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Online Point of Sale (POS) software solution for restaurants

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CAKE overview

CAKE, from Sysco, built its Point of Sale to meet the demands of Quick & Full Service restaurants. It’s simple, intuitive, and cost-friendly.

Easily handle peak QSR rush hours with line busting OrderPads that control the flow of traffic. Fast, error-free ordering means guests get their seats, eats, and receipts faster - and leave satisfied by superior service. Customer facing display empower guests to pay, tip, and sign from their screen while employees keep working.

Upgrade your FSR to take orders and payments tableside with mobile OrderPads that send error-free info to the kitchen instantly. Supercharge your POS with rich Guest Manager profiles and automatic table status updates for your hosts. Customize menus on-the-fly to encourage fresh flavors, and automated inventory tracking ensures fresh ingredients.

CAKE makes it easy and at a fraction of the cost.


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CAKE screenshotCAKE Point of SaleCAKE screenshot: A dual-POS customer touch display means more customer privacy while employees stay hard at work.CAKE screenshot: Easily take orders tableside with CAKE OrderPad to improve accuracy and faster service. Or use for line busting at quick service restaurants.CAKE screenshot: Quickly process payments tableside.CAKE screenshot: Integrates with the CAKE Guest Manager solution to seat 1.5 more tables per section each hour by viewing table status at a glance.CAKE screenshot: CAKE Reports optimized for viewing across desktop, laptop and mobile devicesCAKE screenshot: Access a comprehensive selection of reporting options including peak hour summariesCAKE screenshot: Guest Manager reporting options include analytics for spotting wait time trends etc.CAKE Point of Sale for Full Service Restaurants

CAKE reviews

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Carmelle Neuy

Great Software! Great Support!! Great System!!!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-30
Review Source: Capterra

The efficiency for the staff, which is HUGE!! We are a Family Restaurant, that worked with Carbon Guest checks. We would take an order at the table and run it back to the kitchen, and then move on to the next table. Now, because we use the IPads to take the order, we can go from table to table to take the order, while we are doing that we can have the coffee pot with us, and on the way back to the wait station, we can be carrying our pot, and cleaning tables, as well. All of this, while the cooks are working on the orders. We were able to get rid of one extra body during the week because of this efficiency. ALSO because of this system, everyone is charged the same, there is no more "guessing" how much the item costs because we are busy and don't have time to look, all of the sauces are getting charged for, and the amount of "forgetting to add it to the bill" charges are low. This system is a win, win. I just cannot say enough about it.This system has Easy to add & Change Menu Items, which works awesome for our daily specials. It is VERY user friendly & Easy to train any age group. This system works great for reports, menu items such as what you are or are not selling, payroll, ect. I am so glad we chose this System!!

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Kim Tranter

I love CAKE!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-11
Review Source: Capterra

Too many to list here but software that is easy to understand and follow and make corrections too. It runs our kitchen and food orders as well as serving as an employee time keeping system. We purchased our Cake system two years ago after looking at many different systems for our diner after making the decision to update our entire process. The Cake system had everything that we wanted. Over the past two years we've had some issues with our system that very easily have been corrected and some that took a little time to fix. We are just too busy for me to spend countless hours trying to work out an issue and receive minimal or no satisfaction. Out of all the customer service companies we have ever done business with over the last 25 years, the best has been Cake. Hands down. No exception. The technicians are beyond wonderful. Every single technician has stayed with me until the issue at hand has been resolved and has worked with me to fully understand. We have just been updated to the newest software version of Cake and while doing my first online audit of employee timecards I found that I didn't understand how to make a certain correction. The guys at Cake walked me through it late on a Sunday evening and I was able to submit my completed, accurate payroll in time. And I LOVE the new remote access update. It's so easy and helps me keep payroll in line. The only thing I can say is thank you so much for realizing the importance of great customer service! Don't change a thing.

