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Who is Mavenlink For?

Built for service businesses, Mavenlink is an enterprise-grade business and project management solution that can be used by organizations of all sizes and types. Top industries that use Mavenlink include advertising/marketing, management consulting, IT services, graphic design, architectural and engineering.

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Mavenlink Pricing

Starting from: $19.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Exclusive offer for GetApp users: 25% discount on annual Mavenlink Premier Plans. Prices range from $19-$49 per user, per month and is custom based on the length of subscription and number of users. Contact us for a free live demonstration.

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Key Features of Mavenlink

  • Team Collaboration
  • Task Management w/ Task Dependencies
  • Cross-project Task Management
  • File Sharing (SSL Security)
  • Cascading Changes, Critical Path & Percentage Complete
  • Task-level Budget and Time Estimates
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Invoicing Tool & QuickBooks Integration
  • Online Payments
  • Custom Project Team Names, Subdomain & Branding
  • Personnel Planning & Personnel Cost/Bill Rates
  • Project/Job Costing
  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Rate Cards & Budgeted Projects
  • Work in Progress Reports & Project Summaries
  • Margin Analytics
  • Time, Expense, and Invoice Reports
  • Accounts Receivable
  • SSL Security
  • Google and Email Integration

Mavenlink Overview

Mavenlink is a leading project Management application for professional services businesses, that includes portfolio management, project accounting, project management and collaboration capabilities, as well as a comprehensive suite of commerce features, such as invoicing, payments, and integration with leading financial applications.

Mavenlink offers professional services automation software for superior visibility into every aspect of your business and projects. Mavenlink Premier is advanced software that helps businesses gain profitability by integrating all the needs of a professional services organization.

Mavenlink Premier is the total business solution that allows you to handle all aspects of your business, from initial project conception to project conclusion, in a centralized environment.

From a single platform, you can access advanced project management, financial management, resource management, analytics & reporting, and timeline management.

Mavenlink keeps projects moving on schedule and within scope, enabling businesses to better understand their productivity and improve business profitability.


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials


Advanced project management: collaborate better with team members and clients using activity feeds, task tracker, file sharing, and status updates
Financial management: accurately track time and expenses, bill and invoice, and integrate with QuickBooks
Timeline management: instant Gantt Charts show project timeline and indicate scope of project, keeping you on task for project delivery
Resource management: assign and allocate team members to projects, and use utilization reports to identify team member availability
Analytics and reporting capabilities: analyze revenue and margin projections with margin analysis features, work-in-progress reports, and job cost projections

Mavenlink User Reviews

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Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Mavenlink is not good

Verified Reviewer  1st of October 16:05

A verified reviewer
We used Mavenlink for a few months. We didn't like it. We were conned into thinking there was a feature but there wasn't. This caused problems for our Company. We were never given an apology or a refund.

Pros: If you need to share projects and files with clients but also want a record keeping software this is good. If you don't mind that your clients see the budget.

Cons: Customer Service is horrible. They lie to get money. No refunds. Too complicated to use easily.

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support


Verified Reviewer  16th of August 09:47

Varvara Konopassevich, MIB Candidate at HULT International Business School
Servise admires. Feedback is very fast and they fix problems right away! Very careful to customers feedback.

Pros: Customizable Very fast feedback Perfect service Well structured and simple to use Good educational seminars

Cons: Mostly focused on finance analysis

They started out good for the price.

Verified Reviewer  27th of June 16:07

Jodi Jahrling, Director of Operations at Mobloggy | Social Media & Internet Marketing
They started out good for the price. Now their customer service is subpar, their product has not evolved well, and they are charging more. Non-responsive, non-customizable dashboard. They lock you into a contract and quote user agreement when you question their changes and usability. Would never recommend to anyone.

Pros: integrates with Quickbooks

Cons: poor service, poorly evolved product, locked into a contract, no custom dashboard, raised their prices, non responsive site

Rating breakdown
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support

Response from Mavenlink

Jodi, thanks for being a Mavenlink customer for the past few years. It’s because of loyal customers like you that we’ve been able to grow at the rate we have and be recognized for our innovation by industry thought-leaders like Gartner.

We’re sorry that your recent experience with us didn’t hit the mark. Our goal at Mavenlink is to deliver class-leading SaaS solutions and services, and we believe in constant innovation (much of it driven by customer feedback) to get there. We will take your feedback to heart as part of our innovation and improvement efforts, and
hope to have the opportunity to better serve you in the future.

For now, since we have a line of direct communication with you, we look forward to further discussing your feedback and needs with you.

Thank you,

Zack Helvey
VP of Customer Success

I absolutely love this tool.

Verified Reviewer  22nd of May 14:30

Cory Mulhall, Regulatory Specialist/Business Developer at Vanguard Environmental, Inc.
The online Chat support is amazing and my projects flow perfectly. Finally a PM tool that makes TOTAL Business Sense. Thank you Lord and the developers of Mavenlink. I recommend this PM tool to everyone.

