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Rydoo overview

Rydoo is a leading corporate business travel and expense solution that automates and streamlines processes for high-growth companies and enterprises. At Rydoo we save you a lifetime. We free companies and their employees from travel and expense friction. From searching flights and hotels, booking a seat on a train or expensing a cab from the airport. Our end-to-end solution covers your whole journey. Period.

Thousands of companies including Deloitte, Pernod Ricard and Henkel use Rydoo to reduce time and costs significantly. Headquartered in Belgium, Rydoo has offices in Amsterdam, London, New York and São Paulo and customers across 62 countries.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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Rydoo reviews

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Spela Predan Hardy

Completely indispensable app for expenses

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-06
Review Source: Capterra

its a lovely and great tool for organising expenses. I cant imagine going back to whatever i was doing before.It is a great tool for expenses. Its easy to use and nice design. All features work perfectly - the receipt reader, all the possibilities offered to tailor it to your wishes and demands.

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Phillip Ingram

Great expense software, I'd recommend in a heartbeat!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-29
Review Source: Capterra

I was looking for an expense manager to replace one that I was previously. The one I was using before didn't have great customer support and a few times the site was down, which was not good. When I first looked at Xpenditure It took me a while to set it up the way I was used to but the customer support during this process was excellent. Any questions I had, while I was checking them out and hadn't paid a dime, they treated me as if I was already a client of theirs. They held my hand through the process and it's worked out great. After everything was setup, I've had minor issues which again, the customer support helped me through. Customer support is excellent. I like how it integrates with your banking account, if you choose to link them, which helps in not having to type in different expenses. I REALLY LIKE, if you have recurring expenses every month, there's a check box (recurring expense) that you can check, and on the day of the month that expense is due, everything is already setup for you in a todo list and you can just add your receipt. I also travel overseas for business and I love that if I purchase something overseas from any country, you don't have to worry about the conversion rates, etc. All you do is put in the price of your purchase in the currency box, there's a dropdown menu for countries around the world. Let's say you're in Europe, you pull up their currency and it will automatically change the currency into American Dollars for your expense reports. (Great feature). If you're like me I like to take a few minutes a day to take care of my expenses, so that they don't pile up, so with the mobile app when you're out and about you can add your expenses, or take a few minutes when you're in front of your computer. You can add your receipts from your computer, webcam, or send receipts via email and your information will be in it's proper places. You can also track mileage, track time and create a trip and have an expense report for a specific trip as well. All great features.

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Tony Bredin

The solution that will allow you to keep track of expenses!!!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-08
Review Source: Software Advice

Xpenditure is a very convenient solution, especially their mobile app. I find their desktop version to be slightly more difficult to manage, but still fairly easy. This helps people keep a better track of their expenses and makes it easier to validate and verify with the instant picture option.Our organization was looking to go paperless as much as possible. We were suffering from a lot of paperwork in this department while handling all business travel related documents/receipts. We had been researching many solutions that are available on the market but the most flexible one was Xpenditure. One of the best things was implementing this product. We had a great experience to work closely together with the Xpenditure team in order to align the product with our business needs. We were very impressed and highly appreciated that they always listen to what the needs are of the customer. If they can not come up with a solution immediately they will take the point with them and come back.

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Phillip Ingram

Making Expense Reports A Breeze

Reviewed 2016-03-08
Review Source: GetApp

I'm in the entertainment industry as well as I have a business that I run from home. I need to differentiate the different parts of my life and make the reporting of my expenses easy for my accountant. I travel around the world performing and so there's various expenses, or write-offs, that I need to keep track of. I was using another company for a few years and they're going out of business. I searched for a company that could handle my expenses the way that I was already used to. In my search, I found Xpenditure. They have literally made 'expense reporting a breeze'. Even in my trial period, I needed some help in setting up my different expense reports and the customer service is GREAT!. I was a POTENTIAL customer, and the customer service treated me as if I was already a customer. Once I was helped with my setup, I haven't looked back. I've already recommended Xpenditure to some of my colleagues and will continue to do so. They have a customer for life. As I mentioned in the review section, the customer support is phenomenal. In my trial period, I was treated like a customer that had already been with the company for a while. That's very attractive to potential customers. Also the ease of use, the mobile apps they have, so you can report your expenses on the go. If you need different types of expense reports, such as I do, they can accommodate that with no problems. Also, in traveling around the world they have a dropdown box for the different types of currency that you're using in a particular company. The pricing is very reasonable and you get a lot of bang for your bucks. Whether you're a big company or a self-employed person, it doesn't matter, they can accommodate your needs. I would say that they're a company that definitely over delivers but is very unassuming. I'd never heard of them until I did a search. I read a little bit about them, while I was checking out other companies, and Xpenditure won! Xpenditure treats people the way they want to be treated!

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Marsha Putman

Next Steps with Rydoo

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-19
Review Source: Capterra

It has taken 2 years to fully integrate Rydoo at our Organization due to Smart Phone challenged users. Now that all employees are using the platform, it runs very well. Those who utilize Apps especially love the platform.The App is extremely easy to use. If you can use an App, you can easily migrate to using this software. The travel features are a great upgrade. Because the receipts are in the cloud, you can quickly run reports for tax/audit purposes providing ample evidence for auditors.

