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Who is For? serves thousands of small business owners. The customer support software was built with the mission to give small and mid-size companies access to the same quality of customer support tools as their larger competitors.

The software also encourages your customers themselves to take on some of the work by designing the self-service support centers in a way that encourages customers to discover solutions to their queries without the need to contact an agent. The self-service support center features FAQ's and other documented resources to help your customers help themselves. These centers can also be customized to fit your brand by using CSS and HTML.

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Starting from: $20.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Standard Plan
$20/month per agent billed annually
$25/month per agent month-to-month

Pro Plan
$60/month per agent billed annually
$75/month per agent month-to-month

Business Plus Plan
$100/month per agent billed annually
$125/month per agent month-to-month

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Key Features of

  • Get up and running with a help desk solution in minutes
  • Bring all your support channels together into one inbox
  • Case management with automations, workflows, routing tools
  • Productivity tools, pre-canned responses, and bulk editing
  • Customized self-service centers that are mobile-optimized
  • Detailed business dashboards for fast decision making
  • Collaborate & respond to cases on-the-go with the mobile app
  • Multilingual support with 7 languages
  • Integration w/ apps like Salesforce, JIRA, MailChimp, Slack
  • Flex pricing so everyone log can into Desk during busy times
  • Easily scale with Service Cloud as your business grows

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
This will ask you to sign in with LinkedIn Overview is the all-in-one support app that keeps customers happy. Start in a matter of hours; then, watch grow with you as your business needs become more complex. makes connecting multiple support channels from social outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, to more traditional channels like phone, chat, and email simple. has the best integration with Salesforce on the market which means that your sales and service teams are always in sync. gives users the ability to set up self-service support with knowledge bases for multiple brands so that users have access to 24/7 support.

Connect channels, use productivity tools to answer cases quickly, and collect valuable metrics via reporting and dashboards to continue to improve your processes. Providing fast, awesome customer service has never been easier.

Thousands of companies, like Munchery, Hailo, and Vimeo use to power their support teams. Accelerate your growing business by starting a trial today at


Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish
Support Options
FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials


* intelligent agent console
* faster case resolution
* mobile-optimized self-service support
* intuitive reporting and dashboards
* easy integration with other systems
* whole company support Reviews & Ratings

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Customer support

Awesome support, good app!

Verified Reviewer  18th of September, 2015

A verified reviewer
I have used for a while but I was unaware there was a mobile app. I like this app, primarily because of its flexibility dealing with the helpdesk. The interface is very simple, so there is no learning curve I've noticed. It also features push notifications so that you can quickly respond to any incoming ticket. Then her face, like I said is simple, which also can present its problems. I wish you had more advanced features. Though, I must give it credit: it can sort by tags, and much much more than other competitor apps in customer support.

Pros: The app has a sleek design, it is easy to use, and there is no learning curve. The push notifications immediately provide an update to you that an incoming ticket needs a reply. The assignment and tagging features are integrated and work nicely.

Cons: The app seems a bit too simple. I wish it had more administrative side features. The app sometimes double posts if you hit submit too many times.

Rating breakdown
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used

Less than 6 months

Changing Emoticons one Case at a time

Verified Reviewer  28th of May, 2015

I really love the ease of setting up and my Agents love the user interface!

Desk is almost there!

Verified Reviewer  25th of April, 2015

Desk, or as we call it Salesforce Jr. is a great tool that just needs a little bit more work to get there. There are many great features, from the New Business Insights and Classic Agent. The Next Gen still needs a bit of work to catch up. It is a great tool that is growing quickly.

Pros: The ability to quickly and simply respond to cases.

Cons: Business insights needs to update more often, it is also seems to go under a lot of maintenance. .

save your team time and give agents the context they need

24th of February, 2014

If you want to blow your customer away, make sure that reps can easily access a customer’s entire lifecycle. shows users complete profiles for customers that includes their contact info, history, and the identities of everyone who’s helped them in the past. On-hand histories save your team time and give agents the context they need to know if the customer’s complaint is a repeat issue, and how it was handled in the past

best I have ever used

9th of October, 2013

Vern Barlow
The Help Software is the best I have ever used. At the customer support team helped me step by step even with a standard issue that was common they helped me get through. Thank You for being out there

Pros: support team

A long ways to go

9th of February, 2013

Desk does some things great, and some things really badly. Having come from managed services, I am used to more granular reporting and report customization. With desk, report formulas don't always make sense, and there are no custom reporting options other than api. So simple reports like, "Tickets per Company" require me to export and run. The desk interface is pretty locked down; I can't change the case status from anything other than new, open, pending, resolved.