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Katie Baker

Cake has been such a positive experience.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-08
Review Source: Capterra

Cake saves us time with customers and employee training. It is very user friendly and the support team is very friendly and helpful.We switched to CAKE because we were launching a bigger location and with an expanded menu, this was the better option for us. We were previously using Square which didn't have a lot of the functions we needed as a bigger business. It's much easier for employees to work now because CAKE allows them to do clocking in and out in one convenient location, all the menu options can be put in the system which saves their time entering and hunting, and overall it's much more organized. We can also easily change the menu from our laptops on a regular basis because we've been adding a bunch of stuff, and it's much easier from our computers. The reports help us keep records of what sells the best during each season and we can decide then to bring it back or not. A lot of our customers are really impressed as well, it's very easy for them to use and they tell us on a regular basis. It's really user friendly and it all comes down to the ease of use. We just have no complaints, and whenever I need support it's easy to get to.

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Shaun Hartman

Gives greater control over your point of sale and tracking!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-10-20
Review Source: Capterra

Order accuracy and data trackingConversation Summary/Sample Review: Before we started with CAKE, everything was done by hand so we had to write stuff down which posed a challenge because now you had to know what went on everything and how much things were to charge for extra. There was also no way for us to track anything, really. Now we can track sales of items in general as well as hourly, and there is even an option to track by 15-minute period, which is even greater. Changing the menu is easy and I don't have to have meetings to tell people about new prices and things, I just give a heads up and then it just shows up on the machine. Customization is super easy, so even if the customer wants something we don't have in there it's super easy to enter. And then my favorite part is that I can have different printers that send information where it needs to go, so I can send the fryer exactly what they need and the grill what they need which has helped us out a lot. Instead of looking at an order with a ton of information that makes it hard to see what needs to be done, each person can see exactly what they need to do for their part and then have it come together with better accuracy.

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Carol Laufersky

We have been very pleased with our experience with Cake, from the employer and employee standpoint.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-29
Review Source: Capterra

Before CAKE we were a small mom and pop shop handwriting tickets with no POS system. Having everything handwritten caused issues for cooks and if we were looking for specific item sales, we had to go through every single hand-written ticket to track that kind of data. What attracted me to CAKE was that it was a rental program, so there was not a lot of out of pocket upfront cost, which is really important for a small restaurant. Having reporting capabilities to see what we're selling and how much has been an invaluable service. I can see our busy hours, how we did last week, all that information is right at my fingertips. I can also change the menu from wherever, even my phone, so I love the fact that no matter where I personally am, I can change prices, add things to the menu, take things off the menu, and check out our sales. Our payroll company can also log in and generate payroll which eliminates the chance of human error and gives them the convenience to do payroll on their time frame. A huge plus is the ability to make changes, additions and deletions on our own without needing someone from Cake to do it. In addition, they are very receptive to our "wish list" and quick with trouble shooting and response to problems. This system truly saves us a lot of time and stress.

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CAKE pricing

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Pricing options
One time license
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CAKE Point of Sale: as low as $138 per month

CAKE Guest Manager: $199 Activation fee, $79 per month

Payment processing: flat 2.5%

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Automatic Notifications
Customer Loyalty Program
Data Import/Export
Discount Management
Employee Management
Gift Card System
Inventory Tracking
Third Party Integration

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Customer Database (36 other apps)
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Additional information for CAKE

Key features of CAKE

  • Gift card management
  • Separate checks
  • Split checks
  • Table management
  • Online ordering
  • Tips management
  • Online restaurant booking
  • Table management features
  • Customer trend analytics
  • Offer online discount codes
  • Capture reservations
  • POS
  • Third party integrations
  • Real-time updates
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Automatic notifications
  • POS integration
  • Automate your inventory
  • Line Busting
  • Tableside Ordering and Payment
  • Pulse technology pro-actively monitors terminals
  • Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Paypal Order Ahead
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CAKE Point of Sale promises web-based software support for touchscreen hardware and intuitive touch, swipe operations for taking orders quickly and accurately.
Waiting lists are a cinch and efficient with real-time floor maps and customized table management to accurately provide wait times and text your guests when it's time to be seated – all deployed via CAKE Guest Manager’s iPad support.
CAKE Market offers integrations and partnerships with popular third-party services and systems including PayPal, QuickBooks, Xero, Orca, 7Shifts and ChefTab.
Reporting and analytics features provide real time feedback on restaurant performance, optimized for all devices, giving a valuable overview on demand and waiting times etc.
Transparent pricing with no hidden or monthly fees — just a flat 2.5% processing premium per transaction no matter the credit card.