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MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and money while making the most of the web. We offer a comprehensive software solution to simplify the everyday technology needs of small staff associations.

Ease the process of managing your association by handling membership management, applications, dues renewals, event registrations and more, all in one intuitive solution. Our solution can stand alone as a membership website and social community for your association or it can seamlessly integrate into your existing website.

We understand small staffs - we built our whole company from the ground up around their unique needs. Short on time, working under constrained budgets and lacking technical know-how, most small staffs struggle with implementing and maintaining association technology. That's why we go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service along with our products.

With MemberClicks you'll receive a comprehensive, guided implementation process from a dedicated account manager to get you up-and-running. If you need help, you'll get unlimited support from our accessible, well-versed team. And you'll have access to ongoing training opportunities, maintenance packages, valuable free services and a host of resources at your disposal 24/7. Our goal is to leave you smiling and excited to partner with us.


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Brian Bates

Your Member Management Solution... All in One Software!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-15
Review Source: Capterra

We were seeking a platform that could integrate a lot of our functions that were not in one place--ie, we were using one software to track members, another to track events, and yet another to invoice and receive payments from our members. This software has allowed us to streamline our operations by bringing most of our daily functions into one software platform, and has allowed our team to do what they do best-- service our members!It is perhaps the most comprehensive software out there in terms of managing a membership database. It not only allows us to store and track basic member data, but also allows us to run registration for events, process payments, create and track different member groups and committees, segment our members according to membership level, track communications with our members, and allows us to communicate with our members relatively easily and seamlessly. If you are comfortable with SQL it offers extremely robust reporting options to view and segment member data in just about any way possible; even if you're not comfortable with SQL it has the ability to build reports, and includes a lot of pre-built reports that are helpful. The best part, however, is the customer service provided. They are always extremely prompt and courteous in responding to questions or issues, have a very robust online help section, and are always seeking out ideas for improvements and enhancements to the software. I've never dealt with a software company that so eagerly seeks (and implements!) the feedback and suggestions of its users!

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Lori Krause

The product is good and somewhat easy to use, but It's the service that keeps us happy.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use website creation area. Be able to update our website easily helps us to keep the content more current. Easy to create reports for our magazine distribution and other media distribution. It is easy to create the needed forms for our special events. The dashboard is a great way for my board of directors to view current membership numbers, this saves me time and I don't have to provide a report each month. It is nice having a help desk link to get questions answered quickly. It is also helpful to have the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions show up on my google calendar so that I can learn memberclicks funtionality on a weekly basis. Our members find it easy to use as well. They can update there membership rosters with a simple click of a button. They can add just as easily by clicking a button to add a new member to there roster.

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Elizabeth Smith Miller

MemberClicks has a responsive help team & design/IT team consistently working to enhance features.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-27
Review Source: Capterra

We use MemberClicks as our database and website for the three programs operated by our organization. The platform provides us the convenience of accessing one location (per program) for a database and website. Through the database, we're able to house all of our members, prospects, and more. We're able to build forms and process payments. We're able to click a few buttons and access monthly reports. We're able to offer member-only website pages, forums, and social networking pages. There's so many benefits to this service - I can't list them all. One of the benefits that I find valuable (and one of the reasons we changed from our previous provider), is we have FULL immediate control of what is published/unpublished from our site. We don't have to as someone else (the host) to make a change and then ... wait ... We can do what we want when we want to do it with our site and our database. If we need help (or if we mess something up), the MemberClicks team is immediately available to assist. Another benefit I find valuable is the automated functions. Many of the automated features included save manual "manpower" hours (i.e. automated receipts and/or invoices and follow/ups). I also like the reporting and the contact center where I'm able to easily view (email) stats. Anyhow, there are lots of benefits to this software and I highly recommend it to member associations.I definitely like the ease of use. The interface makes it easy to find what I'm looking for - and if there's something I can't find, MemberClicks has an entire library full of FAQs and tutorials (including images and videos) that I can quickly access with a couple strokes of the keyboard. There's not much I can't find. If I do need further assistance, I can easily send an email. If I need help faster (even though the email option is pretty darn quick), the help team is available by phone - and they are able to assist WHEN I call. It's annoying when I need help and I can't get answers I need right away - I love that the MemberClicks team is available when I need them and they are patient with me since I ask a ton of questions. Another thing I love is the constant work going on to enhance the features. MemberClicks makes it easy to submit ideas and feedback (and they encourage it). If you find that something would make your life easier for your membership organization, just click a button and let them know. They review feedback and work to make things more convenient and functional for their customers. I can't leave a review without commenting on my excitement for having a website and database in one. It's so nice having a functional database (that operates our membership and financials) that also allows us to control access to member-only pages of the website and forum. It also allows us to use the database to feed our directories. (AND It's so easy to use and update.)

