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ConvertKit overview

ConvertKit is a cloud-based lead generation and email marketing automation solution aimed at professional bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, course creators, and other content-driven business owners. The application is designed to help users increase their email list and automate the drip email marketing process with custom opt-in forms, landing page templates, workflow automation rules, drag-and-drop email sequences, and more.

With ConvertKit, users can build responsive opt-in forms to embed in their website, which automatically adjust to match the width of where they are placed - at the ends of posts, in the sidebar, or elsewhere. An unlimited number of forms can be created, offering different incentives for signing up, and specific opt-in forms can be set for individual posts, allowing users to add post-specific calls to action. Three landing page templates are included, and users can customize text, colors, patterns and textures without coding, and add custom CSS to make any other changes.

ConvertKit allows users to set up and manage custom drip email marketing sequences, with control over email content, order, and delivery schedule. Emails can be personalized with subscribers’ details, using template tags to automatically fill the personalized fields. Users can drag-and-drop emails to rearrange the sequence order, and specify which days and times emails should be delivered at. Email broadcasts can also be sent out to the full list of subscribers, or custom segments, to announce new blog posts, product launches, discounts, and more. Custom segments can be saved for future use, and groups of subscribers can also be excluded from broadcasts, such as subscribers who have already purchased the product being advertised.


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ConvertKit screenshot: ConvertKit allows users to create opt-in forms in a range of styles, including inline and slide in formsConvertKit Demo (2016)ConvertKit screenshot: Users can customize the design of their forms in ConvertKitConvertKit screenshot: ConvertKit includes multiple options for embedding forms in web pagesConvertKit screenshot: Users can create and manage drip email marketing campaigns in ConvertKitConvertKit screenshot: ConvertKit allows users to control on what days and times emails are sent outConvertKit screenshot: Users can add automation rules in ConvertKit to create automated workflowsConvertKit screenshot: ConvertKit allows users to add incentives to emails or send double opt-in emails to new subscribersConvertKit screenshot: Broadcast emails can be created in ConvertKit and sent to the full subscriber list or custom segmentsConvertKit screenshot: ConvertKit gives users insight into which emails have been sent to each subscriber, and which segments each subscriber is included inConvertKit screenshot: Users can view subscriber analytics for the past 30 days in ConvertKit

ConvertKit reviews

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Mia Bergstrom

Convertkit is my email service provider. Here's why...

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

Like most brand new online entrepreneurs I started off with Mailchimp which is free. As I grew my list and my marketing techniques I needed something more robust with more options to segment out my list (not really done with the free platforms). I now have so many sequences and segments that are completely automated and my list has been actively growing. ConvertKit is "customer-based" instead of "list-based" meaning that I can send emails out to specific people who have taken specific actions rather than emailing an entire list of people reglardless of their actions and losing subscribers by sending irrelevant emails to the wrong people. Each subscriber is tagged based on a link they clicked, a form they subscribed through (freebie), a purchase they made from me, and SO much more. I even have tags set up when I'm running a webinar to see who watched the whole thing, who didn't show up at all, and who watched the replay. There are just so many options.

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Great Option for the Solopreneur

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-19
Review Source: Capterra

I use this service for a relatively small email list I just started, and it works really well for the price. I use the optin forms and email sequences to gain more email subscribers on a regular basis. I also love that I can create really simple and easy to design automation flows between opt-ins and my general email newsletter. This is something I use on a daily basis. I recently switched over to ConvertKit from another service after reading positive reviews. I like their format for sending emails to subscribers so much more than any other platform I've used. The emails are really modern looking and simple, so they're appealing to my audience when I send them. I also like that I can simply reuse my last email and make changes to just the content. It makes sending a weekly email really simple. Another huge benefit to me is that I can segment my subscribers into different groups that allows me to send targeted emails in a more efficient fashion. I also track users who have purchased a product so I don't send them emails about the product they've bought. This software is an all in one, which I really like. Meaning, I am able to create an optin form, email sequence and product download all in one with this software. I love that it keeps everything really organized in this fashion.

