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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

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Propago overview

Propago is a comprehensive system for managing orders and inventory throughout the entire lifecycle. Propago’s warehouse management features include all the normal capabilities such as product receiving, storage, warehouse control, picking, retrieval and issuing of goods. In addition to these features, Propago also offers ‘receive, pick, pack & ship’; serialization and lot tracking; a high volume fulfillment engine and RMA management.

Propago streamlines and coordinates all aspects of operations, including manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution. The system is built to handle any kind of product, regardless of where it's produced or shipped from. Capabilities include production management, procurement management, inventory optimization, demand forecasting and drop shipping automation.


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Propago reviews


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Warren Rawlings

A new level of control!

Reviewed 2015-07-08
Review Source: GetApp

Propago is a very good platform for Marketing Management, from a central base. Particularly if you have a franchise situation. It limits very well, so you don't have a bunch of mavericks messing with your brand. If you push the system to it's limits, Propago can help you control things from message to warehousing and supply logistics. I have four years of work with this system with a couple dozen long term clients.-You can really get fine tunned control if you need it. -Flexibility is not an obstacle and the support people will go out of their way to make your vision happen - particularly in the world of functionality. -Integration with outside systems at the drop of a hat. Again, this is a strength of the support people.

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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

Steve Kupchun

Not A Hollywood Set

Reviewed 2016-05-05
Review Source: Capterra

The storefront is very intuitive versus many other marketing resource management platforms. Help Desk inquiries from users who experience issues navigating the storefront and placing their orders are very low. One of our greatest challenges, albeit a good one, is getting our staff and clients to uncover and embrace the depth of information and reporting available to analyze product usage and trends to make good business decisions. We are constantly challenging our internal processes and streamlining "the way it has always been done" with the tools we have available. As a manufacturer, the comprehensive Production module allows us to easily facilitate and manage production workflow from receipt of an order through shipment. This is one aspect that separates this software from many other solutions in the market that are more like a Hollywood set; a pretty picture in front, but just a few two-by-fours holding it up in the back. A stellar software for the management of tangible marketing materials, having some form of digital campaign management capability, even a basic solution, would really enhance the offering and open up a new universe of prospects for our sales team. Overall, software support has been very good. All submitted issues are acknowledged, and the majority are resolved quickly.

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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

Michael Terry

Amazing software

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-08-22
Review Source: Capterra

Because we offer such a large range of products, we were having issues finding a web-to-print solution that would really allow us to showcase that in an easy to use storefront, and not just for our customers but for those setting it up. With our old software provider, we were too often being told "Well, we can't really do that" or "We might be able to do that, but there are going to be some major costs involved". With Propago, what you see is what you get, and what you see are a lot of really great options and solutions. The software is easy to use and really shines compared to the other options on the market. The ability to showcase all of our products with one online store and integrate it so seamlessly has been a very refreshing experience. The customer service is just as good, with quick responses and people who actually know what they are talking about.

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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

Kevin Cassis

Best Web Based Solution For Growing "Sticky" Revenue

Reviewed 2015-07-10
Review Source: GetApp

In my 30 years in this industry, focused on new technologies that differentiate, I have never seen a more effective and malleable solution. No two customers of ours are using this solution the same way as it is easily tailored to each of their unique needs. This solution is used by 6 of our top 10 revenue customers and all of those are profit leading accounts due to pricing driven by value recognized by the customers.Very flexible and very intuitive. Requires little ramp time for training or launching new customers. Cloud based so there is no hardware investment and maintenance or upgrade expenses.

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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

Kevin Cassis

Game Changer for a Legacy Printing Company

Reviewed 2016-05-03
Review Source: Capterra

As a legacy Printing Company we have been faced with a declining market, forcing us to diversify our revenue. Propago has been the tool to help transition our company into a technology driven, marketing materials distribution solutions provider. The recent additions of new clients have been rooted in this unique web based solution that has taken us out of the low-bid game and turned us into a truly unique partner that our former print competitors cant compete against. The difference between Propago and other web based solutions we have tried is Propago is a full gamut solution facing both our client and our operation eliminating the need for integrating two tools. It is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The training curve was minimal for us and is minimal for our clients and anytime we need help, their team is quick to help us support our clients in a timely fashion. Finally, all of this at an affordable price point makes it one of the easiest justifications in our business.

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WMS and Inventory Control for Manufacturers

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Pro: $1,799/month if paid annually or $1,999/month if paid monthly.

Pro Plus: $2,699/month if paid annually or $2,999/month if paid monthly.

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Propago Pricing Reviews

  • Very flexible and very intuitive. Requires little ramp time for training or launching new customers. Cloud based so there is no hardware investment and maintenance or upgrade expenses.
  • So flexible that many users believe it can do anything and since it has a simple shopping cart functionality everybody assumes it can be used for public consumer use when it is intended for b2b established group users.
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Propago features

Customizable Reporting
Real Time Data

Activity Dashboard (310 other apps)
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Auditing (256 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (316 other apps)
Compliance Management (195 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

In order to operate at maximum efficiency, organizations need smarter ways to access, manage, and distribute marketing supplies. Propago is a management platform that offers a solution. In one package, businesses can find the tools for creating and managing online marketing storefronts, platform controls, web-to-print, supply chain, warehouse management, reporting, and digital asset management.

