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Integrated mobile contractor management platform

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Knowify overview

Know­ify is a mobile contractor management solution for small to medium contracting businesses and construction professionals who want to streamline their workflow for managing projects, scheduling, contracts, invoices, change orders, purchasing, and more. Users are able to track time, submit expenses, and check work orders from any mobile device, as well as sync data in real time.

Knowify provides built-in job costing and project management tools that enable users to estimate jobs and track performance. Project management features are fully integrated with purchasing and timekeeping for real-time monitoring against labor and materials budgets. The platform enables users to prepare bids for commercial GC jobs and contracts for property owners with e-signature capabilities. The built-in change order feature allows users to send change orders out for acceptance while on the go.

Dispatch management features allow users to create service tickets to send to technicians in the field. The platform supports both time and materials, as well as fixed price service tickets. Notifications are sent to on-site workers via mobile app, including additional photos, notes, and more. Users are able to view work orders, clock in and out, as well as add materials while on the go. Maintenance contract management tools enable users to schedule, track and bill service appointments with clients. Users can also get real-time cost and revenue data while jobs are in progress.

Knowify’s invoicing tools help users with billing time and materials, including progress billing, and milestone billing, as well as percentage completion, line-item-based, and more. Users can create AIA-style g702/g703 applications for payments to be submitted to commercial general contractors. Knowify’s mobile app for Android and iOS comes with features for GPS-verified clock in / clock out, timekeeping for on-site crew, and classic timecards. Users can integrate with QuickBooks to sync their list of vendors, classes, purchases, and employees for increased accountant productivity.


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Knowify screenshot: "The bird's eye view of your whole business" (President at Texas Pride Custom Floors)Knowify for ContractorsKnowify screenshot: Manage multiple jobs simultaneously.Knowify screenshot: Track crew time and GPS location from both the office and the jobsite.Knowify screenshot: Schedule crews with the resource scheduler that automatically sends out reminders for each service.Knowify screenshot: Impress your clients with your professionalism.Knowify screenshot: Prepare a quote for a homeowner or a large, multi-phase bid for a commercial general contractor.Knowify screenshot: Schedule of values, progress billing, time and materials, and more!Knowify screenshot: Create cost estimates or bids, and use progress or AIA billing to invoice clients.Knowify screenshot: Real-time connection between the office and the field.Knowify screenshot: Allow employees to submit expenses and track time from their smartphones.Knowify screenshot: Make better decisions with real-time job performance data.Knowify screenshot: Get real-time information about job profitability and work in progress.Knowify screenshot: Accurately track POs, expenses and revenue per job.

Knowify reviews

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Tierney Bartell

As a Quickbooks desktop Beta customer, we are still ironing out some sync troubles.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-10-24
Review Source: Capterra

The online-ability is great for the boss in the field, but with QBD we have had to establish work arounds. Knowify has many modules that are useful, however they do not all work with QBD quite yet. Once they can get the sync figured out it will be a one-stop-shop for estimating, time-tracking, invoicing, scheduling. We do not use the Plan and Track feature, but I can see how that could be VERY helpful. Emailing customers is very easy. Purchase orders are EASY to send. Getting customer signatures is EASY.

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Michael Snelson

This is how it should be and it's only getting better

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-07-06
Review Source: Capterra

Knowify is singularly impressive in it's ability to speak to both the complex and real time needs of contractors while satisfying the employee, office staff, and the accountant's requirements. Our office has tried repeatedly to classify this program, as estimation, project management, AR, job costing, etc. when speaking with clients, and ultimately with each new client we find it is more than that, it is simply the right answer for the right problem for contractors. Combine Knowify's ever growing list of built in (and truly astonishing) benefits, with a staff who are willing to take our's, and I'm sure many, users suggestions for improved useage and the result is a company you want to see leading the market. By far the best feature of Knowify is that, with a seemingly simple but comprehensive interface, the program is intuitively generating more beneficial outputs, then we could first imagine.

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Joel Meyers

Wanted to make this a priority for my business, but customer service is terrible.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

A good idea of what I want. Otherwise, no benefit at all. This software, by itself, is a great concept, but the management team and the connectivity with my normal QB software is abhorrent. Makes bids, change-orders, and scheduling easy. In theory - but not actuality - it should link with Quickbooks, which, if working, would be awesome.

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Gavin Dunn

Great for the sub-trades

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-16
Review Source: Capterra

Knowify entered our business at the right time and it has been reliable. We've had our challenges navigating the options to find the right tools to use in each scenario, but it's been well employed since. Custom reports, automated tools, and a mobile event calendar would help knowify replace a few other tools that we are usingKnowify excels in connecting the user with the client in terms of financials. Contracts are made easily and change order management is a breeze

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Ashley Paredes

Good app, not for every type of company

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, definitely recommend if you're a basic contracting company. Does this software work? Yes. Is it for every type of professional service company? No.The easy to navigate website and features, and the fact that they will try to accommodate your business needs within the app.

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Essentials: $68/month --- Bid and contract management, change order management (with built-in e-signature capture), scheduling, progress and AIA-style invoicing, and more. 20% off if paid yearly.

Plus: $86/month --- Essentials plan + job costing, project management, up to 50 active jobs, and more. 20% off if paid yearly.

Growth (Most Popular): $186/month --- Plus plan + custom templates, overtime management, advanced reports, up to 150 active jobs, and more. 20% off if paid yearly.

Enterprise $330/month --- Growth plan + API access, advanced project management, custom report, and more. 20% off if paid yearly.

Knowify features

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Additional information for Knowify

Key features of Knowify

  • Change orders
  • Contracts & estimates
  • Document / photo management
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Budgeting
  • Contractors
  • Job scheduling
  • Task management
  • Warranty / service management
  • Accounting
  • Submittal management
  • Lead management
  • Job costing & estimating
  • Bids
  • Service work
  • Time tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Percent completion & fixed price
  • Project management
  • Dispatch management
  • Profitability analysis
  • Invoices (with progressive and AIA)
  • Resource scheduler
  • Purchasing and expenses
  • QuickBooks 2-way synching
  • iOS and Android App
  • Reporting (with time and job reports)
  • Personalized PDF outputs
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Customized privileges
  • Personalized setup and customization
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Accountant's view
  • Expense
  • Activity Dashboard
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Knowify enables organizations to run their entire contracting business, whether within the plumbing, HVAC, solar, painting, electric, landscaping, or roofing industry.

The integrated platform enables contracting businesses to complete all their administrative tasks within one centralized location, including time tracking and scheduling.

Knowify integrates with QuickBooks for syncing transaction data automatically, giving accountants improved visibility on records.

Phases of work by outside subcontractors can be incorporated into the project plan, with invoice reconciliation to ensure the right payments.

Users can create bids and contracts with the company's letterhead and send them through Knowify for electronic signature.