This app has helped us understand our business.

4th of November, 2012

Desk has enabled us to significantly cut down our customer service time. I'm not able to provide a delta because until we started using desk, we had no way to actually track our customer service data. Now we can see exactly how much time we're spending on customer service and look for opportunities to improve. Being able to quickly modify the knowledge base for FAQ's has also been a major time saver. The only thing that we're missing with desk is the ability to integrate it with our backend customer database. I believe they will get their eventually though. At that point, I would give it a 5 star rating.

Poor Sales, Poor Support

11th of August, 2012

I called twice during business hours to inquire about maybe using it for our business. Twice I got an answering machine - not even a nice one, just something akin to "nobody's here, leave a message". With nobody to answer my questions, I tried to do it myself by downloading the demo. Because it required me to enter my email address, a rep emailed me a canned form letter the next day asking if I could find the time NEXT WEEK to talk to him. I recognized the form letter from when I had signed up for a demo with Salesforce previously. I tell the rep that I had concerns about the support given they couldn't even take the time to answer the phone to SELL me the product let alone support it after I'd bought it. To his credit at least when I replied to him with my concerns about the lack of sales effort by Desk, he did send a personalized email in response. After multiple canned form emails came from Desk, announcing my demo would be discontinued before I'd even had a chance to activate it, my rep followed up with an automated form email of his own (also recognized from previous interaction), which I found irritating given that I'd made clear that this kind of do-nothing automated support was not what we were looking for. After I replied to the rep calling him on his form email, he lied and said it wasn't automated (remember I'd received the exact email from another rep previously, there was no mistaking it), and then gave me a callous comment that when "I was serious about customer service" I should contact him. If can't even be bothered to pick up the phone, or have a human answer the emails, and then if they have to be bothered, they insult the customers, how can I trust them for my customer service? Should I treat my customers like that too? Certainly I have no faith in Desk support if I were to buy the product, and I'm sorry you have to at least make an effort if you want our business. There are too many good choices out there.

Pros: I didn't experience any.

Cons: Automated sales and support, no phone number to call to ask questions that gets answered, inattentive reps that send form letters, offensive customer service when you are lucky enough to get any.

Solution that grows with your business

27th of May, 2011

Amy McDonough
Easy to use interface with seamless integration of social media provide a complete solution.

Pros: They walk the walk by offering great support to their customers and continue to add new features to provide a complete solution for support teams.

We love Assistly (Now

19th of May, 2011

Brooke Steger
We've been using Assistly for about one year, can't imagine doing business without it! Efficient, easy to use and implement, they offer great customer service, and have done a fabulous job of implementing feedback. It is the ideal start-up customer service & social media solution.


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GetApp Analysis offers a range of customer support tools for small business owners. The customer support application will supply you with your own support agents, who come with a selection of tools and operate within an entirely web-based environment. The benefits of using the software as a customer support solution is the ability for busy small business owners to out-source their customer service needs.'s customer support solution involves encouraging customers to resolve their own issues using the software's self-service online center. This virtual center can be customized to meet your needs and integrated into your existing websites.

Some of the software's most prominent features include customer relationship management, issue reporting, and customer profiling. These features are all designed to help to improve your level of customer service.

What is customer support software has a range of features with a variety of functionalities, these include a universal inbox for better communication, case management and customer data logging for client overviews, and productivity tools for speedier issue management. Customer requests can be dealt with from all media channels, including email, live chat, social media, phone, and online forums. Each request is sent directly into the universal inbox allowing support agents to review and respond to requests from the same platform.´s productivity tools are another measure designed to speed up the issue resolution process. These include the formation of specific business rules which help agents work more efficiently. Agents can also resolve issue from both their desktop computer or their mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. It also includes a power knowledge base so agents always have the most accurate and consistent answers.

The customer profiles that offers allows you to provide smarter support by providing agents with access to the entire customer history for any case they are working on.

