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Square Point of Sale

iPad & Android point of sale (POS) system

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Square Point of Sale overview

Square Point of Sale is a cloud-based POS solution for use with iOS and Android devices, or Square’s own point of sale hardware. The software allows users to manage customers, transactions, inventory, invoicing, and payments, with additional tools for managing customer loyalty, marketing, employees, and payroll. Square offers magstripe, chip, and contactless card readers for accepting payments via debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

With Square’s customer directory, users can manage all of their customers in a single location. Key customer information is added automatically to build profiles, and users can search and sort customers to view their purchase histories or send personalized messages directly from their profiles. The Square dashboard allows users to access their sales data from any device, with real-time hourly sales reports for each location, transaction and deposit tracking, and more. The Virtual Terminal enables payment collection through users’ computers, with the ability to key in card details so that no card reader is required.

Square Inventory allows users to manage their inventory from anywhere. Products can be imported via CSV and names, prices, and quantities can be edited at any time. Daily stock alert emails notify users of items with low or no stock, and inventory levels can be exported to printable spreadsheets. Native integrations with Shopventory and Stitch Labs are offered, and users can also create custom solutions using Square’s APIs.


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Square Point of Sale screenshot: Cash, card, and gift card payments can be recorded in Square Point of SaleSquare Point of Sale OverviewSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Users can browse through the product library to find products, search for products, or scan product barcodesSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Product costs can also be added manually using the keypadSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Sales tax can be managed and is included in the sale subtotalSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Tips can be added to bills by amount or percentage, and customer signatures capturedSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Full and partial refunds can be issued to customers when necessarySquare Point of Sale screenshot: Users can add discounts, such as frequent buyer or welcome discounts, to the POSSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Digital receipts can be sent by SMS or email, and physical receipts can be printedSquare Point of Sale screenshot: Users can track daily activity and search for individual transactions

Square Point of Sale reviews

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Easiest and simplest way to start taking credit card payments for your office

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-15
Review Source: Capterra

Great. Simple and easy to use. People have said that their customer service is extremely hard to get hold of, but we have used it for 3 years and have had no reason to contact customer service.Square POS was very easy to set up. The first card reader you receive (a simple plug in to an iPad or iPhone) was free. We created an account online, attached a bank account, and created a menu of items/services we provide. Then we simply chose photos for each service or product category so that it looks nicer in the app for our employees. The result was a very simple set up and a very clean looking POS. What's also nice is that Square POS is good at being able to refund patients if something was charged incorrectly. They also get receipts if they choose to via text message or email. Changing the prices and adding or deleting items on the service/products you sell is quite easy. You simply log in to the website and make changes. Also, you can turn in options such as giving customers a choice to tip or not. For being an office that used to take cash only, choosing Square POS was the way to go in entering the world of credit cards. We have no regrets and have no had problems. The correct amount of $$ we received (minus 2.75% of every transaction) gets deposited into our account every week. And we no longer have to hire a collections agency to go after those who don't have cash or mail in checks because they will simply pay through credit card now.

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Joseph Castaneda

Own a business? You NEED this product!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-23
Review Source: Capterra

If you're a business owner and you sell products or services, especially if you have multiple sites and/or have a mobile sales force, this product is a must. The access is easy, the interface is friendly, and the payment system is quick.EASY to set up and use! In short time, we were able to set up our entire library online and make it simple to purchase and sell products. Once set up, everything is available to every member of team, so that one of our book sellers in California has access to the same products as a book seller in Michigan the moment the product is placed online. I also love that we can easily create multiple price points for products and can easily access them from the apps on various mobile devices, desktops etc... The percentages paid to Square are as small as any other you will find, and they deposit funds into your bank account within 24-hours, with same-day options available for an extra, nominal fee. The no hassle, ease-of-deposit, process is a MUST for our small business. Customer service has been off the charts good, and every small issue has been resolved quickly. I also love that so many web sites integrate with Square so that we can maintain one payment portal for 99% of what we do. The technology (swipe devices, Point of Sale stands, card tappers/reader...work flawlessly with each and every device we've thrown at them (iPhones, iPads, Android, laptop...) and they look good, too.