Developed to meet the needs of small and mid-size marketers, agencies, promotional/apparel providers, fulfillment providers, and commercial printers, Propago uses a cloud-based, subscription-pricing model to offer its tools with no hardware, installation, or IT resources required. All updates are pushed through the cloud, which means users don’t have to waste valuable time maintaining their marketing management software.

What is Propago?

Propago enables corporations to manage orders and inventory. In addition to offering the traditional capabilities people have come to expect from marketing and warehouse management platforms— including product receiving, storage, warehouse control, picking, retrieval, and the issuing of goods— Propago offers high-level features, such as serialization and lot tracking, high volume fulfillment, and RMA management. Propago is a ‘receive, pick, pack & ship’ solution.

Businesses that use Propago benefit from streamlined operations. For example, Propago can be used for manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution. All orders, production, and inventory statuses are updated and published in real time.

Streamlined production, procurement, and inventory management features make it possible for businesses to handle a higher volume of orders, from basic business cards to complex marketing kits with customized products. Advanced features such as order consolidation, batch shipping, and production queues provide Propago users with peace of mind that their operations are always running at maximum efficiency.

Who is Propago for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Promotional/apparel providers, fulfillment providers, commercial printers, marketing agencies
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses
  • Departments/roles: Marketing, operations
  • Budget/point: Basic packages start at $225 per month

Main features

Create Storefronts

With Propago, businesses can create their own online storefronts or portals. Propago’s storefronts are the ideal place to manage and distribute marketing products. Regardless of the physical product a business is distributing, Propago offers tools to make marketing products available to any authorized group of users.

Using Propago’s storefronts, you can personalize corporate creatives (such as brochures and flyers) with unique messages, special images, interactive maps, and QR codes. You can make these products available at lower price points, depending on the group being served. You can also use storefronts as a place to distribute promotional products and apparel. The experience of using an online storefront is similar to popular online shopping tools, such as and

Streamline Operations

Service providers benefit from Propago’s supply chain management software, which includes an operations dashboard. The app streamlines manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution operations.

Using real-time production data, you can make operations more efficient and minimize the human touch points in your order fulfillment processes. Using “buyer groups”, you even have the option to assign resources to be in charge of selected products, regardless of how many internal buyers are on your team or how many outside vendors you work with.

Manage Orders & Inventory

Businesses can use Propago to manage orders and inventory. The solution’s warehouse management features include traditional capabilities, such as product receiving, storage, warehouse control, picking, retrieval and issuing of goods, in addition to advanced features such as serialization and lot tracking, third-party logistics, and high volume order fulfillment.

Start the lifecycle by sending all purchase order (PO) information to Propago and configuring the solution to ensure products are in agreement with your POs. Any errors or shortages will be identified immediately. You can also use Propago’s methods to guide personnel through the pick and pack process, and streamline shipping through an integration with native carrier systems.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Propago’s reporting and analytics features allow users to see exactly what’s going on within their businesses. These same tools aid in the identification of errors and provide insights into any speed bumps or kinks that might be slowing down operations and order fulfillment.

In addition to its sophisticated standard reporting tools, which track critical areas of the storefront, you can also run ad-hoc reports with Propago. Customizable reports give you the ability to add or remove columns, summarize reports, and filter reports to suit your needs. When customizations are saved, Propago retains the settings for future reports and tracking alerts.


Propago integrates with most third-party applications, including intranets, ERP, CRM, inventory, procurement, vendor applications, and other proprietary systems. Propago supports batch flat files, XML, and web services. The company can link up systems using its API.

Users who are interested in integrating a single-sign-on can contact Propago directly for support.


Pricing for Propago starts at $225 per month for the Basic plan. Enterprise businesses can contact Propago for custom pricing quotes.

Propago offers free listings in its Vendor Directory.

Bottom line

  • Cloud-based management platform
  • Intelligent forecasting for product demand
  • Complete warehouse and procurement management
  • Automation at high-volume fulfillment facilities
  • Offers an API for businesses

Additional information for Propago

Key features of Propago

  • 100% Cloud-based platform
  • Total production management
  • Full warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Efficient procurement management
  • High volume fulfillment automation
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Third party logistics (3PL)
  • Serialization and lot tracing
  • Returns management
  • Powerful inventory optimization
  • Intelligent demand forecasting
  • Drop ship automation
  • Visual KPI dashboards
  • Complete "Ad-Hoc" reporting
  • Automated inventory alerts
  • Create & automate report packages
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Order, production and inventory statuses are constantly updated in real-time. With features like Propago’s job dashboard, production queues, visual reporting, and automated alerts, you will have visibility at every turn.

Propago streamlines all aspects of operations from production, procurement, order and inventory management, to kitting, pick pack and distribution.

Handle high volume & order complexity: Propago can handle anything from a simple business card order to an extremely complex marketing kit of customized printed products and inventoried promotional items.

With robust features such as order consolidation, batch shipping, real-time reporting and production queues, handling high order volume and complexity can be done with ease and peace of mind.