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InputKit logo

InputKit, the best tool for an incredible experience.

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InputKit's mission is to help companies stand out from the competition by developing innovative software solutions.

With InputKit, get authentic feedback from your customers and employees to continoulsy improve your serivces. This will help you deliver the best experience possible!

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UserVoice logo

Build better products with intelligent product feedback

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UserVoice collects and organizes feedback from multiple sources to provide a clear, actionable view of user feedback.

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CleverTap logo

User Retention Platform for High-Growth Mobile Apps

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Use the right channel, device and message - all at the right time to engage efficiently and reduce time-to-value and time to monetization.

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Userlane logo

Instant software adoption, instant results.

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Userlane helps you automate user onboarding and support, and ultimately increase customer engagement and customer lifetime value.

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MeltingSpot logo

Customer Education Platform integrated to any product.

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We help B2B Saas companies, professional networks, VCs and franchisors activate customers 3x faster, cut support tickets by 50%, and build loyalty.

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Giftbit logo

Simple, powerful digital rewards and incentives software.

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Use Giftbit to buy, send & track digital gift cards to engage & reward your customers. Send individually or in bulk with our simple web-app. Prefer to automate? Integrate directly with our API or trigger via Zapier with the apps you already use!

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Engageware logo

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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Engageware Scheduler is the world’s leading Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling solution – serving businesses of all sizes – from the world’s largest retail, banking and technology organizations to thousands of small and midsize businesses.

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Cloud-based visual AI-powered customer engagement solutions.

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Powerfront offers an array of products enabling businesses to flawlessly replicate in-person experiences online, helping both the company’s own clients and their end-users to drastically improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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MoEngage logo

An Insights-led Customer Engagement Platform

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An intelligent Customer Engagement Platform that brings customer analytics, AI-powered optimization and personalization options to one place.

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Liveoak logo

We help you get virtual business done

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Liveoak is a virtual customer engagement and business platform that enables your representatives to connect, engage and complete work with customers in a seamless way.

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Boei logo

Customer engagement tool for managing online communications

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Boei is a customer engagement software that allows visitors to get in contact via their choice of social media platform by clicking a button. Installation is done with one line of HTML code placed in the body of a page. After the code is implemented, the button will be displayed on the site.

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Growave logo

Marketing app for Shopify

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Growave is an all-in-one Shopify marketing platform with powerful tools for photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and UGC.

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Influence logo

Social proof marketing software for businesses of all sizes

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Influence helps businesses track user activities, visitor traffic, sales trends, and other marketing data on a unified portal. The platform lets organizations display a variety of data like reviews, feedback, customer signups, sales, and more across websites via custom notifications in real-time.

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GoSquared logo

Subscriptions management software

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Award-winning software for subscription businesses to understand and engage with customers.

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Eltropy logo

Customer engagement software for the finance sector

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Eltropy is a customer communications management software designed to help businesses in the financial sector securely communicate with members. The platform enables managers to send personalized documents, manage in-house communication flows, and create branded content.

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Sumo logo

A free suite of tools for growing traffic on any website

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Easy to install on any website or CMS, Sumo is a suite of free app-like tools for growing website traffic, email subscriber lists and monitoring engagement

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Efficy CRM logo

Pay-less for more. Europe's most flexible CRM

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Known as Europe’s most flexible CRM, Efficy offers a completly customisable Customer Relationship Management solution. With us, you'll centralize your customer data, empower your employees, and grow your business.

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Gainsight CS logo

Customer success platform

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Gainsight CS is a cloud-based customer success platform that helps organizations streamline customer onboarding, retention, support, and more by analyzing the customer journey across multiple channels. Users can manage training & implementation of new operations via video tutorials & walk-throughs.

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CallPage logo

Website button & pop-up widget for automated call backs

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CallPage helps convert web-visitors into sales calls by providing immediate responses from company reps through a customizable button and widget

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Users also considered logo

The engine of growth. An all in one solution for user data.

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Increase conversion with a single tool for Sales, Support and Marketing. lets you automate any sales process with a simple drag&drop tool.

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Community SMS Marketing Platform logo

Cloud-based conversation platform for brands

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Community is a cloud-based conversational marketing platform that connects businesses with their audience via text messaging.

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Disciple logo


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Our interactive software drive 16x more engagement than typically seen on branded social media pages.

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Skilljar Customer Education logo

The leading LMS for Customer and Partner Training

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Skilljar is the leading external LMS to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and lower cost to support. The solution accelerates customer onboarding and engagement by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment and CRM data integrations.

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PropFuel logo

Cloud-based customer engagement platform for marketers.

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PropFuel is a cloud-based marketing automation platform, which helps businesses in construction, hospitality, marketing, technology, and other sectors create campaigns, conduct sentiment analysis, build landing pages, and send follow-up emails to clients. It provides several functionality including custom domains, artificial intelligence (AI), reporting, pre-made templates, event triggers, data collection, and more.

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