Pros: Everything. From building Projects to tracking issues. Adding team members with specific Permissions and have a mission control style cloud based tool where I can access it anywhere is GENIUS!!

Cons: I have not found any yet.

Not a good project management tool - errors in interface

Verified Reviewer  3rd of March 23:06

Alexi Calvo @alexitalks, 500 Startups Venture Capital Business Development Manager (San Francisco/Mountain View)
Support team does not help with errors in interface. It took 2 days to work out the issues. Not easy to use.

Response from Mavenlink

Thanks for reaching out Alexi. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with the Support team, as well as the application. Our mission is a laser focus on customers being successful in our application. If you don't mind we would love to connect with you to determine where we can help further.

Thank You!

- The Mavenlink Support Team

Very complete product and very good support all time !

Verified Reviewer  26th of February 12:24

Coordonateur de la production ( company, 2-10 employees)
I have searched a lot of Project Management tools, and finally choose Mavenlink. Very proud of using Mavenlink to manager our projects and collaborators !

Great live support

Verified Reviewer  3rd of November, 2014 23:02

Jacob Hoehne, Chief Creative Officer, Issimo Productions, inc.
We've just recently switched from Basecamp to Mavenlink. I had trouble linking my expense accounts from QuickBooks into Mavenlink. I didn't have much hope at 10 PM for the "Live Help" chat option, but I decided to click it anyway. I was surprised that Linda knew how to address my problem and even took me through steps I needed to do in QB to make it sync with Mavenlink. She was actually knowledgeable and not just reading off of their tech support page (which I had already scoured). My wife walked in as I was finishing the chat session. She said, "I've never heard you say anything positive about tech support." Nope. This is a first.

Pros: Shows me budgets of each project at a glance. Allows me to track hours and expenses against a project and not just a message board like Basecamp. Resource allocation is not the best out there, but it's buried in there if you want to find it.

Cons: It is not client friendly. We are not going to invite our clients to these projects. It's not a very easy interface for a casual user. That is the one place where Mavenlink suffers in comparison with Basecamp: images don't show up nor YouTube links.

Not impressed. Wasted money.

Verified Reviewer  6th of June, 2014 17:53

Nate Nordstrom, Founder @ BrandHoot & RochesterNow app; Ambassador at Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
Mavenlink has over-promised and under-delivered in a key way for my team. This has resulted in $1400+ being wasted on a tool that we will not use. We have gone back to our assortment of tools (Asana, Harvest, etc.) which work well even though they are disconnected from one another. My recommendation: do not buy Mavenlink. There are several examples of Mavenlink's failure. One would be the “Light CRM” feature which was promised to me in May by a sales person, and has been “coming soon” for several years (!) according to their team. The forum thread here: They repeatedly states that “it’s a priority” “coming 2nd quarter of this year (2012)” also again saying in 2012 that “A CRM integration and Light CRM within Mavenlink is on our roadmap for this year. We are working hard to release some very exciting enhancements and integrations as quickly as possible to our customer base. On the thread above, people left a comment on Sept. 22 2013 which sums up how I feel regarding the Mavenlink team’s promises and lack of delivery. October 3rd, 2013, Mavenlink says that “we are about to begin development…” Hmm, that was supposed to be happening in 2012. And we still have nothing.

Pros: Relatively good service. There were a few times that a support request took several follow ups to get any answer, but overall pretty good. The live chat support in the app is really nice. It was easy to "get started."

Cons: I've got a list of eight, but the review length is capped and won't let me type any more.


Verified Reviewer  18th of April, 2014 03:03

Shakhawat Hossain, Web Researcher at oDesk
Mavenlink strikes is perfect balance .It take balance between robustness and ease of use .It's a great thing.

I couldn't live without it!

4th of March, 2014 19:37

Kasim Aslam
Mavenlink strikes the perfect balance between robustness and ease of use. Adoption is easy and the ability to scale the platform to our specific needs is unbelievable. Mavenlink is far more than a project management system; it has literally changed the way we run our business.

Pros: Ease of use Scalability Robust architecture

Cons: Just sad that I didn't find it sooner.

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GetApp Analysis

Growing a business requires more than just a good strategy and a keen financial sense. It requires the right tools. Mavenlink is a cloud-based solution that combines advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial tools into a single platform. With detailed time tracking, expense management, and budget management features, business owners can improve both productivity and profitability.

Mavenlink’s integrated business and project management software enables businesses of all types and sizes to stay in control throughout the complete lifecycle of their projects. Service businesses can take advantage of enterprise-grade software, with advanced features for team collaboration, task management, file sharing, time and expense management, and Gantt timeline management.

What is Mavenlink?