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Melody Enghofer

Excellent as a cash register for small businesses

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-29
Review Source: Capterra

At the ice cream parlor I work at, the register is programmed with all of the items we sell. You can program buttons to create discounts either by a percentage of the sale or with a flat dollar amount. This program tracks sales by day and by product sold. We have used this for probably 2 years now and it allows us to track sales from the years past to see what the trends are. For example, how busy were we last Mother's Day or when to our sales start dropping as we head into/winter fall. This allows us to make informed decisions on how much staffing we need and what hours to keep our business open for. We can also see how well certain items are selling. So when we introduce new items it allows us to see if they are selling well and gives us insight as to how we need to market for our business. This replaced a simple cash register that we used to have, but it is so much more than a cash register with all of the information you can track and use to make decisions for your business. This is an easily programmable software that can be used to create a point of sale register. I work at a coffee/ice cream parlor and we use the software for our register, and it stores our sales information and has been very helpful in marketing and determining what products have been selling well or poorly

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There's room for improvement, but it's currently THE Point of Sale

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-01
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, as an independent artist, I'd recommend Square in a blink to anyone in that position. Free reader, easy to use, mobile...It's perfect. For small businesses, I'd also suggest Square - I've worked with the alternative, Clover, and it's so very slow and not as user friendly - but I think Square needs to continue evolving to keep up with those demands. And I'm sure they will given they've already created the flippable platform.Square is simple to use and that's what makes it so popular. The card readers are simple, organizing your inventory is simple. It works really well for me as an independent artist at art fairs and such. I've never run into any trouble using it in that context. The new flip screen platform is also super wonderful for retail stores and cafes as it takes the pressure off of the employee and the awkwardness of asking for tips etc... disappates. It also seems to run smoother by virtue of the platform not running other apps. Definitely love that Square is expanding their market to meet the needs of larger companies.

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Celeste Green

Highly recommended!

Used other for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

I love Square! We've used it for years and will continue to use it at our events. Square is easy to use and very reliable. I love that I can send out user codes to volunteers at our fundraising events and not worry about sharing a main login in order to have multiple people collecting money for our organization. We use Square at all of our fundraising events and it is very reliable. It is also very easy to train a new person on how to use the Square app and reader, which is very important at events when I have volunteers who've never used Square before. The dashboard is easy to navigate and the reports are easy to read. Square's fees are very reasonable and they are very good about providing Square reader devices for point of sale transaction.

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Square's pricing is simple for businesses of all sizes.
Pay 2.75% per swipe or 3.5% + 15¢ per manually entered transaction

Square Point of Sale features

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Invoice Management
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Key features of Square Point of Sale

  • Credit card processing
  • Printable sales reports
  • Accounting system integration
  • Adjustable taxes
  • Discount management
  • Tipping by percentage or custom amount
  • Full & partial refunds
  • Customizable loyalty programs & rewards
  • Manual credit card entry
  • Customer signature capture
  • Receipt printer support
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Digital receipts via SMS or email
  • Cash, check & gift card payment recording
  • Employee permission management
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out
  • Labor hour reporting
  • Multi-location reporting
  • Custom item library
  • Price variations by item
  • Bulk item import
  • Item search
  • Summary reports
  • Cash drawer history
  • Transaction history
  • Offline mode
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Payment details for regular customers can be stored, enabling users to charge them at the checkout with the tap of a button.

Payment can be processed from Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards, and payment can be taken without an internet connection in offline mode.

Users can enable employee passcodes to control what data each employee is able to access, and all transactions are linked to employees, allowing users to keep track of who is responsible for each sale or refund, and reconcile commissions or tips.

Employees can clock in and out with timecards on the point of sale, with automatic overtime calculation, and hours can be edited by users.

Sales reports can be filtered by location, device, and employee, and revenue-per-labor-hour reports can be generated to identify the most efficient employees.