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Noteable logo



Practice management tool for behavioral service providers

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Noteable is a complete solution for ABA, including data collection via an app for iOS and Android, plus data analysis, customizable notes and reports, telehealth and practice management features in a cloud application.

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The Leading Telemedicine & Digital Patient Intake Platform

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Launch your Telemedicine program today with MendFree.

Achieve single digit no-show rates and 90+% patient engagement powered by A.I. AI no-show and cancellation predictors, reminders, telemedicine, digital forms, and scheduling.

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CentralReach logo



Practice management & EHR for therapists and educators

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CentralReach is a practice management & EHR solution for therapists and educators with integrated features for scheduling, medical billing, payroll, clinical data collection & learning. CentralReach helps applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinicians to produce improved outcomes for people with autism.

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EmbarkEMR logo



Physical therapy and electronic medical records software

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Embark EMR software is a cloud-based EMR and mental health platform. It targets physical, speech, massage, and occupational therapy practitioners. Key features include scheduling, charting, and referral tracking. It also provides a client portal, progress reports, live chat, and electronic payments.

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Behaviorsoft logo



Practice management software for behavior therapy clinics

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Behaviorsoft is a cloud-based practice management software designed to help small to midsize behavior therapy clinics collect and document patient records, manage staff details, and process payments. Features include electronic signature, payroll, reporting, access control, and data backup.

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ABAdesk logo



Intuitive clinical solution for ABA providers

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ABAdesk is an intuitive clinical solution for ABA providers and educators. Priced for accessibility, even new and growing companies can have the tools they need to achieve work-life balance.

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Theralytics  logo



Practice management for applied behavior analysis therapists

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Theralytics is a cloud-based practice management and data collection solution for ABA (applied behavior analytics) providers. It allows therapists and practice administrators to manage scheduling, billing, data collection, documentation, payroll, reporting, and more, from one centralized platform.

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Kareo Clinical logo

Kareo Clinical


Cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution

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Kareo Clinical is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry. The software allows medical professionals to take notes, write prescriptions, view health records, and manage patient interactions.

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Therabill logo



Practice management for rehab therapy & behavioral health

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TheraBill is a web-based practice management platform for mental and behavioral health specialists & speech therapists, offering scheduling, invoicing, and more

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ChartLogic EHR logo

ChartLogic EHR


Cloud based EHR solution for hospitals and clinics

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ChartLogic is an integrated electronic health recording solution that offers tools for electronic medical recording, practice management and billing services

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Catalyst logo



Electronic data collection system for ABA professionals

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Catalyst is an electronic data collection solution for ABA (applied behavior analysis) practitioners. The cloud-based tool allows users to gather a variety of data types using a mobile device & use the data to generate custom, real-time reports on metrics such as skills acquisition, behavior & more.

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Rethink logo



Cloud-based behavioral health practice management software

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Rethink is a cloud-based behavioral health practice management software that helps organizations across the health industry streamline ABA data collection and communication with clients. Features include content database, customizable templates, automated progress charting, remote access, and analytics.

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ClinicSource logo



Cloud-based therapy EMR and practice management software

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ClinicSource is a cloud-based EMR and therapy software solution that integrates all therapy scheduling, billing, documentation, SOAP notes & more, saving time.

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MedEZ logo



Electronic health record (EHR) suite

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MedEZ is a billing & electronic health record (EHR) suite designed for medical facilities such as substance abuse rehabilitation & behavioral health centers. The software is fully integrated & provides tools to help with practice management, invoicing & billing, managing patient history, & more

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Skills logo



Professional ABA solutions for managing treatment plans

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Our fully integrated platform is based on three decades of research- and evidence-backed ABA clinical methodologies. Built by developers with specific expertise in the ABA space, these tools offer a solution that’s unmatched in its depth and span of features, scope of curriculum and workflows.

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ClinicTracker logo



EHR for mental health & substance abuse healthcare providers

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ClinicTracker is The Complete EHR Solution designed for mental health and substance abuse healthcare providers. The centralized platform enables users to manage clinical operations such as patient billing, scheduling, communications, reporting, and more.

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WellSky Rehabilitation logo

WellSky Rehabilitation


Rehab practice tool for PT's, OT,'s & speech therapists

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WellSky Rehabilitation is a customizable rehab practice management and EMR solution for rehabilitation providers including PT, OT, pediatric, and speech therapists

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Total ABA logo

Total ABA


Practice management software for medical organizations

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Total ABA is a practice management software that helps medical organizations in analytical behavior, occupational, and speech therapy handle operations related to onboarding, compliance, human resource management, and more on a centralized platform.

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NPAWorks logo



Applied behavior analysis software for therapists

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NPAWorks by CodeMetro is a cloud-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) software designed to help therapy practices manage staff, appointments, billing, payroll, and reporting on a centralized platform. Features include reminders, filtered views, billable hours tracking, and calendar management.

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AdvancedMD for Mental Health logo

AdvancedMD for Mental Health


EHR & practice management for mental health clinicians

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AdvancedMD for Mental Health is a flexible & customizable, web-based EHR & practice management tool for mental, behavioral, & physical therapy clinicians & providers

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ABA Teamwork Express logo

ABA Teamwork Express


Cloud-based behavior analysis application

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ABA Teamwork Express lets educators and other professionals collect and share information about people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Users can collaborate with team members to record and view data and track progress using desktop or mobile devices during therapy and classroom sessions.

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ABAKiS logo



Cloud-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) software

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ABAKiS is a cloud-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) software designed to help behavior consultants, small clinics, and independent practices manage administrative tasks such as team communication, data entry, progress tracking, and more.

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AlohaABA logo



Practice management platform with applied behavior analysis

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AlohaABA is a cloud-based practice management solution, designed specifically for applied behavior analysis (ABA) practices. The platform offers features including appointment scheduling, billing management, payroll management, accounts receivable, and visual analytics for tracking KPIs.

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BIPTrack logo



Applied behavior analysis & skill tracking software

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BIPTrack is a cloud-based behavior and skills acquisition tracking software, which helps educational institutions and therapy practices collect, evaluate, and report on the progress of patients' speech pathology and occupational or physical therapy in real-time.

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Curismed logo



Practice management software for ABA clinics and therapists

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Curismed is a practice management software designed to help therapy practices and applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinics handle staff scheduling, invoicing, payroll, and insurance billing, and other processes, on a unified platform.

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