At its core, Mavenlink is a tool for helping businesses focus on growth. The platform’s advanced project management, financial management, timeline management, resource management, and analytics and reporting features all serve the common purpose of enabling users to run their organizations with enterprise-level efficiency.

When businesses use Mavenlink, they’re able to work together with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Using the business management software’s emerging technology, organizations are able to run more effectively. This increase in performance output tends to boost profitability, which is always a desired side effect for businesses.

Main Features

Manage Multiple Projects

When it rains, it pours. Most business professionals are expected to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, without dropping the ball with regard to the important tasks and milestones that must be met to keep clients happy.

Create a new project to get started using Mavenlink, making sure to select whether you’re the provider or the customer in a given setup. You can use project templates to quickly populate a project’s tasks, or add tasks manually. Mavenlink gives you the option to add a due date for the project, and to invite key players within your organizations who are also responsible for working on the project. Only these colleagues will be able to see the details of the project that you have uploaded.

Collaborate with Teammates

Mavenlink centralizes and prioritizes conversations, activities, and tasks within a unified platform, which means business users can spend more time communicating with one another and less time struggling to stay organized.

Post a message in your Activity Stream to collect contributions from teammates who are working together with you on a project. Mavenlink gives you the option to view all your projects in a global feed or view projects individually in separate project feeds. In addition to posting written comments, you can also attach Google files or upload your own files within an Activity Stream.

Prioritize Tasks

Tasks are an incredibly important part of collaborative work, which is why Mavenlink developed a series of task management features for its users. Drag-and-drop prioritization allows companies to re-order tasks based on the level of importance or in order of due dates. Meanwhile, time and budgets are also tracked and reported on the task level.

Click on the Task Tracker tab to view the tasks that have been set up for a specific project you’re working on. In addition to creating basic tasks with due dates and tags, you can create subtasks that add granularity to project tasks and deliverables. Mavenlink allows you to sync your tasks into a convenient location with Google Tasks, as well.

Use Gantt Charts

Gantt charts allow businesses to create dependencies between tasks. The visual timelines that users create by enabling Gantt charts help organizations get a better handle on where various projects stand in relation to one another. Gantt charts are especially useful for identifying resources, tasks, and dates at the beginning of a project.

View your Gantt charts to quickly assess the status and progress of any project you’re affiliated with. From the Gantt View, you can define how two tasks are related to one another, and you can assign dependencies. When a project timeline or scope changes, Mavenlink’s “Cascade Changes” feature automatically adjusts all dependent tasks to reflect the changes that have been made.


Mavenlink offers a number of integrations with popular providers. The integrations most frequently taken advantage of by Mavenlink users are those with JIRA, Infusionsoft, FogBugz, QuickBooks Online, Google Apps, PayPal, Salesforce, and Zendesk.


In addition to a free trial plan, Mavenlink offers two tiers of pricing. Organizations that opt for Team accounts can expect to pay $4 per user, per month. Larger businesses will want to consider Premier accounts, with custom pricing options.

Bottom Line

  • Combines project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial tools.

  • Helps service businesses improve productivity and profitability.

  • Detailed time tracking, expense management, and budget management features.

  • Group collaboration encourages colleagues to stay on task.

  • Allocate resources to tasks and deliverables.

FAQs for Mavenlink

Below are some frequently asked questions for Mavenlink.

Q. What are the main features of Mavenlink?

Mavenlink offers the following features:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Task Management w/ Task Dependencies
  • Cross-project Task Management
  • File Sharing (SSL Security)
  • Cascading Changes, Critical Path & Percentage Complete
  • Task-level Budget and Time Estimates
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Invoicing Tool & QuickBooks Integration
  • Online Payments
  • Custom Project Team Names, Subdomain & Branding
  • Personnel Planning & Personnel Cost/Bill Rates
  • Project/Job Costing
  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Rate Cards & Budgeted Projects
  • Work in Progress Reports & Project Summaries
  • Margin Analytics
  • Time, Expense, and Invoice Reports
  • Accounts Receivable
  • SSL Security
  • Google and Email Integration

Q. How much does Mavenlink cost?

We have the following pricing information for Mavenlink:

Starting from: $19.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Q. Who are the typical users of Mavenlink?

Mavenlink has the following typical customers:

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does Mavenlink support?

Mavenlink supports the following languages:


Q. What type of pricing plans does Mavenlink offer?

Mavenlink has the following pricing plans:

Free Trial, Subscription

Q. Does Mavenlink support mobile devices?

Mavenlink supports the following devices:

Mobile Web App

Q. Does Mavenlink offer an API?

Yes, Mavenlink has an API available for use.

Q. What other apps does Mavenlink integrate with?

Mavenlink integrates with the following applications:

JIRA Software, Intuit Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Apps, Google Drive, PayPal

Q. What level of support does Mavenlink offer?

Mavenlink offers the following support options:

FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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