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If you haven't made the move to online timesheets, you are in for a treat. Web based time tracking is superior to paper timesheets and physical punch clocks for many reasons.

With cloud-based time tracking, managers can monitor employee attendance and status in real-time. By tracking time and attendance with Timesheets.com, employers always know who is on the clock, who is late, and even what their employees are working on.

Employee management can be done from anywhere. Employers can monitor employee attendance and manage the payroll process from any location, whether that be behind the office door or from a business meeting across the country.

Additionally, employees can view their own hours at their convenience without bugging the manager to dig up records. Timesheets.com gives employees a place to record their hourly time online with real-time 'clocking-in'.

The manager can also choose to enable a more stringent level of permissions by restricting manual entry and enabling location and identity restrictions.

Want to reduce overtime, padding, lingering, and calculation errors? Timesheets.com offers a full range of features like shift rules and other overtime prevention settings, supervisor approval rules, customizable reports, security features, automatic lunch or break deductions, as well as state mandated break time.

The overtime settings, unique to Timesheets.com, are powerful enough to conform to just about any overtime scenario. They can be set globally for the whole company or can be configured on a per employee basis. Overtime is calculated correctly each and every time, even for employees working through midnight or 24+ hour shifts.

These benefits result in significant time savings, greater data accuracy and, most importantly, reduced payroll size.

Project time tracking is as simple or comprehensive as you need it to be. Timesheets.com allows you to track projects for multiple customers and tasks via several convenient data entry methods. The simplicity of the Timesheets.com interface makes billing or analysis simple and easy enough to maintain with minimal effort. Project timesheets are independent from hourly timesheets so employers can selectively allow access to only the necessary features on a per-employee basis.

Accruals tracking is easy with Timesheets.com too - even if you're already in the middle of your year. Employers can select from various accrual scenarios and quickly configure rules and values that mirror existing business processes - all on a per employee basis. When employees request time-off such as vacation and sick leave, accrued values are debited automatically upon supervisor approval.

Expense and mileage tracking with Timesheets.com offers a simple form, allowing for quick entry. Users can add vendors on the entry form and upload receipts. Expenses can be linked to projects, customers, events, and account codes, and ample space is available for notes.

Some specific project features of interest:

- Track time for hundreds of different projects
- Restrict access to projects on a per-employee basis
- Associate projects with pay or billing rates on a global or individual employee basis
- Run and export customizable reports
- Meet DCAA compliance standards

Timesheets.com Reviews (170)

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 Excellent Customer Service

I have been using Timesheets for app. 5 years. I recently encountered an issue about not being able to archive a Customer even though I thought I had approved and archived all of the associated expenses and hours. Customer support was wonderful in helping me resolve the issue. I had timely ...

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Reviewed 17th of March by Brad Leggett


 Monica at Timesheets.com

Our rep is a great customer service rep! She responded quickly to my chat, she was friendly, knowledgable and ready to assist.

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Reviewed 10th of March by Erin S.

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Timesheets.com Pricing

Starting from: $9.00/month

Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Single user accounts are free. Prices start at just $9/month for 2 employees.

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Key Features of Timesheets.com

  • Real-time Statistics and Reports
  • Simple Interface
  • Various security measures keep data accurate
  • Customizable Account Features
  • Multiple levels of supervisors
  • IP Lockdown Restricts Clock in/out Access by location
  • Photo timestamp prevents buddy punching
  • Different Pay Rates for Different Job Codes
  • Expense Receipt Upload Capability
  • Human Resources Documents
  • Accruals Tracking Like Vacation and Sick
  • Tardy Reports
  • Overtime Controls
  • Supervisor Approval Process
  • Customizable Reports
  • Real-Time Employee Info
  • Manager Friendly Landing Page
  • Unlimited Projects, Account Codes, and Customers
  • Optional Mobile Tracking For Approved Employees

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Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

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- No setup fees, cancellation fees, or contract
- Money Back Guaranty
- Free tech support
- No hardware costs, no software to install
- Full-access demonstration period
- Optional mobile access
- 2-minute training videos
- Compatible with all modern versions of PC, Unix and MAC web browsers.

Who is Timesheets.com For?

Timesheets.com’s client base is primarily made up of small businesses, including some that have only one employee. Businesses consisting of up to 500 employees can benefit from the app's timekeeping and expense tracking features.

The app is ideal for any small business or other organization that has a need to track time whether it’s for payroll, billing, job costing, or time-off tracking.

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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GetApp Analysis

Traditional timekeeping involved paper timesheets and leave requests that had to be signed, gathered, and added up manually. While larger businesses have deployed expensive customized solutions to replace these outdated processes, small organizations lack the funds to pay for pricey solutions. Fortunately, cloud-based options now give these big-business automation to small organizations.