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#11 in Expense Management

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GetApp’s ranking highlights the top 25 apps in different categories on GetApp. If an app is listed in more than one category, it has the potential to be ranked in each of these categories. The ranking is independent of any commercial campaign an app vendor has with GetApp. The ranking is based on 5 data points, each scored out of 20: reviews, integrations, mobile apps, media presence, and security.

Rydoo also features in these categories:

GetApp Analysis

Xpenditure is an expenses management app that allows anyone with a smartphone, a tablet or simply a webcam to digitize, store and manage receipts. It was created with the freelancer and small business owner, who often don’t have time to keep track of receipts and business expenses, in mind. Xpenditure attempts to do it for you.

The benefits and features of this app include its new incorporation of miiCard’s identity protection processes.

What is Rydoo?

Xpenditure is a mobile and web based platform that transforms the outdated expense reporting process into an automated and real-time flow. Empowered by technology we make sure traveling employees manage their expenses in the fastest and smoothest way possible.

Employees can take a snap of their receipt with their mobile application and manage their expenses in real time. Once submitted, the expenses are sent to the approver in their company.

Approvers can approve, reject and manage expenses on the go within the mobile app, which significantly facilitates the process of reimbursement.

Who is Rydoo for?

Xpenditure’s features can help business owners, employees and accountants keep up with expenses, reimbursement, and taxes.

Receipt information uploaded through Xpenditure is securely stored online for seven years to satisfy U.S. Internal Revenue requirements. Different members of your company can gain permissions for any or a combination of these four administrative roles within Xpenditure: administrator, CFO, director, or personal permissions. On an ongoing basis, the admin can remove and add users and change roles.

Main features

The web-based version of the Xpenditure expenses app comes with a dashboard that allows users to upload receipts, add expenses, and upload business cards to an account. These items will be available to administrative staff as they work to manage a business’s accounting and simply check what their off-site workers are up to.

Online you can also generate reports, edit expense details, and add accounts. Accounts can be managed under Settings > Company Settings > Users > Add Users.

On the mobile interface, you can manage permissions, create new projects, create mileage categories, approve expenses to be paid, and more. When users download the app on a mobile device, the interface reminds them to upload receipts and plug in other information.

You can scan a photo of a receipt for information to be automatically populated or enter information manually. Back at the office, administrative staff can generate payments and run reports.


seamlessly integrates with major accounting and ERP packages including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks and Sage.


After a free trial, basic users pay $5 per user per month. This covers all of the basic features of both the web and mobile apps.

However, to add groups and role permissions, to integrate with existing business software, or to build and mananage a plan of more than 15 users, businesses will be required to upgrade to the Pro version, which is available for $7 per user per month.

Bottom line

  • Lets organizations easily store and organize receipts
  • Extracts relevant data for use in accounting procedures
  • Offers expense approval option
  • Robust, but suitable for smaller organizations
  • Easy management of multiple team members

Additional information for Rydoo

Key features of Rydoo

  • Multi-Currency
  • Stored safely for over 10 years
  • OCR Receipt scanning
  • Easy tax reports
  • Expense reporting without paper receipts
  • Mileage Tracking
  • World Class Support
  • Expense Rules and Alerts
  • Per Diem Expenses
  • Accounting and ERP Integration
  • Mobile Approval or Rejection
  • Controlling module
  • Expense Policy Rules
  • Direct Bank Transactions Feed
  • ERP Integrations
  • API Access
  • Detection of duplicate expenses
  • Trip allocation
  • Multi-languages
  • Auto VAT Calculation
  • Cash advances
  • Manage Cash Advances
  • Fetch Credit Card Statements and Match with Expenses
  • Time tracking by Project or Client
  • Detection of duplicate expenses and other policy rules
  • Add Custom Fields to Your Expenses
  • Generate Expense Claims in Seconds
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The full value chain
No one covers the full customer journey. Not like we do...

What we do best: Rydoo integrates all your needs with travel and expenses. From searching flights and hotels, booking a seat on a train or expensing a cab from the airport, we go with you all the way.
Late dinner with the team in Singapore? We kill the expense report reducing workload every month allowing business travelers to submit their expenses on the go in real-time.

Globally present, locally relevant:
With 10 offices around the world, Rydoo serves more than 3,000 enterprises in more than 60 countries. As a true global company, we understand the complexity of all local regulations and can cater to each country individually.
From complex German per diems, HMRC mileage rules, Spanish paperless certifications... Rydoo helps you be compliant wherever you operate.

Automated controls to save you time:
Rydoo integrates all your travel and expense policies automating control and saving your approvers and finance team's time. All bookings and expenses are checked against the activated policies and non-compliant receipts are highlighted throughout the funnel. No more manual checks or faulty expenses.Book flights, hotels from a gigantic inventory, trains, cabs and whatever in between.