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EdApp is a free, mobile-first microlearning training LMS.

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EdApp overview

What is EdApp?

EdApp is a free, award-winning cloud-based mobile learning management solution, used to train thousands of teams - large and small across every industry all over the world.

Key built-in features include a completely free, editable content library full of world-class courseware contributed by industry leaders around the globe, and an integrated authoring tool, making it incredibly easy for anyone to create beautiful, interactive, and results-driven microlessons. This powerful authoring tool enables trainers to design custom lessons, add video, text, and images to lessons using drag-and-drop capabilities, and share content with team members. EdApp provides managers with insights into the impact of lesson duration, optimal sequence of templates, placement of questions, and average scores while selecting templates from the in-built library. What’s more, EdApp has a unique Canva integration, unlocking millions of images and graphics to create truly bespoke microlessons. EdApp’s PowerPoint conversion tools also quickly translates dated PPT training slides into beautiful, interactive, and modern lessons within minutes. With Google’s Machine Learning Cloud Translation Engine, EdApp seamlessly translates courses into over 100 languages within a few clicks and in record time.

EdApp also hosts user group management, along with gamification and real prizing to boost engagement and drive better results. EdApp's features also include custom push notifications, ensuring every team member completes the courseware, and social and peer learning which connects even the most dispersed teams with peer engagement, resulting in better learning. With the social learning feature, users can add comments on courses, submit ideas/suggestions, and communicate with team members. Progress reporting and analytics make it simple to track and assess data, with the ability to re-engage targeted learners.

Experience seamless integration with EdApp and third-party learning management systems including SABA, Cornerstone, EdCast, Zapier, SumTotal, and SAP.


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EdApp screenshot: EdApp's learning ecosystem.Educate All: EdApp & UNITAR Sky News Segment.EdApp screenshot: EdApp's microlearning-based, mobile-first LMS is delivered with mobile in mind and works on all devices, included desktop. Easily create and deploy beautiful, bespoke, and effective microlessons to cohorts within hours, not weeks.EdApp screenshot: EdApp's gamification tools allow you to quickly and effectively gamify training by adding learning material to existing templates. EdApp has over 50 templates to choose from for fun and interactive learning.EdApp screenshot: EdApp offers prizing and real rewards, enabling direct recognition. Determined by you, distribute prizes based on course completion, performance, or usage. Incentivise learners from within the platform with gift certificates to boost learning results.EdApp screenshot: EdApp's mobile-first, cloud-based authoring tool is powerful and easy to use. It requires no prior technical or design knowledge to create beautiful, interactive, and effective microlessons. Use as standalone or integrated (SCORM).EdApp screenshot: EdApp's analytics suite provides you with a rich variety of insights into learner behaviour including usage, course completion, and performance. Analytics can be broken down into groups or individual learners for detailed reporting.EdApp screenshot: EdApp's algorithm spaced repetition feature, Brain Boost, automatically creates interactive lessons based on previously learned content. This encourages retention until it is locked into the learners' longterm memory.EdApp screenshot: Make use of EdApp's free library of world-class courseware that is fully editable. Contributed by some of the world's most reputable brands, learn about gender equality from UNITAR, food sustainability from Marley Spoon, and more.EdApp screenshot: Leaderboards are a great way to increase engagement and course completion rates. Whether it's individuals or groups, leaderboards encourage the best performers to try harder while encouraging strugglers to do better.EdApp screenshot: In partnership with Google, EdApp's cloud-based translation tool is the first of its kind. Translate courses with accuracy into over 100 languages with a few clicks and within minutes.EdApp screenshotEdApp Loves CanvaTransform your PowerPoint presentations into beautiful microlessonsEd Microlearning, simpler and smarter workplace learning.
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•Starter Plan: $1.95/user
•Growth Plan: $4.95/user
•Plus Plan: $5.95/user
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•Core Plan: $99/month
•Team Plan: $299/month
•Global Plan: $499/month

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EdApp’s powerful authoring tool is easy to use, quick to deploy, and full of built-in features including cloud-based translation, Canva integration, and PowerPoint conversion. Automatically translate your courseware into over 100 languages with the click of a few buttons in just minutes, create bespoke graphics to add to your courseware, and track learning results through analytics.