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Apr 27, 2016
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Top Mobile Apps for Collaboration: How to Work Better With Your Colleagues (Even Ones You Don’t Like)

Here we run down 10 of GetApp users’ favorite mobile apps for collaboration to help you work better with even those colleagues or employees you don't like.

Karen McCandlessAnalyst

Even if your employees or coworkers drive you up the wall, you still need to work together closely if you want your business to succeed. One of the best ways to do this is to implement collaboration software. Not only will it streamline your processes - removing the need for endless emails, phone calls, in-person chats, memos, letters in pigeon holes, etc - but it’ll also make your business more efficient and effective.

It’s become the norm to work with people all over the world (whether you want to or not), meaning most businesses operate on a 24/7 basis, anytime, anywhere, on any device. This makes having a great mobile app for collaboration a must. Here we run down 10 of GetApp users’ favorite mobile apps for collaboration (as a side note, an app must also be accessible through the cloud on a browser to qualify).

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Slack is one of the most popular and well-rated collaboration software around, and it also offers great mobile app version for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. Useful features include configurable notifications, real-time messaging, the ability to upload files, messaging archiving, and syncing across all devices.

Kelly Menold, marketing analyst at Jobvite, says: “The Slack app is great and has as much functionality as the desktop version. It’s rare that an app doesn’t lose functionality between desktop and mobile versions, but the Slack app really does do everything that you can do in the website version.”

Miguel A. Gonzalez, project manager / scrum master at DoctorDirectory.com, says of the Slack app: “The application even has a mobile app that keeps us connected while away from our workstations at the office. The application provides search functionality as well and many other functions that have proven itself in our environment.”

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HipChat - owned by Atlassian, the makers of JIRA and Confluence - is a big hitter in the collaboration field, and a major rival to market leader Slack. The app is designed for any size of company, from startups to enterprises. Its mobile app features include video chat, real-time messaging, email and mobile notifications, screen sharing capabilities, and complete chat history.

Jason Morehouse, co-founder and CEO at Checkfront, says: We were using Skype internally but outgrew it. We tried Slack, Hipchat and a few others. The native apps for desktop and mobile are great as are the integrations and API. We connected it to Jira, Pingdom and other services we use and it’s greatly improved our team communications.”

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Google Apps for Work

Unsurprisingly, Google Apps for Work gets rave reviews from GetApp users for the ability to access your documents on any device. As well as the usual Google Apps that appear on Android phone (for example Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail), Google Apps for Work also provides an app called Google Authenticator, which is for users who’ve enabled 2-step verification, and Google Apps Device Policy, which allows you to remotely locate your device if you lose it.

Yasin Hassanien, founder and CEO at VOKTECH, says: “Mobility is so powerful while using it on smartphones.”

Alex Chapin, principal at 3R Building Sustainability, says: “Google’s productivity tools have great web and mobile apps that enable easy collaboration between employees.”

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Team on the Run

Team on the Run places heavy emphasis on providing a secure way for your employees to communicate through a branded portal. The cloud solution offers mobile messaging, cloud storage, VOIP capabilities, and web chat. The mobile app provides the ability to share documents and multimedia content internally and from third-party applications, inform teams of meetings, and share your location.

One GetApp reviewer says: “The app is very fluid and is very simple to use. Team on the Run allows companies to communicate internally: group discussion (by group or individual) in a secure mode on mobile devices (Android or iOS) without using SMS.”

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Offering real-time collaboration features, Wrike is designed to enable better communication around projects, tasks and ideas, as well as offering the ability to manage schedules, and store files securely in the cloud. The tablet-optimized app allows you to customize push notifications, attach files and multimedia content to projects, take photos and attach them, and hold real-time discussions.

One GetApp reviewer says: “In contrast to other task management apps I’ve used, the user interface is clean and works well both on desktop and on the mobile apps.”

Chris Diggs, graphic designer at Prima Coffee & Prima Supply, says that Wrike has a: “great mobile app”.

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ProWorkflow is a one-stop-shop for collaboration, as it is designed for project management, time tracking, scheduling, and analyzing performance. Its mobile capabilities include the ability to create and edit projects and tasks, see files and messages, access your upcoming tasks, check and approve your clients’ project requests, and view contact details, including location maps.

GetApp reviewer Anthony Brindley says: “I love the fact that the mobile apps are free and really support constant usage of the website and help to get the maximum from it.”

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Trello is a great example of project management and collaboration in one, and consistently performs well in GetApp’s ranking of the top 25 project management apps for small businesses, proving especially popular in the user review category. Trello’s mobile collaboration capabilities include the ability to assign tasks, collaborate on project management boards, comment on items, upload files, and attach to-do lists.

Entrepreneur Aaron Teng says that the Trello mobile app is: “Super intuitive, Love the customisation, Flexible for personal and business, no big flaws, good mobile experience.”

Nazanine Pineda, co-founder at Methodologee.com, says that: “The mobile app is also very easy to use.”

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Designed for both internal and external communication, Basecamp allows you to choose who to collaborate with and assign permissions accordingly, as well as host discussions, organize events and meetings, send messages, share files, and assign tasks. Its mobile capabilities include instant messaging, customizable notifications, group chat, and the ability to share with anyone, even if they aren’t part of the project.

Alexandra Renee, founder at Knowligation, says: “Basecamp is also great because it’s mobile, so you can always keep your projects going no matter where you are.”

GetApp reviewer Benjamin Petersen says that Basecamp has a “Great mobile app.”

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eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an app that aims to enable better collaboration in a social way through the production of intranets, extranets, and community websites. The cloud-based software offers video calls and chat to better connect employees, as well as content and document management capabilities. Its mobile features include access to the social intranet news feed, notifications about updates or new events, document uploading and sharing, and the ability to comment on posts.

Òscar Fonseca, owner and CEO at Extreme Micro, says: “Using eXo Platform we created a secure portal-based site and an intranet that encourages employees in an organization to exchange knowledge, documents, work collaboratively, task management, contact data… All done socially and mobile.

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Front is a collaboration solution with a difference. It allows you to manage team inboxes and any other messages coming into your business (for example social media), assigning messages to specific users for follow up. It also provides analytics that monitor time-to-reply and messages handled per user. The mobile apps allow you to access messages assigned to you, as well as follow certain messages, and archive messages you’ve already dealt with.

GetApp reviewer Bruno Didier says: Front has become an essential tool in the company. I could describe it as “Slack for external communication”: beautiful, easy to use, desktop and mobile, and it integrates well with other services that we use.”

Rhai Goburdhun, CEO and founder at Sounds, says that Front has a: “great desktop and mobile app”.

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How can I find out more about mobile apps for collaboration?

If you’re not sure which of these collaboration apps is right for you, then help is at hand. Our App Finder allows you to filter by business need, devices supported, pricing model, size of company, and location. Or let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed anything.

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