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ShareFile overview

ShareFile offers a full suite of features to ensure the smooth and secure transfer of files and documents among your desired recipients. ShareFile can be integrated with your chosen 3rd party applications and current file storage systems to ensure flexible and synchronous file storage, modification, saving, sending and retrieval of files.

ShareFile accommodates the secure sending of large files, with the ability to send and receive files of up to 100 GB in size. Files are protected with up to SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption and are kept secure in SSAE 16 accredited datacenters. Regular backups and redundant power sources ensure your files are always safe and secure.

Exchange business files with clients through one custom-branded, password-protected secure space. ShareFile's graphic design team customizes your ShareFile site to match your logo and website. Collaborate on projects with shared access, viewing and modification rights on all manner of files.

Files can be accessed from any device, mobile or desktop, allowing you to work anywhere. You can add an e-signature feature to your chosen documents. ShareFile also provides tracking tools to give you valuable insights into who has received your files. Get notified when files are received.


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Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
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ShareFile reviews

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Michael Weyant

Beta tester turned daily user

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-06-29
Review Source: GetApp

I have a long history with Citrix. I beta tested the GoToAssist line of products. So they asked me to beta test the ShareFile product. In the beginning it was crap. I tried to upload my files (about 1 TB) and it croaked after 5 GB. I called support and they referred me to a company that was writing a migration tool. I beta tested that too. they asked for my honest opinion and I gave it to them. I told them Citrix should just fix their software and I shouldn't have to buy an extra tool to get my data into the cloud. Fast forward 2 years later, my Accountant tells me we are bleeding money paying for something we're not using (ShareFile) he said use it or dump it. So I download it again, started using it, uploaded my 1TB+ of data into it and was impressed. They have come a LONG way. I can even modify word documents and PDF's within the ShareFile client. Now they have an iOS app and droid app. I see improvements on a regular basis, like now they have a "save to sharefile" option on the iOS. This is Citrix after all they make good stuff. I am glad I stuck with them so long because now I have a grandfathered account type. It's coming along really well and I'm really happy I stuck with them. they used to support WebDav for windows integration, now they have a "Mapped drive app"iOS save to sharefile Easy to use interface progress bar when uploading files MODIFY DOCUMENTS in sharefile share a file/folder for a # of downloads share a file/folder for a # of days download notifications no sharefile account? no problem you can still see my files Ha Ha I FORCE you to create an account, to see me files because I can! (or because my regulations state I have to require individual accounts.)

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Tim Barber


Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-22
Review Source: Capterra

Well, after around 10 years of using Sharefile without any issues and only using customer support about 2-3 times we were told that the charges would be basically multiplying by ten times the amount and if we didn't like it, TOO BAD!!!! No negotiation, no warning period (don't consider a 30-60 window after being told you're screwed to quit service or pay a valid warning), no understanding, just "do this or else... don't like it, we don't care.... see ya later scrub." Very unprofessional and in my opinion can and maybe will break your company. With a marketing plan/ploy like that where you corner customers and then on top of that don't care about them in the slightest sense you are heading for disaster. I liked that it was affordable, easy to use, and we could do more if we wanted to. The actual log in and navigation was easy to use for the most part after some updates and the customer care used to be okay the few times I needed it.

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I deployed ShareFile on my platform

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-03
Review Source: GetApp

ShareFile is easy to use. The Outlook plug-in allows an easy way for customers to send secure files as well as secure emails with a few short clicks. Users are able to create their own folders and we share folders with our clients. There are templates for subfolders as well as retention periods for files. We are able to send attachments beyond Outlook's size limitations and ShareFile helps scan for potentially dangerous content. You can also control what network users access their ShareFile account. There are a lot of options available if you're looking to protect information that leaves your company.

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Levi Ferguson

Turned a file sharing mess into an easy to use hub for our plants.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-10
Review Source: Capterra

It cut down the time it took our workers to properly catalogue and upload video records. It also was easier to track down mis-labled records and put them where they needed to be. Having switched all our plants over to Sharefile, we are better able to view and respond to issues promptly. It's ease of use has left us with fewer errors in our documentation.The web interface was easy to pick up on. We migrated to Sharefile from another large file sharing site that was falling short in what we needed for our multiple plants. Sharefile gave a central space to the large amount of video files we use for inspections and documentation of various equipment that we own and lease. Having a central space to record and track all inspections was fundamental to our business needs. What impressed me most about Sharefile was the cleanliness of the website and the ease of use that it exemplifies. It took less than an hour to get all our workers on board with the how to use the site and catalog our files.

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Michael Carpenter

Great file storage and management that has grown along with our organization

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-15
Review Source: Capterra

Since jumping on board with ShareFile in 2012, the platform has grown along with our organization and has allowed us to reliably request, store and manage client advertising materials for our publication. It has also helped automate our internal and external communication processes regarding advertising material.One of our most-used features of ShareFile is setting up our clients with individual folders to allow them to upload and store their advertising creative. This is similar to FTP, but ShareFile allows us to receive notifications based on upload, download, etc on a per-folder and per-user basis. We also set it up to notify the client when their ad is downloaded by a member of our team, thereby completely automating the ad delivery process for our publication. The other great feature of ShareFile that we use is desktop app synchronization. This allows ads to be curated by our ad manager and delivered to our production team automatically.

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Chat (100 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (176 other apps)
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Customizable Branding (82 other apps)
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Search Functionality (147 other apps)
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#12 in Document Management

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Additional information for ShareFile

Key features of ShareFile

  • Desktop Widget with drag-and-drop
  • Customizable security settings
  • Outlook integration
  • Granular folder permissions
  • ShareFile Sync: real-time folder collaboration
  • Set-up support from customer care team
  • Custom reporting tools
  • Online folder creation
  • Custom branding to match your business colors
  • Custom permission/visibility settings
  • Audit trails & file version control
  • Up to 10 GB file upload
  • Servers in SSAE 16 accredited datacenters
  • Multi-device access (PC, Mac or mobile)
  • Right Signature integration for e-signature
  • Full text search within documents
  • Automatic file syncing with your computer
  • Tracking and email alerts for received files
  • Mobile app for phone and tablet
  • SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption and AES 256-bit encryption
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ShareFile Sync: This features means colleagues and clients can work together in the same folder in real-time. This removes the need to upload and download files.

Desktop Widget: The ShareFile desktop widget means you can access and manage shared files and folders without opening your browser. Use the drag and drop capability to move files from your desktop folders to ShareFile.

ShareFile ensures that all files sent or received are securely protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols.

Files resting on servers are protected with AES 256-bit encryption and are stored in one of 16 accredited datacenters. These centers feature hurricane-rated roofs and multiple redundant power sources.

Regular backups are performed on all data stored at the ShareFile data centers, as well as off-site data backups.

ShareFile mobile apps allow you to access files from any mobile device. You can also track account activity from your device, set expiration policies for the files you have saved in the mobile app, and remotely lock or wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

ShareFile's customizable settings allow you to set advanced user permissions. Multi-factor authentication ensures only the right clients and employees see your files.

ShareFile allows you to set-up custom syncing, scheduling and integration with your preferred 3rd party applications using the ShareFile Command Line Interface (SFCLI) and API.

ShareFile allows you to easily migrate clients using FTP for file transfer. Connect through a traditional FTP (port 21) or over an Implicit SSL/TLS connection (port 990).