Timesheets.com is one of these solutions, giving SMBs the ability to track both hourly wages for payroll and project-associated time for billing purposes in a single package. Workers can also use Timesheets.com for tracking and managing reimbursable expenses and human resources documents. Features that aren’t needed can be disabled to simplify the account for businesses that don’t need all the features that Timesheets.com has to offer.

Timesheets.com recently released employee scheduling to its extensive features. Managers can create and maintain employee schedules directly in the system, giving employees instant access to information about their workweek even when they aren’t at work.

What is Timesheets.com?

Employees can log in or clock in directly from the Timesheets.com login screen. Once logged in, employees can track their time worked, request changes to their timesheet, and even request time-off. Meanwhile managers can see who’s working in real-time, approve employee requests, and run any number of useful reports.

Main Features

Hourly Time Tracking

Logging in and out is easy with Timesheets.com since employees can use any internet-enabled device. The web site offers a number of security features to ensure that employees are clocking in only themselves and only from authorized locations. These include: Restrictions based on IP address, the employee’s photo, and their new GPS tracking feature that records the employee’s location when they punch the clock. Employees have access to their timesheets from anywhere, but restrictions can be created or removed to tailor access and permissions to the security needs of almost any small businesses.

Once an employee has logged in, that employee has access to an overview of all of his or her information. This includes a log of time worked, their time-off balances, and their reimbursable expenses.

Project Time Tracking

For billing or job costing purposes, firms must track time for individual projects or customers. Timesheets.com automates the process, keeping track of how many hours were worked for each project, along with any associated job codes. By giving employees the choice of either using a built-in timer or manually recording hours on each project, Timesheets.com improves accuracy in reporting while accommodating various employee work habits.

Time can be associated with job codes for managers to easily pull data either individually or as a group. Even if team members are located in multiple locations around the globe, Timesheets.com can bring it all together in a single, simple report that can be filtered to produce just about any combination of data parameters necessary.

Expense Tracking

Instead of walking around with a wad of receipts, professionals can use Timesheets.com to keep up with expenses for reimbursement. Expenses can be categorized by project, event, vendor/payee, and account/department code. The employee can also attach a receipt as a .jpg file.

Once entered, professionals can view a log of all open expenses, editing and deleting them as needed. Once reimbursed, the information is available in the reconciled section of the site.

Human Resources Documents

Today's supervisors have the same challenge as their predecessors. Managing employees requires regularly providing feedback on performance, whether that performance is good or bad. This can be done verbally, but a paper trail is important in the event an employee must be terminated, or just to record various notes about that employee’s performance.

Timesheets.com automates employee management, offering these documents directly within the system. Performance reviews, disciplinary reports, and commendations can be completed and stored directly within the system. The system also has a handy Notes feature where an employer can record a quick note in the employee’s electronic file. This feature is very useful for annotating verbal warnings, but can also be used creatively for other purposes like, for instance, recording when an employee checks out an expensive piece of equipment and you don’t want to forget where it went.


The Reports and Exports section of Timesheets.com can pull information filtered to produce exactly the right set of data which can then be viewed on the screen or downloaded in various formats. Regardless of which features you’re using, the format for selecting the data you wish to see is common to every report making the learning process very efficient because understanding how to create one report means you understand how to run any report on any data in the system.

The reports offered by Timesheets are well thought-out in the sense that there aren’t 100s of them. Just enough to get the important information you need from your data. For hourly employees, that means important data like the payroll report, time-off balances report, an IP based location report, and even a tardy report.

Project and expense reporting can be filtered by customer, project, job code, vendor or other parameters to home in on the exact data required and all reports can be run for up to a year in duration. Most reports can be viewed in several formats depending on your needs including a summary or detailed format, and downloaded in spreadsheet or PDF formats as well. If desired, a file can be exported that holds all settings for back-up purposes.


Timesheets.com integrates with Salesforce.com and exports to QuickBooks and other accounting software. Check the site for the most up to date information on integrations.

In addition to those major business apps, Timesheets.com also has the ability to export to a number of top accounting and payroll solutions. Timesheets.com can export to Peachtree, ADP, and Paychex, Ovation, and SurePayroll, among others.


Freelancers and single users can use Timesheets.com for free. For multiple users, plans start at $4.50 per user per month. As the number of users increases, the per-user price decreases. If a customer pays for an entire year, Timesheets.com offers a discount.

Bottom Line

  • Employee hourly time tracking for payroll
  • Employee hourly time tracking for project billing
  • Employee expense tracking for reimbursement
  • Completion and tracking of employee performance documents
  • Integration with popular accounting and payroll software

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