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ion interactive enables digital marketers to generate real business results from their content. Using ion's agile, developer-free platform and services programs, hundreds of leading brands generate, qualify and deeply profile more leads with interactive content. Data-driven experiences like calculators, assessments, report cards, quizzes, interactive infographics, lookbooks, interactive white papers, configurators and more — are all created, launched and tested without development resources.

ion's site-embedded and standalone content experiences cut through the clutter of more than 27,000,000 pieces of shared content per day! ion's interactive content is clearly differentiated — engaging visitors in a digital dialogue, where their experience becomes more and more relevant as they interact.

ion interactive integrates seamlessly into the marketing technology ecosystem — delivering meaningful, contextualized, explicit and descriptive buyer profiles for both marketing and sales. Lead scoring, segmentation, targeting and personalization are all more effective using ion's explicit data instead of the more common inferred digital body language.


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ion interactive reviews

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Eric Lee-Schalow

Workhorse of a tool... Great for what I use it for!

Reviewed 2016-01-20
Review Source: GetApp

I am a jack of all trades for the various teams at the agency I work at. I work in the digital side of a DRTV ad agency, we have roughly 160 employees I believe. Currently I help out the creative web dev team, services and account managers. I usually help the C/WD team and the account managers when I am in Ion and using it. I am the mule that all the teams use to be honest. I use Ion to help Josh (our creative director) with designs, revisions, setting creatives live, changing/monitoring tests, things like that. For the account managers I use Ion to pull test data, traffic source data, in-page data (who clicked what) and as an overall barometer to tell the AMs how pages are doing. For everything I do, I know know it isn't the level that Josh and Mike use it, it works perfectly!I like to think of myself as a pretty literate web and computer user. But with that said, there are various online tools and services we use for agency day to day tasks, that are horrible to work in and not easy to use/figure out. I think this is where Ion really shines. Josh has shown me a bunch of things to do within Ion, once you learn it once, you know it. Ion is easy that way. But it is also easy in the sense that he told me to go into the Sandbox and play around. I got lost in Ion for a couple hours and learned a hell of a lot. Things I know now, that Josh will say "I'll show you in a minute..." by the time he gets to my desk, it is done. Ion is that intuitive, it's easy as hell to use. But I do know that I am only scratching the surface. There are porbably things Josh or someone from Ion could teach me and I could use Ion even more.

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Excellent platform for enhancing an existing company website

Reviewed 2016-01-08
Review Source: GetApp

I really enjoy using the ion platform for our company's website. We signed up with ion over a year ago because we saw some really interesting things being incorporate on major websites, and on some of our competitors' websites, and we wanted to the same. After researching the various companies that provide custom landing pages, we found ion interactive. We decided to go with ion because they offer a wide variety of landing pages, online surveys, forms and other related website content that we felt would add value to our site, and to the customer experience. In addition, we liked the ion creative designs and layout, particularly the mobile enhancements that can be customized for each device. After a year of using ion interactive, I have seen some positive results. I've created landing pages, online surveys and forms that are fully branded with our company's logo and color scheme, and most of them have produced a nice click-through rate. We have even generated leads from some of our main ion pages that are linked to our website via the ion interactive subdomain.- Excellent creative - tons of themes and landing pages that can be customized just about any way you want - Fully responsive pages for all devices (you can customize on-screen content to fit any size tablet or mobile phone - Great customer service! ion interactive does not leave you "in the dark" once you sign up. They have a dedicated team that is always willing to assist you on the phone or via email - New creative - ion interactive introduces new creative on occasion, which is great because website development/trends are changing at such a rapid pace - Marketo Integration on creative - a huge benefit - Detailed one-click reporting features (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) - Full suite of videos for clients

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Mike Nichols

After a learning curve, a very powerful tool.

