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SharePoint overview

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web application platform that offers a set of tools to provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration and social networks. As an enterprise information portal, SharePoint allows users to create a centralized, password protected space for document sharing.

Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. It can be used to store, organize, share & access information from almost any device; all that's needed is a web browser. Previously an internal content management product, Microsoft SharePoint now features web content management capabilities for the management of external website content. Designed to enhance user-productivity, SharePoint supports features such as notifications and approvals, plus lists and libraries.

Deep integration with Office allows users to start co-authoring a document on one device and finish co-authoring it on another. Users can then can select from a variety of tools to annotate, highlight, and comment on it. Find any file quickly with powerful search and discovery tools, and then get intelligent insights about it, such as how many people viewed or shared it.

SharePoint powers sharing and collaboration on the intranet. Users can broadcast their message and drive communications or share resources and news with their teams and organization, as well as build sites and portals that engage people, connecting them to expertise, content, actionable insights and collective knowledge. Drive organizational efficiency by sharing applications that streamline processes, and build communities of interest or practice.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 5 other markets, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech and 22 other languages, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Taiwanese, Thai
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SharePoint reviews

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Harsha Vardhan

The Future Software Point of Sharing a Perfect Collaborative Tool to make an Awesome Organization!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

+ Creating a new SharePoint site/app/directory is very easy and manageable. Users need to request the access before using the website or owner can manage how and whom to give what permission level of access on each site. + We could inherit permissions from top level site or we can manage permissions separately to each individual sub sites. + Permissions on each document level! Jaw Dropping feature of genius. + It has a plenty amount of features to choose from and you can customize each app to fit your business needs. + You can also add sandbox solution based or script based jssor/jsom apps to each SharePoint site. + Very easy to share files and information across our organization. + Perfect for document management and storage system for employees of many locations. Syncing the SharePoint content is a nice feature. + Uploading/Checking in thousands of documents at one click with the help of explorer is definitely something special. + Connecting SharePoint calendars to your Outlook calendar will make your work life easy. + SharePoint Designer, Info path, Nintex, K2 all are bonus to have for OOTB Workflow configurations. + Content management Checkin, Checkout, Publish, Approve/Reject features are nice features to have on each document. + Not only Search, You can even do Filters among search results. + Not only Filters, You can do Best Bets on search results. + What is more, All search results are very fast across the whole website.

A humble advice to Microsoft SharePoint team! since we can't host External websites on cloud, It will be good if they come up with Team Communication sites, Forms apps within On Premises. Comments from Anonymous users on our SharePoint Blogs: If we have the ability to get comments/likes from anonymous users outside our organization it would be helpful for organizations which are depending on SharePoint On Premises version because of PPI (Personal Protected Information) data. In Overall, There isn't anything to dislike about it, to be honest it is everything we've expected it to be.

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Karla Geldmacher

Sharepoint is very robust but more than many small businesses need

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-07-16
Review Source: Software Advice

I currently use it to archive old client data. I have found One Drive to be easier for me work with for current files.

I like Sharepoint for being a secure location to have all your documents in one place in the cloud. And I like the ability to share documents via a link with both team members and outside parties. I like the ability to use metadata tags to facilitate searching for documents.

I find it hard to set up and did not find it to be very user friendly. It is not easy to get assistance or guidance as to the best approach in the setup. We were told by our consultant NOT to use a folder structure, but a Microsoft employee told me that was not good current advice.

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Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Ross Moshell

Misses The Mark

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-09
Review Source: Capterra

We had hoped that Sharepoint would offer the cloud-to-local sync functionality and performance of Dropbox, but with integration with Office and Excel. In reality, its bugs and inconsistent syncing make it a highly frustrating and a miserable experience for our staff. Dropbox offers some Office and Excel integration and in our testing its simpler and works more consistently. We will be switching to Dropbox Enterprise within the next few months. This is sad, because Sharepoint comes "free" with our Office and Excel licenses, so it just ends up being something we paid for in the bundle price that will sit on the shelf.

SharePoint integrates with Office and Excel, which are tools we use regularly. It serves as a cloud-based central file store, and you can open files from it via the web browser or use its sync utility to sync the files locally similar to Dropbox. When it works as intended, it's a passable experience.

There are daily failures by Sharepoint that add up to a miserable user experience. The biggest issue is the sync utility. On a daily basis there are problems with local changes syncing back to the cloud, or cloud changes syncing locally. We work on Macs, which I suppose is understandable that our platform wouldn't be as well-supported, but we do pay the same money that Windows users do. The integration with Finder is passabe, but the icons for "synced" or "up-to-date" are not always accurate. Also, the utility that shows you what is syncing is not always accurate. I can save a file locally and watch that utility and I see no sign that my change is syncing to the cloud. On a weekly basis, we have a user open a file from the web browser only to discover that some other user had saved a version of the file that never synced. Also, the web browser file views frequently load folders with empty file lists, you have to refresh to see the files, which is just problems with basic usability.

