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Sage People logo

Enabling HR to build a high-performing global workforce.

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Sage People empowers HR to build a high-performing, global workforce that can handle future changes and stay ahead of the competition. Align talent with business strategy & deliver great workforce experiences that support a diverse culture through enterprise-grade, highly configurable HR technology.

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iStratgo logo

Cloud-based human capital management solution

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iStratgo is a cloud-based human capital management solution designed to help small to large enterprises manage performance, people, expenses, rewards, leave, talent, and timesheets. The platform enables managers to view and store documents in PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint format.

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Sorwe logo

Sorwe Employee Experience and People Analytics Platform

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Sorwe is an end-to-end employee experience and people analytics platform for engaging, retaining and growing inclusive teams.

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HR Neeti logo

Let's maximise your human capital

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Designed for Organizations (>1000 employees) who face issues in managing distributed and complex workforce structures & processes. High growth companies looking to TRANSFORM the HR function, rather than just Digitize, with a suite of RPAs to achieve 100% HR Process Automation.

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JOP logo

OKR software for tracking business growth via analytics

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JOP (Joy Of Performing) is a SaaS solution that catalyzes growth for organizations and people. JOP partners with organizations and leaders that are willing to break the old rules in search of performance. It helps companies foster a working environment where teams perform at their best potential.

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Rankmi logo

The all in one HR Platform.

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Rankmi is the leading 360º software for the automation of human capital processes in Latin America, which offers the most complete, robust and secure all-in-one platform on the continent, covering each of the stages of the collaborators' life cycle.

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10xWinners OKR logo

OKR Software

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10xWinners is OKR software that helps businesses set, track, and achieve objectives and key results with customizable templates, automated reminders, and data visualization. It enables data-driven decision making and optimized operations for long-term growth and success.

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Emply logo

Web-based applicant tracking software

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Emply is a cloud-based employee hiring platform for businesses to find, screen and hire new people for their organizations

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iRevü logo

Employee recognition software

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iRevü is an employee engagement software designed to help businesses give, receive, and track all stages of real-time feedback. The platform enables managers to design and run interactive surveys and highlight the important feedback trends on a unified interface.

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WoCo logo

People & Payroll

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WoCo is a new-age HRTech software that automates mundane HR processes for SMEs and enables businesses to focus on employee engagement & performance improvement. WoCo simplifies Core HR, Time & Attendance, Dynamic Shifts, ESS, Compliances, Payroll & productivity.

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Workboard logo

The Enterprise Results Platform

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WorkBoard is an enterprise-class OKR solution that unlocks growth by making alignment and accountability remarkably easy.

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PatPat360 logo

A New Engagement Model: Beyond Performance Evaluation

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PatPat360 is a performance management platform designed for leaders, teams, and HR professionals. It fosters employee engagement and productivity with continuous feedback, OKR, innovative micro-incentives and more.

PatPat360 is the only European software recognized by among the best OKR tools.

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Talent Snapshot logo

Performance management for small to mid-size businesses.

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Talent Snapshot is an online performance management solution designed for small to mid-size businesses. Companies can easily manage the employee lifecycle - from onboarding to retirement - with competency-based assessments, development planning, coaching, reporting, built-in workflow and more.

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Weekly10 logo

Engagement & performance tech built for people not just HR

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Make it easy for your people and their managers to stay aligned through the Weekly10 check-in.

Your people feel heard and are given space to reflect, recognise others’ work and ask for help. Your managers have the tools to support their people's development. And HR gets complete visibility.

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Workzoom logo

All-in-one people management software

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Workzoom is the all-in-one HR, Talent, Workforce, and Payroll solution that helps you consolidate and automate your people management.

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BPM Link logo

The Employee Driven Performance Tool Employees WANT to Use

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Intuitive. Progressive. Engaging. BPM Link uniquely connects each member of your team to the strategic direction of your company. Whether your team is remote, in-person or hybrid, this platform supports clear expectations, facilitates strategic conversations and allows every voice to be heard.

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Humanforce logo

Making work easier and life better

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Humanforce offers a leading HCM suite for frontline and flexible workforces, providing configurable WFM, HR, Payroll, and Wellbeing solutions without compromise. Established in 2002, with 2300+ customers and 600K users worldwide, it serves mid-large enterprises.

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Human resources software

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HRWORKS specializes in offering solutions for employee time attendance, payroll, onboarding, and recruiting. HR WORKS provides compliance with GCC labor laws and tax regulations, it is designed for multi-lingual inputs.

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Kin HR logo

Kin is easy-to-use HR software for small businesses

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Kin is human resources (HR) software designed for small businesses of all types. Kin offers features for managing employee data and files, gathering and managing feedback and employee performance reviews, onboarding new hires, and tracking time off, all from one cloud system.

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Sympa logo

Creating a smoother HR ride for companies across the world!

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Sympa delivers a smoother HR ride for people building a better world of work. We give global organisations a unified view of their people data through unparalleled connectivity. From hire to retire, Sympa supports smart decision-making and helps automate routine HR tasks.

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AlexisHR logo

Alexis complete HR platform for small & medium businesses

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Alexis All-In-One HR platform is a cost-efficient and complete solution for small & medium businesses. It helps simplify and automate HR administration across the organization and solve tasks from the initiative chatbot experience in Slack & Teams while master data is stored in one place.

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Skilo logo

Cloud-based talent & human resources (HR) management system

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Skilo is a a people management solution for HR departments of all sizes keen to streamline and simplify talent acquisition, employee development and retention

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VirtlX 360° Success Management logo

360° success management & employee engagement platform

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VIRTLX provides essential data which helps our clients increase business efficiency and boost revenues

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Deltek Talent Management logo

Cloud-based talent management solution for recruiters.

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Deltek Talent Management is a cloud-based solution, which helps midsize and large businesses manage their workforce via requisitions management, training, continuous feedback, and more. Recruiters can utilize the platform to find and recruit talented candidates within an organization or from outside, provide opportunities for ongoing development, and seamlessly manages all human resources needs.

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Agile HR logo

Talent management solution with applicant tracking features

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Agile HR offers a suite of talent management solutions, across four core modules for applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management & Human Resource IT

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