Pinpointe On-Demand Reviews

Pinpointe On-Demand Reviews

Pinpointe On-Demand

Have you outgrown your email marketing service provider?

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Sr. Manager, Online Marketing (Computer Software company, 501-1000 employees)
Verified Reviewer  23rd of October, 2014

Great Product

We use Pinpointe as a first step in communicating with our broad audience. It is our first touch point in our email marketing strategy and an affordable compliment to our marketing automation software. After engaging our subscribers through Pinpointe, we push the most qualified and engaged prospects to our marketing automation platform, which we use for landing pages, lead routing lead scoring. This has not only allowed us to save a tremendous amount of money, but has simplified our email marketing processes.

Pros: Besides saving money and simplifying our email marketing processes, we have been very impressed with Pinpointe’s deliverability rates. We send several million emails a month and our deliverability rates with Pinpointe are over 98%. Pinpointe has secu

Verified Reviewer  13th of October, 2014

Critical Component of Demand Generation & Nurturing Campaigns

Pinpointe’s email marketing solution is one of the few email vendors in the market that is able to meet our closed-loop marketing objectives. Our marketing department needs to accurately track and analyze our email marketing program efficiency and Pinpointe has advanced targeting and segmentation tools that go beyond the basics of simple email marketing. It’s also important for us to be able to send personalized and targeted emails on behalf of our sales and lead development teams. With Pinpointe we can choose, for each contact in our database, whom each email campaign appears to be coming from.

Pros: Easy to Use - intuitive system Accurate system; great reporting and analytics available Very good support Great value

Manager, Marketing Automation ( company, 501-1000 employees)
Verified Reviewer  9th of October, 2014

Enhances our Email Marketing Reach

We use Pinpointe as a first step in communicating with our broad audience. It is our first touch point in our email marketing strategy and an affordable compliment to our marketing automation software. After engaging our subscribers through Pinpointe, we push the most qualified and engaged prospects to our marketing automation platform. This has enhanced our email marketing reach, while saving us money.

Pros: + Enhances our email marketing reach + Saves us money + GREAT deliverability rate – 98%+ (and we sent millions of emails each month) + GREAT tools for spam score and email client visibility

Verified Reviewer  3rd of October, 2014

Great for Email Marketing

We have used Pinpointe for over X years to send out important company announcements and monthly newsletters to our customers. They continues to be a great service provider and continuously improve their system. Their spam checker and email previewer tools have really helped our deliverability, and you can’t beat their support team.

Verified Reviewer  30th of May, 2014

Pinpointe's Email Marketing Platform Is Like Constant Contact On Steroids

I am a marketing consultant that primarily services B2B clients from the mid to enterprise space, I continually recommended and use Pinpointe’s robust email marketing software solution due to its advanced features and easy-to-use platform. Growing beyond the basics of email marketing, Pinpointe incorporates tracking and analytics capabilities along with the bells and whistles of advanced email marketing. It also includes features like like split-testing, landing pages, automated lead nurturing, social sharing, email deliverability, and website tracking. Customers can quickly create and design all types of emails and newsletters with responsive templates that automatically adjust to display on devices that result in high response rates. Comprehensive features like improved targeting, segmentation and drip marketing campaigns also help marketers easily nurture contacts, analyze results and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team. Pinpointe has made it easy for both me and my clients to effectively manage all aspects of email marketing.

Pros: * Easy to use built-in email designer - use one of Pinpointe's mobile responsive email templates or easily create your own. * EXCELLENT customer service goes above an beyond. * Advanced email marketing automation features

Cons: * Design editor doesn’t store recently used colors * Would like to be better informed about updates

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20th of November, 2012

Pinpointe's Email HTML Code Analysis Tool

I really appreciate Pinpointe’s Inbox Preview Tool. With it, I can now see what my email campaign looks like in up to 20 email clients, including mobile and I-Pad. It has a code analyzer that identifies three levels of code errors: Critical, Moderate, and Low. It then offers details on how to update the code to eliminate the errors/problems for the given email client. I also use Pinpointe’s spam checker and find it very useful in aiding the reduction of my spam score for every email campaign.

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20th of August, 2012

Pinpointe Inbox Preview Tool Delivers

We've been using Pinpointe for over a year and support has been superb. Pinpointe's newly added inbox previewer has really saved me lot of time and frustration. We can now get a live and accurate preview of our marketing campaigns in 20 email clients, including mobile clients. Since email clients have a plethora of quirky nuances, Pinpointe's code analyzer tells us which code might cause display issues and gives recommendations on how to modify the code to maximize compatibility. Pinpointe's spam checker also helps us keep our spam score low to help improve deliverability.

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2nd of December, 2011

Successful B2B email marketing

The Email Marketing Software from Pinpointe offers for B2B users like me more creation and monitoring features than we could find in ordinary B2C email marketing services. One very useful feature is for example the customizable From field. If you create an email marketing campaign with Pinpointe you can import contacts from an Excel, Outlook or CSF file without problems. The software enables you as well to add information about a client as a note. You can choose from different report options, all of them are easy to create.

Pros: The software offers great features like surveys, an email previewer, a spam checker, etc. I also like very much Pinpointe's email creator which helps you to prepare full HTML emails.

Cons: Social media integration and complaints report is missing.

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