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Stephanie David

Life Saver

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

Due to the ease of ConvertKit I email way more. I am not getting fancy yet with sequences, but in a matter of using it only for 2 weeks, the way the software is set up, I am begging to formulate big picture sequences, strategize campaigns and IN TRUTH, I was never able to look at my health coaching service and online webinars like this because my background is education. As a educator we don't think like this because our students just come to us, the stress of "getting clients" was so large and overwhelming until I found something like convert kit to make me BE more present and visible online. I AM SO GRATEFUL!As a person with little to no tech background, truth, I was quite intimidated by this software. HOWEVER, what I love about it, is its dedication to quick videos that give you instant feedback and education to navigate and understand what you are doing. There are tutorials everywhere, in truth you never feel lost or alone or not supported. It is more about (as a new entrepreneur) it is more abut catching up with the scope of what you want to do with it. I initially used it to organize and gather emails and do live broadcast, but together with Leadpages these two have been my go to towards launching my first webinar only using emails in my direct network and slotting 8 out of 10 seats for my webinar. I really was lost in terms of how to manage all these emails and in truth they manage themselves. I What I love the most is how it auto tags/sorts the emails so I can see who responds to what funnel and make me a better and more strategic entrepreneur.

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Brian Koh

ConvertKit had helped me greatly to streamline and simplify my email marketing processes.

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-07-01
Review Source: Capterra

Time saver and great use of use.Ease of use and easy UI/UX experience in using the software. The user interfaces are way better than other email marketing software on the market. It has enough basic features and a few powerful features such as tagging certain opt-in groups of users for niche marketing purposes, which I find it very useful. There are less clutter when it comes to feature layout on the interfaces, so one can focus better on using key or common key features. A nifty feature which I liked most is the Visual Automations, that Convertkit had come up with. It's a graphical way to set automation. It uses three types of items: Actions, Events, and Conditions. It's all visual and one can easily define these items. Moreover, ConvertKit has just introduced new features into its software such as enabling one to create custom consent checkboxes, find your EU subscribers and get consent from existing subscribers. Also, four new legal forms and support processes were introduced as tools to help one get one's own business compliant with GDPR.

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ConvertKit = Powerful Features I Need + Simplicity I Love.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-17
Review Source: Capterra

Many bloggers are overwhelmed by the technical aspects of setting up a successful email newsletter strategy. Yup, there are a variety of email platforms out there and I have managed large lists on many of them. For my Email on Autopilot system, I strongly recommend ConvertKit. I can tell you from a lot of firsthand experience that “putting your email on autopilot” is WAY easier with ConvertKit than anything else I’ve tried. ConvertKit was specifically built with bloggers and small businesses in mind, unlike other platforms that either don’t have the right tools or complicate things waaaayyy too much. I recommend ConvertKit because it has the perfect combination of the powerful features that I need and the simplicity-of-use that I love.

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ConvertKit pricing

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Pricing is based on the number of email subscribers.

Some example pricing tiers:
- Up to 1000 subscribers: $29 per month
- Up to 5000 subscribers: $79 per month
- Up to 10000 subscribers: $119 per month
- Up to 25000 subscribers: $199 per month
- Up to 55000 subscribers: $379 per month
- Up to 105000 subscribers: $679 per month

ConvertKit features

Customizable Branding
Drag & Drop Interface

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Additional information for ConvertKit

Key features of ConvertKit

  • Custom opt-in forms
  • Multiple incentives
  • Post-specific opt-in forms
  • Landing page templates
  • Visual editor
  • Customizable landing page design
  • Custom patterns & textures
  • Custom CSS
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Email scheduling
  • Drip email marketing
  • Email sequences
  • Broadcasts
  • Custom segmenting
  • Personalized messages
  • Automation rules
  • Automation blueprints
  • Open rate tracking
  • Click through tracking
  • Subscriber exclusion
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Users can set up automation rules to create automated workflows, triggered by new subscriptions, completed courses, product purchases, or any other event.

Automation blueprints are included to assist users in setting up automation workflows, covering onboarding, webinars, product pitches, automated launches, and more.

Multiple opt-in forms can be created, with different incentives, and users can set custom opt-in forms with specific calls to action for individual posts.

Three landing page templates are included, with a visual editor for users to customize text and colors, upload images, and add patterns or textures, and users can also make additional changes with custom CSS.

Drip email sequences can be created, scheduled for delivery on specific days and times, and reordered by dragging-and-dropping individual emails in the sequence.