Reviewed 2016-02-02
Review Source: GetApp

A year ago, I had no experience whatsoever with ion Interactive (or any of it's competitors, for that matter). Today, I use the program/service almost daily to roll out website and landing pages for my clients. It took a while to get a hang of the program and it's capabilities, and I'm still discovering features all the time, but now it feels like second nature. I personally do not use any of the tracking or reporting functions, but I know they are widely used in my organization. For my clients, we use ion Interactive for nearly every site and landing page. The only time we do not need to use ion Interactive is when we are creating a page that for some reason does not need any specific tracking. For example, an internal website for our organization itself could just be created and hosted on our own servers. I cannot speak for my entire organization, but my team uses ion interactive to build websites for our clients. ion interactive makes it easy to update and change content, and track performance once the site is launched. In some ways, we use it as a sort of content management system for our clients' sites, microsites, and landing pages.From design to development to deployment, ion interactive is fast and for the most part simple to use. Once trained in the program, many features become second nature to use. Regular updates keep the platform fresh and ensure users like me that the company is constantly moving forward.

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Joshua Lawson

Great Experience, Bit Pricey

Reviewed 2016-01-08
Review Source: GetApp

We have been using Ion LiveBall for well over 2 years, maybe even longer. All in all it is a great tool that automates many processes that used to take countless dev and admin hours. We are an ad agency, I am the creative director for digital. So we use Ion for our clients - it covers everything from simple lead gen pages to land and jump pages with links/ecommerce carts to microsites... We do it all within Ion. Being able to setup creatives and traffic sources where there can be a 1:1 or 1:100 relationship, where you have full control over the A/B/+ split is priceless. In the past, with standalone PHP pages, you would need a link/tracking/analytics platform to do the link splits and then track conversions per split. With Ion, you can do it all! Ion is such a great tool. If you are in the market for a landing page creation, optimization, management or reporting tool, stop looking - you have found it. It is called Ion LiveBall (I wonder if they even call it LiveBall anymore... The only downside is the pricing. But once you use it once, and sell it to a cleint or two, the cost can easily be passed on to clients and you can even start making money on the MSF from clients...Ease of use, features, tracking, reporting (somewhat), administration, A/B testing, MVT, etc.

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Joseph Patterson

Best Enterprise Site Solution On The Market

Reviewed 2016-01-04
Review Source: GetApp

I have been using ION Interactive for nearly 2 years now and could not attribute the success I have seen without them. As a marketing and sales manager for the largest news and information company with over 90 newspaper publications, I find the ease of use, integration, support, and robust ability of the platform critical in my day to day operation. ION Interactive has provided intelligent, and accurate support anytime I have a need. They have also led several webinars that I find not only interesting, but leave with several takeaways that I can implement into my marketing plan. One of the greatest things I appreciate about ION's support is when I need a new functionality, it comes in an updated release. Their team truly watches market trends and update their platform to meet the needs any enterprise business might have. I consider myself an advanced user with web development experience and find that this platform makes it quite easy to train employees who have no web development skills. This platform is superb for all levels of web knowledge, from the drag and drop beginner, to the javascript/CSS/HTML expert. Ease of use for all levels of knowledge. Support that has your goals in mind. Great no matter the size of your business.

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We have flexible options—with or without services—to meet your needs. Let us create an interactive content marketing program and do the work for you. Or ‘Do it yourself’ with your internal marketing resources using our interactive content software platform. Annual SaaS subscriptions are $2,000 per month—enabling creation, testing and measurement of an unlimited number of interactive experiences. Contact us with your specific needs.

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A/B Testing
Campaign Analysis
Campaign Management
Content Management
Customizable Branding
Customizable Templates
Engagement Analytics
Real Time Data
Social Media Integration

Activity Dashboard (228 other apps)
Data Import/Export (155 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (214 other apps)
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Key features of ion interactive

  • Internal and External Sites
  • Interactive Content Marketing
  • Native Salesforce Integration
  • Agile Creation and Testing
  • Sharable & Viral Experiences
  • Score. Segment. Target. Personalize.
  • Content Marketing Results
  • Data-Driven Experiences
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Automatic or Manual Optimization
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Enterprise Scale and Performance
  • Embedded or Standalone Experiences
  • Lead Generation Experiences
  • Seamlessly to Your Ecosystem
  • Developer-Free Interactivity
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Hundreds of leading brands generate, qualify and deeply profile leads — accelerating lead-to-revenue velocity — using our interactive content platform and services programs. Deploy faster, test smarter and measure more accurately on the only interactive content software platform that creates, launches and tests all types of interactive content.