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Likelihood to recommend: 2/10

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Guadalupe Pantoja

Share point user

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-06-11
Review Source: Capterra

It has been great. I work with colleagues in several states and sharepoint helps us share documents easily

working in the insurance industry and in several states, sharepoint makes it easy to share documents securely

It can get a little cumbersome trying to find different files and sheets. I would prefer an easy way to find files shared with me.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Chirag Shukla

Great for document management, scary as a platform

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-02-18
Review Source: Capterra

SharePoint existed in all organizations I worked for. Although IT was responsible for SharePoint, IT would rather not want to do anything with it. SharePoint just induced indiscipline from users. Strict governance was the only way, we found, that SharePoint would stay maintainable. SharePoint is touted as a platform for development. We built help desk, order management system and several other projects. The cost of creating them was low but the cost of maintaining them was very high, and frustrating. Eventually, we moved all mission critical items off of SharePoint and never looked back. Workflows are powerful. They can be useful when they work and painful when they break. Some workflows worked without a problem throughout their lifetime and some broke frequently with hard-to-debug error messages. Workflows weren't easily to build, maintain and version control. Microsoft Flow appears to be a decent solution. It may be best to pay for a dedicated automation-user account and build Flow with that user. APIs are powerful. If you are used to Stripe, Twitter and Google APIs, you will not be happy with SharePoint APIs. But, you could make APIs work to your benefit. It's really hard to find great examples of API usage in different programming languages. The best use cases we found for SharePoint were document management that was not connected to core systems, calendaring for pot luck and other such events that aren't mission critical.

SharePoint's document management and version control is really nice. Creating documentation in the form of Site Pages or Web Pages is so easy. It can help an organization create a document management system. Workflows and alerts surrounding document libraries is very convenient also. SharePoint integrates with other software in the Microsoft ecosystem very well, making it easy to adopt.

SharePoint becomes an absolute mess and a nightmare at some point in time. It is easy to start with. So, users in an ungoverned, unmonitored SharePoint ecosystem will create objects all over the place, create permissions/groups willy-nilly, create lists and document libraries with individual permissions etc. One way or the other, it ends up being an absolute disaster. In order to have a great SharePoint ecosystem, it has to be very well-governed, well-organized and permissions should be sanely managed. It's just a lot of work.

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Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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SharePoint features

Access Control
Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Collaboration Tools
Collaborative Workspace
Document Management
Drag & Drop Interface
File Management
Search Functionality
Third Party Integration
Workflow Management

API (319 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (190 other apps)
Customizable Branding (169 other apps)
Document Storage (221 other apps)
Permission Management (196 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (139 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options
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Additional information for SharePoint

Key features of SharePoint

  • Extranet & Web content management
  • Identity management
  • Document sharing
  • Social feeds & collaboration
  • Groups & communities
  • OneDrive
  • Mobile access
  • Deep integrations with Microsoft Office & more
  • Interactive reports
  • PowerPivot
  • Website builder
  • Risk management
  • Co-author in real time
  • Custom enterprise search
  • Advanced DLP capabilities
  • Email hosting
  • Custom email domain addresses
  • Desktop versions of Office 2016 applications
  • Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Knowledge management
  • Highlighting
  • Annotating
  • Pages
  • Lists
  • Libraries
  • Data tracking
  • Announcements
  • PowerApps
  • Personalized news
  • Activity tracking
  • Alert configuration
  • Collaborative review
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Communication management
  • Compliance management
  • Contact history
  • Content library
  • Content management
  • Custom forms
  • Data extraction
  • File synchronization
  • Data visualization
  • File management
  • File transfer
  • Forms management
  • History tracking
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Partner portal
  • Projections
  • Records management
  • Search functionality
  • Secure data storage
  • Third party integration
  • Video streaming
  • Video support
  • Workflow management
  • Visual designer
  • Feedback management
  • Feedback collection
  • Data storage management
  • Chat
  • Online video-conferencing
  • Approval process control
  • Vacation tracking
  • Remote document access
  • Deadline tracking
  • Business process automation
  • Remote access
  • Task management
  • Contact management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Self service portal
  • Project management
  • Commenting
  • Site mailbox
  • Time off requests
  • Graphical workflow editor
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Connect with employees across the enterprise. Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas, find answers, discover insights & engage in discussions with experts.

Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards.

SharePoint provides powerful controls that allow IT departments to manage time, costs and risks.

Visualize data using SharePoint's PowerView tool before exploring and combining it with alternately sourced data using PowerPivot.

Store, synchronize, access and share your documents across devices with 'OneDrive for Business' which also allows for public/private file sharing.

SharePoint's multi-step upgrade process enables organizations to upgrade servers without impacting users.

Organize information, people and projects from a single location.