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The smart lead conversion solution for your sales process!

4.79/5 (24 reviews)

Tilkee overview

TILKEE is the smart lead conversion solution for your CRM.

With our unique predictive algorithm, we provide the data you need to make the follow-up process a science, adding intelligence to your sales process.

Using Tilkee, you’ll contact the right prospect, at the right time, for the right reasons, potentially boosting your closing rate to 100%. Tilkee can help you maximize your revenue today.

With Tilkee, you simply tag your business proposals (documents, presentations, videos and more) and easily email them to prospects. No attachments necessary—your prospects can access them all with just one click!
You are immediately notified when a prospect opens one of your proposals and you know exactly what documents have been read as well as how much time has been spent on each.

The documents you send can be opened on any Internet-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and laptops and with any browser your prospect chooses, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Our technology is non-intrusive and we don’t use cookies.

Tilkee is secure. Your documents are not visible to search engines and the link is only accessible by your selected contacts. We host your documents and related statistics but they belong to you.

Tilkee helps you qualify prospects and leads, saving you time so you that can focus your energy on hot prospects. With its unique and proprietary machine learning algorithm, our software scores a prospect’s interest in your documents. This score can help you predict future sales: the higher the score, the more likely you are to close the deal!

Tilkee can also help you identify which of your pages attracts the most interest. This information helps you optimize content, improve business strategies and measure your ROI page by page.


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Tilkee reviews


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3 reasons I really love Tilkee

Reviewed 2015-09-09
Review Source: Capterra

I'm using TILKEE for quite a while now and I love to work with this fantastic tool! Here's why: 1) TILKEE is smart! It's enables you to have faster results. As soon as your contact has clicked on its link and started to read your proposal or any other documents (testimonies, leaflet, etc.) you've let at this disposal, you'll receive an email with some relevant information which will ease your sales work! You'll know by now when you should call back your client. As you're saving time, you'll automatically increase ROI. TILKEE makes you more productive by boosting your sales and closing more deals. 2) TILKEE is intuitive and looks professional. You can use TILKEE even when you need to share professional marketing stuff (Power Point presentation, Prezi, video, etc.). With TILKEE, it's so easy. You don't need to think about where it is because you know it's in your TILKEE library. Goodbye, find + drag ' you'll never need to look for your communication materials and drag it from your PC/Mac into an email again! Plus customize your TILKEE with your company's logo and visual identity! Your TILKEE will look like your own web site. It's clean and professional. Proof by example, let's say you want to discover Apostrof : https://apostrof.eekl.it/v/360a389146 or https://apostrof.eekl.it/v/6cd0b93744. 3) Last but not the least: TILKEE is quite cheap especially for Small business like Apostrof. I've started to use TILKEE with a free trial for few months, then I was charged less than 10 ' a month. Having so much information on when my lead is hot and when I should call back my prospect, it's so valuable as a Sales Rep nowadays. Finally, I really know which part of my proposal is interesting my client and it's priceless!

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Cecile Nguyen

A helpful tool. The perfect personal Assistant.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-11-22
Review Source: GetApp

I like it a lot. Tilkee is realy user friendly. I helps me daily. Good tracking emails sent. It provides useful and powerful insights.

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Bastien Pruvost

Great tool to boost sales !

Reviewed 2015-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

Tilkee relies on a great idea which is to track the consultation of proposals you send to your prospects. Now that I use Tilkee, I am notified every time one of them checks a proposal, and I can call them at the right time, with the right information ! With this asset, plus the time I stopped losing by calling uninterested prospects (which I can now identify easily as well), I am way, WAY more efficient at closing deals. As a conclusion : Hurry up and try it !

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Useful if you know how to optimise it

Used weekly for free trial
Reviewed 2019-03-16
Review Source: GetApp

So it was a long time before I reached Tilkee. It's a tool that can be extremely useful to understanding your audience your customers and then really using the right ways to mortise if

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I'm completely satisfied with Tilkee. It is very easy to use.

Reviewed 2015-08-17
Review Source: Capterra

I use Tilkee everyday now. It helps me a lot when I must send business proposals with lots of documents. I have a dashboard that gives me the opening rates and time spent on each page. It's really useful in order to optimize my proposals. Furthermore I know exactly when to follow up on my prospects. Since I've been using Tilkee my success rate has increased and I can free more time for other tasks. I strongly recommend Tilkee for every sales person.

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Tilkee pricing

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Free trial available and no credit card required

● Free 14-day trial
● 1GB of document space per user
● White label available
● Compatible with Gmail, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
● E-signature
● Download management
● Automatic archiving
● Collaboration management
● Online and phone support

Tilkee features


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Additional information for Tilkee

Key features of Tilkee

  • Get detailed and reliable data
  • Receive real-time notifications when prospects open docs
  • Track the time prospects spend on each document
  • Use all major file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT and more)
  • Track the time prospects spend on each page
  • Track prospects’ downloads and shares
  • Import CSV contacts
  • Connect with third-party tools using available API
  • Include e-signature
  • Customize document access link
  • Use interest score to decide which leads to follow-up
  • Use PrediTilk to predict completed deals and future sales
  • Collaboratively create proposals
  • Generate reports on each team member’s performance
  • Benefit from automatic project archiving
  • Receive recommendations on follow-ups through reading stats
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● Tilkee streamlines prospecting emails. Email attachments aren’t necessary since users access your documents on Tilkee’s servers. You simply share the generated link.
● Access to documents is available on a wide range of devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops.
● Detailed reading statistics are available for every prospect and every proposal, covering information such as the number of connections made, time spent, internal distribution, downloads and more.
● Identification of exactly who is reading proposals through real time notifications.
● Generated interest score helps decide which leads to follow up with and when, improving closing rates.
● Easy integration using its publicly-available API lets Tilkee connect to a company’s current CRM and business intelligence tools.
● Tilkee offers white labeling. The links sent to prospects show your logo, your colors and your branding. Tilkee is behind the scenes.
● Prospects are not aware that their actions are being tracked, thus in compliance with applicable regulations.
● Sales teams can easily share proposals and related statistics.
● The PrediTilk algorithm has a 92% reliability rate. The generated score indicates a prospect’s interest level and the chances of closing a deal. Tilkee makes it possible to focus on the prospects who are the most likely to buy.
● Payment is accepted by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer.