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Easy Insight is a fully featured business intelligence application that allows you to economically achieve the ability to gain an insightful overview of total business operations. With this overview, businesses can hone in and analyze data to find key information specific to their different business units—discovering how they can improve marketing campaigns, achieve better sales conversion rates, and drive better development processes. Running in the cloud, Easy Insight is securely accessible anytime – anywhere, using popular mobile and commercial devices.


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Easy Insight screenshot: Overview section of dashboard for InsightlyEasy Insight screenshot: Overview section of dashboard for BasecampEasy Insight screenshot: Overview section of dashboard for Pivotal TrackerEasy Insight screenshot: Quarter over Quarter section of dashboard for Highrise.Easy Insight screenshot: Overview section of dashboard for Highrise.

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Sean Miller

Excellent Reporting Tool

Reviewed 2014-06-04
Review Source: GetApp

There are a lot of CRMs out there but few as simple and intuitive as Highrise. Unfortunately, we almost didn't use it because it lacks any reporting capabilites. Also, the majority of plugins out there don't allow for much reporting beyond just simple sales pipelines that just end up making you have to enter information in two different systems. By chance though I stumbled on Easy Insight and used their free trial. My superiors and I were blown away! Not only did it provide the classic sales pipeline that everyone expects, but thanks to their helpful and friendly staff I was able to build custom reports for each of my executives. We have pipelines, quarterly reports, reports by sales rep, upcoming project reports and even a report that calculates estimated server loads due to upcoming projects. The great thing is that once I build these reports I don't have to log in to easy insight to update them. They will automatically import data from your CRM and allow you to automate them so that they email themselves to your managers and execs at any time on any day. This means as long as your CRMs data is kept current you aren't doing double work managing a reporting plugin and your CRM constantly or manually creating reports. This has allowed me to provide powerful reporting capabilities while still keeping a simple CRM for my sales people so they aren't doing tons of data entry but rather spending their time doing what generates revenue: building and maintaining relationships with clients. It even interfaces with a number of CRMs so even if you are using something more robust like Salesforce I would give it a try you might be surprised. This is a really exceptional product. Staff is friendly and helpful, constantly making improvments and changes to meet the needs of clients. Easy insight is a very powerful and flexible tool; your ability to create specialized reports is only limited by your imagination.

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McKay Salisbury

Basically any customized report is possible with Easy Insight.

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-08-08
Review Source: Capterra

Knowing exactly what was going on in our business and being able to pull exactly the data we want.The software is very customizable. You really can do all kinds of things to customize your reports that use your existing data. It is super convenient to be able to pull information straight from your other cloud-based software in your business. As long as you have good data, your reports will turn out well. It really helps you to watch key metrics that are important in your business.

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Pete Hayes

A Must Have

Reviewed 2014-06-19
Review Source: GetApp

We use Hubspot as our web platform (marketing automation, CMS, etc.) and HighriseHQ for our CRM. Finding Easy-Insight saved us from upgrading our CRM. We can do incredible analysis and auto-report generating. This week, I wanted to report on the status of our sales funnel...and I had the PPT slides built in 10 minutes because the data was already waiting for me in an Easy Insight report (counts of leads in what stages of the funnel). Lastly, technical support has been responsive and helpful. This is perhaps the most useful and high ROI spend in my online marketing budget.Speed. Simplicity. Support. Auto-report distribution. Price.

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Good little reporting tool

Reviewed 2014-06-19
Review Source: GetApp

We use Easy Insight for a couple of applications and it works quite well. It is fairly easy to use and allows you to schedule reports to be sent to you automatically, which is a big time saver! The Easy Insight folks are very friendly and have always gone over and above to make us happy and get us the reporting data we are looking for. Great customer service. Easy to use, works with a lot of applications.

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Zach Berke

Easy Insight is Essential Glue + Analytics for SaaS

Reviewed 2014-06-20
Review Source: GetApp

We're using EI, along with Zapier and IFTTT, to glue together the SaaS tools that run our business. EI provides essential business metrics for us, and allows us to expose some otherwise hidden data to our customers.Flexible. Supports lots of services and when combined with ZAPier can support just about anything with an API. James provides great personalized support.

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Easy Insight pricing

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Easy Insight provides a tiered subscription model starting at $50/month. Tiers depend on the amount of storage/volume, functionality, and support required.

Easy Insight features

Business Intelligence
Customizable Reporting
Data Filtering
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Drag & Drop Interface
Graphical Data Presentation
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Reporting
Reporting & Statistics
Visual Analytics

Activity Dashboard (91 other apps)
Ad hoc Reporting (63 other apps)
Charting (69 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (43 other apps)
Dashboard Creation (77 other apps)
Monitoring (64 other apps)
Real Time Data (65 other apps)
Third Party Integration (57 other apps)

Additional information for Easy Insight

Key features of Easy Insight

  • Effortlessly integrate data from a wide variety of systems
  • Design clear, concise, and stylish reports in a few clicks
  • Get the reports and dashboards you need without involving IT
  • Schedule recurring emails of your customized reports
  • Take advantage of prebuilt reports and dashboards on demand
  • Embed your reports and dashboards into external sites
  • Connect instantly and get building, no need to talk to sales
  • Extract data from spreadsheets, databases, and APIs
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Easy Insight gets you building clear, concise, and stylish reports immediately when you need them. By eliminating the exorbitant expenses, time consuming sales pitches, and site complexity that hinders other traditional business intelligence applications, Easy Insight is a simple solution that will help you make better business decisions.

Small and medium businesses can quickly achieve visibility across their enterprise at no initial cost, paying only for what they need. Easy Insight is extremely user friendly, and clients can create a variety of customizable status reports with ease utilizing Easy Insight’s drag and drop report builder. Users also enjoy a built-in library of report, and dashboard templates that are available on demand.