overview of all jobs, and what tasks require attention, including any flagged queries, and job progress and responsibilities can be tracked through detailed job cards with attached files and photos.

Estimates, quotes, and invoices can be created using the pricing document builder, with the ability to favourite grouped items for common jobs, and fill invoices instantly using back-costed site visits.

Standard Terms of Trade can be uploaded and attached to any correspondence with customers, and standard payment terms can be set with the ability to edit them on a job-by-job or customer-by-customer basis.

Staff can be assigned to specific jobs using the integrated calendar and drag-and-drop appointment scheduling.

Contact records are flexible, allowing users to store multiple site contacts, addresses, and phone numbers, and users can send emails and text messages directly from within Fergus, using customizable message templates.