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Loyalty Management Platform for Fashion and Retail

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Antavo Pricing

Starting from: $1500.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

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Antavo Pricing Reviews

  • They not only have a great customer service, but also seems to be better than other solutions out there. Antavo excels both in customer acquisition and engagement.LGRead the full review
  • Sleeek and treandy to use, makes us feeel good and warmth. Loved to use it daily antavo application is must.Dhaval Patel - G.Read the full review
  • I am a big fan of the platform because of its ease of use.Wahid RouhliRead the full review
  • Not sure about Windows and Blackberry. But this sucks when you are paying $249 / Month.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
  • I also tried Contest Domination. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the promotion, I tested it only to learn that it was crap.Daniel D.Read the full review
  • My problems with Antavo are as follows. The Antavo dashboard doest load at all on phones.Verified ReviewerRead the full review
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2 reviewers had the following to say about Antavo's pricing:

jm s

Really effective

Reviewed 2014-03-01
Review Source: GetApp

Antavo is your only sensible choice - so cheap, but so effective.

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Antavo - Piece of Crap!

Reviewed 2015-02-09
Review Source: GetApp

Antavo - What should I say? I'am horribly disappointed. I'am on the expert plan trial (2nd day). Have set up a photo contest. My problems with Antavo are as follows: 1) The Antavo dashboard doest load at all on phones. So, you cannot manage your campaign on the move. Better carry your desktop or laptop with you wherever you go. 2) In the "photo contest" app, the "upload file" link does not trigger anything on Android devices. It's a dead link. Nothing happens! I ran the photo contest for 2 days just to see there were no participants. It works on the microsite though. Also works on laptop and iOS. 3) On the website they mentioned about "email+phone support" for the "Expert" plan. But I do not find any contact number anywhere. 4) So, the phone support is available only when the trial is over and once you pay?? What's the point of free trial at the first place? HORRIBLE!!

1) Good email options 2) Customization of the contest pages is pretty simple 3) The mechanism and rule settings is nice.

1) Antavo dashboard doesn't load on mobile devices, so forget about campaign management on hand-held devices. 2) Lots of bugs: Upoad file doesnt work when users try uploading pictures from their Android devices. Not sure about Windows and Blackberry. But this sucks when you are paying $249 / Month. 3) Pricing page says "phone support" available. But no phone number is available anywhere on the site or emails. 4) According to some reviews I've read online, the phone support is available after the free trial, once you pay $249. What a JOKE!!

Response from Antavo

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedbacks and we are sorry for the inconveniences that you may have experienced by using our service. We would like to reflect on your points, as we couldn't get in touch immediately due to the weekend in general and the time zone differences:

1) Mobile compatibility of the Antavo platform: So far we have prioritized the mobile compatible performance of our apps, so campaign subscribers have a seamless experience on various devices. Of course, we know that its also important for our clients to monitor their campaigns’ performance whenever and wherever they wish. It’s in our development pipeline as a priority.

2) An uploading issue on Android devices: This is unfortunately out of our control, a noted Facebook bug that we have already flagged to them several times. The key point is that Facebook’s own "browser", which automatically opens links doesn't allow file uploads. For iOS we have a temporary workaround, but not for Android which is more difficult to manage.

3) Phone Support: Our support has been rated outstanding so far. As our product is globally available, we prefer email communication due to the time zone differences. However, we do pick up the phone when is needed. That is the reason why you should leave your phone number in your profile settings.

4) Free trial: during this 7-day validation period you can even request a free demo from us. We usually schedule these calls to the weekdays.
Please note that we take support very seriously and you can reach out to us @ anytime. This also leaves with you the option to schedule a call if you wish to.

Look forward to talking to you.

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