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Christina Dragonetti

New version is GREAT!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-02
Review Source: Capterra

We've been with Memberclicks for a few years and when we started using it we were really disappointed - from the data migration that took over a month to the implementation that took four months and a HUGE chunk of time, to features that didn't work the way we needed. Then a year ago - BANG - new reality! They released an entirely rebuilt database system to some early adopters (including us) and the implementation was FULLY supported (though it took a while, apparently our needs are complicated) and the new platform is great! The staff clearly took all of their clients' feedback and suggestions and recommendations, and continue to do so, and continue to build features and weed out bugs quickly. The customer service staff clearly has new energy - they're incredibly helpful and responsive by email. One major issue is that it does NOT have an API right now - so no talking to other databases. We use MC to manage our complex membership structure (mix of organizations and individuals, with different tiers and a variety of dues structures) and our event registration (we do about 20 events per year). We also use it as our "membership only" website so members can login and self-serve, and as our email blast client. The best feature in my opinion (as membership manager) is the automated renewal invoices. Our bookkeeper likes the way payments can be posted and reports run on transactions. Our communications director likes how easy the "contact center" is to use with the exception that saved messages are stored by their subject line (e.g. rather than labelling a message "BOE Event 2-25-16" it uses the subject line "Join us for nonprofit fundraising workshop" which makes searching problematic.) Our administrative assistant likes how easily you can set up organization-to-individual relationships, and how that's automated when someone takes the Membership Application form online (though there are a few bugs there.) Overall they system is pretty easy to learn and has lots of flexibility and user-controlled or defined aspects. The flexibility makes implementation arduous - you have to set permissions for every member type for every attribute in the database itself and again for public directories and webpages. The MC team walk you through it and can do a lot of the work for you but your prep on defining processes/workflows is crucial. Overall I'd recommend MC - just be clear about what it is you NEED a system to do and what you want a system to do for you.Easy to learn as a regular user, lots of flexibility and user-defined workflows, responsive customer service, easy to send email blasts, lots of intuitive features - things tend to be located where you would naturally look for them. It's pretty powerful, particularly for the price point. I like how much is automated and that you can control a lot of it when you have special circumstances. We have fewer work-arounds than I've ever had with a database.

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Mickey Molnaire


Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-11
Review Source: Capterra

I've been working with various business software programs for the past 30 years and learned that if I can get a 70-80% solution out of a program, I'm doing pretty well. WebLink certainly delivers that. The support website is easy to use and the support staff are terrific. Usually I can get what I need with a quick online chat, and if not, the issue is resolved with in hours or a couple of days at most.We've been using WebLink for about 6 years, and, since it was originally designed with chambers of commerce in mind, it provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing our membership and events. More features and improvements have come with the merger with MemberClicks, both in functionality and technical support. Technical support response time has increased significantly. I'm a techie so I like the fact that I can get deep into the program and it hasn't been dumbed down with a pretty but limited user interface.

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Pricing is based on the number of member profiles in your database. We offer both monthly and annual payment options. For more details, see the link to our pricing page above.

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Key features of MemberClicks

  • Association Management System
  • Committee Management
  • Content Management
  • Dues Payment & Renewals
  • Event Management
  • Event Registrations & Payments
  • Member Applications
  • Member Database
  • Member Engagement Tools
  • Online Directory
  • Payment Processing
  • Reporting
  • Social Community
  • Website & CMS
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MemberClicks offers a solution tailored to fit the specific needs of small-staff associations. In addition to providing you with the features listed below, it can function as a standalone membership website or integrate with your existing site. We've put together a complete set of features that can help you make the most of the web.

Membership Management
Our online solution for membership management is integrated with event registration, CMS and community features, providing everything membership organizations need from the web.

Event Registration
We give small-staff organizations the power to create and edit online event registration forms, manage registrants online, and generate extensive reports for easy analysis.

Dues Payment
Automate your member application, dues renewal and payment processes, integrated into our online member database and event registration solutions.

Social Community
We provide all the tools necessary to create an online community to engage and connect your membership, integrated with your membership and event management solution.

Website & CMS
Our team of experts can give your website instant appeal, all within your budget. Our CMS is both powerful and easy-to-update. Our solutions also work with your existing website.

Member Engagement
Our online solution is packed full of customizable options that enable small staff associations to increase membership engagement and retention.