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FoxMetrics overview

What is FoxMetrics?

FoxMetrics represents a suite of products that offer real-time personalization and customer targeting for online retailers looking to create more effective eCommerce experiences. Through a process of analysis and tools for honing in on key segments, sellers and marketers can glean a better understanding of shopping cart user data to react to their behaviors and preferences as individuals. Personalization features include out-of-the-box customizable, white label widgets for running feedback surveys, building email mailing lists and firing Exit-Intent pop-ups with tailored marketing messages. With ESP integration, vendors can send emails querying abandoned shopping cart and general browsing sessions to turn potential revenue losses into conversions, leveraging A/B Testing to find the best methods.

Cart abandonment features also support the building of detailed customer profiles, giving sellers unique insights that can be fully segmented and queried. FoxMetrics claims to capture just about any useful customer attribute available such as behavior, demographic, first-time/return visit etc. and returning this information with metrics. Alongside dedicated Attribution Modeling, the suite also delivers flexible analytics and ad-hoc reporting capabilities with easy export for stakeholder sharing.


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FoxMetrics screenshot: Customer profiling capabilities compile detailed profiles for each person, capturing valuable data on behaviors and habitsFoxMetrics screenshot: Leverage real-time customer analytics to create personalized marketing messages that target buyers more effectivelyFoxMetrics screenshot: Customizable widgets include those for delivering customer surveys, email mailing list signup prompts, Exit Intent pop-ups and wholly DIY optionsFoxMetrics screenshot: Dynamic content and customizable website pop-ups allows the right customers to be reached with the right messagesFoxMetrics screenshot: Segment customer profiles and target each group based on the way they engage with an eCommerce experienceFoxMetrics screenshot: Display real-time Exit Intent pop-ups to those users abandoning their carts, showing targeted messages and prompts that encourage a conversion before they leave the website

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FoxMetrics features

A/B Testing
Activity Dashboard
Customizable Branding
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Real Time Analytics

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Additional information for FoxMetrics

Key features of FoxMetrics

  • Analytics
  • A/B Testing features
  • Landing page testing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Customer activity reports
  • Customer profiles
  • Event triggered emails
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Event triggered actions
  • eCommerce platform integrations
  • eCommerce widgets
  • Surveys & questionnaires
  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Customizable branding
  • Unlimited ad hoc reports
  • Real-time predefined reports
  • Custom filtering
  • Export to CSV
  • Multi-device attribution
  • FoxMetrics dashboard
  • Real-time analytics
  • Visitor targeting
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Customer profiles
  • ESP integration
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FoxMetrics is a suite of marketing products that ultimately supports enterprise-level sellers and eCommerce marketers in the capture of customer data to better target their personal preferences and boost conversions.

Alongside the collection of detailed customer profiles, Personalization features offer widgets for delivering targeted surveys and popups with A/B Testing for more effective real-time tailoring of marketing messages.

Recover abandoned shopping cart and general store browsing conversions with automatic event-triggered emails delivering personalized reminders, recommendations or offers, and Exit Intent popup alerts.

Target Surveys facilitate the gathering of customer satisfaction feedback, leveraging customizable questionnaires that can be rebranded and restyled to match an existing eCommerce experience.

Attribution Modeling provides holistic insights, data segmentation, querying, ad server integration and multi-device attribution, while the Analytics module offers exportable ad-hoc and predefined reporting options.