By automatically gathering data extracted from customer interactions, gives you access to key business insights and agent performance data. can help you better decisions with real-time service insights.’s pre-configured dashboard give you real-time insight into the current state of your support team.

Main Features

Fast setup and start responding to cases in minutes is designed to work immediately, out-of-the-box, with very little configuration. It’s easy to connect all of your company support channels in a matter of minutes – including email, phone, and Facebook – and get your support agents up and running and responding to cases right away. It’s easy to add agents, assign cases to the right owners, and tailor to the unique needs of your business.

The admin panel is your mission control. This is the place where you can configure your support based on your individual service needs. Here you can do things like, add agents and assign them to different groups. Setup automations and business workflows so you can route cases to the right agent(s) and speed through cases that require an easy fix.

Universal Agent Inbox

The Universal Agent Inbox is the starting point for using This is where you will be notified of your customer's support requests. Requests come in from all channels, including email, live chat, Twitter, Facebook, and online forums.

Manage and assign cases in

You can use the Support Case page to handle individual customer requests. Quick responses can be issued using macros. You can then build cases for each customer and issue you work on. These cases will be archived and can be clicked to view their complete information. You can also record and review the customer’s complete interaction history within the case itself.

Down below is the Desk and Salesforce integration. The strength of the integration between Desk and Salesforce is unmatched. Both system share the same data model and there is a bi-directional sync between salesforce’s standard objects – account, contacts, cases. This level of integration only happens within the family of salesforce’s products. Well, when Agents in can create and update cases, update customer or company information and all of their edits appear instantly in Salesforce for your whole company to see. And, as your salesforce users interact with and update data in Salesforce, all of those adjustments show up in Desk. When everyone in your company is working with the same data and information, your customers get an awesome experience every time.

When a query is too complex for a junior-level agent to resolve on his or her own, that case can be directed to a more senior agent. offers a number of case management features to aid agents with their work. They are tools to continuously track the status of cases as well as to set set priority levels, ensuring issues are resolved in order of importance.

Self-service & Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves with a self-service experience. As a result, By giving customers the opportunity to help themselves, companies deflect cases from their agents which improves productivity. comes with customizable templates so you can build an intuitive help center - branded to match your company - so your customers can help themselves. To meet customer expectations, these self-service sites were built with responsive web design, so no matter how customers access the Self-Service Portal – iPhone or Android, tablet or laptop – they have the same user experience that is optimized to their device. This can all be done in minutes, and you never have to involve IT.

You can even have a private portal where your customers can login to view their cases allowing a more personalized experience with your support team. Not only does this knowledge power the public help center but this will also fuel your internal knowledge base. provides every agent with a single source of truth so they can always give your customers the correct answers, and it’s easy for agents to navigate and distribute the information to your customers.

Generate key business performance insights

You can click on the Business Insights tab to generate detailed customer service related reports.’s business insights have dashboards to help you make actionable insights on overall business and agent performance. Quickly analyze, strategize, and optimize your entire customer service operation — from any device.

Using the data aggregated from your account you can track and measure information the volume and nature of issue coming in, as well as individual agent performance. You will be able to see where your cases are coming from, how your agents are handling the volume, and how they can improve the service they’re offering to your customers.

A support manager can also customize reports identify trends in customer issues to stay agile and continue to scale the business based on the customer’s needs.

Integrations data syncs beautifully with Salesforce so you can easily upgrade to Service Cloud when you need more customization for your support team — because your data is already in place.

Pricing is priced with small, growing companies in mind. For $3 a month, companies can sign up for the Starter plan. With this plan, users can add up to three agents and will have access to reports from the previous 7 days. The Starter Plan offers a support service in English only. The Standard Plan is priced at $30 per month per agent and includes 6 months reporting and serves 3 languages. Growing businesses are encouraged to sign up for the Plus Plan. At $50 per agent per month, the Plus Plan includes the full range of customer support features offers, including unlimited reporting and 50+ languages.

Bottom Line

  • Encourages customers to resolve their own issues
  • Multi-channel support and cross-platform capability
  • Accessible from virtually any web-enabled smartphone
  • Universal inbox allows agents to quickly sort through requests from multiple services
  • Support Center with articles, FAQs and the option to email its support agents or call a hotline at any time