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Elvis DAM

Store, index, search, repurpose and distribute digital media

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Elvis DAM overview

Elvis DAM is an intuitive digital asset management system that helps advertising and creative agencies, marketing departments, and media and publishing professionals, to store, index, repurpose, search, and distribute digital media content on a single platform. The solution allows integration with third party business systems such as Salesforce and Adobe InDesign, to help break down silos and enhance workflows.

With Elvis DAM, advertising and creative agencies can visually search and browse through all assets from a central location. Users can securely share files and file collections with partners to collaborate on projects and get feedback. Integration with Adobe InDesign CC enables users to add a digital library to their design software using drag and drop. Advanced versioning features help organizations keep track of all file iterations, showing who had edited what, and when, with the option to revert to an earlier version if necessary.

Media production and publishing firms can improve workflows behind digital content creation by integrating Elvis DAM with their current publishing system. Users can get direct access to digital assets from within their production software, and effectively reuse or repurpose syndicated multi-channel or multi-screen content. The platform scales with every businesses’ needs and can store over one billion files. Elasticsearch technology makes searching for files a breeze, providing intuitive search functionality.

Elvis DAM enables branded content marketing professionals to securely share assets, and obtain full control over distribution. Users can share individual files or collections, and assign rules to restrict or give access to certain users on functions such as editing, reviewing, commenting, and approving. Organizations using the Elvis web client can access images from any connected device, and collaborate seamlessly on the review-signoff process.


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Elvis DAM screenshotAste Helsinki Testimonial - WoodWing Elvis DAM - Digital Asset ManagementElvis DAM screenshotElvis DAM screenshot: Sales reps can quickly find the sales collateral they need, while staying in the Salesforce environment.Elvis DAM screenshot: Marketing teams can upload assets using drag & drop, and classify files with folders, tags, and metadataElvis DAM screenshot: Access design work with Elvis' plugin for Adobe InDesign CCElvis DAM screenshot: Creative teams can work seamlessly with digital assets in Adobe IndesignElvis DAM screenshot: External staff can approve, download, and comment on shared contentElvis DAM screenshot: Apply extensive metadata to find media files rapidlyElvis Brand Portal

Elvis DAM reviews

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Eppu Holmberg

Elvis enabled us to increase efficiency by replacing the mailing and ftp workflows with the sharing

Reviewed 2015-05-19
Review Source: Capterra

With Elvis, I love being able to share the assets and folders with autenthic links and easily browse the strorage. However, I'd like to have more options sharing the folders - "dropbox" kind of workflow. I'd also like to have more simple UI and a workflow for sharing links.

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Cloud Content Consumer: 16€ per month

Cloud Content Manager: 75€ per month

Elvis DAM features

Customizable Branding

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Additional information for Elvis DAM

Key features of Elvis DAM

  • Collaboration
  • Version control
  • Asset sharing
  • Watermarking
  • Filtered search
  • Search within document
  • Brand control
  • Keyword search
  • Online proofing
  • Approval process control
  • Cataloging / categorization
  • Image editing
  • Metadata management
  • Video management
  • Watermarking
  • Self-service brand portal
  • Central data library
  • Customizable branding
  • Share files and collections
  • Download image variations
  • Archive management
  • Apply metadata
  • Edit files using check in/out
  • Integrations with CMS, CRM, PIM
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Elvis DAM is a scalable solution with a capacity to store more than one billion digital assets, including all editorial content and images within one centralized location.

Users can locate files quickly and efficiently with Elvis' intuitive search functionalities and Elasticsearch technology.

The WoodWing cloud acts as a central data library for assets, as well as a host for other WoodWing products.

The platform's integration with Adobe InDesign CC enables users to drag-and-drop files from Elivs, directly into the Adobe UI.

Elvis enables organizations to securely distribute their product and brand assets to clients, agencies and suppliers.