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Leadspace overview

Leadspace uses both sales input and predictive analytics to build your Ideal Customer Profile. You can after refine that Profile with an easy thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback loop, enabling you to effectively search for new leads that look just like your Ideal Customer. Using social data in real-time, Leadspace creates rich, detailed profiles of your prospects, leads and customers. Using sophisticated predictive analytics, Leadspace scores, prioritizes, and even routes your leads.

Leadspace comes with online support, video tutorials, frequent webinars and demo versions - all to help you get setup.


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Leadspace features

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Additional information for Leadspace

Key features of Leadspace

  • Using real-time social data
  • Sales input and predictive analytics
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Context-rich information
  • Detailed profiles of prospects
  • Routes leads
  • Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce
  • Free demo
  • Online support
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Scalable plans
  • Press releases, conferences and news
  • Score your leads
  • Find new prospects
  • Lead generation
  • Track conversations
  • Run predictive insights
  • Real-time sales analytics
  • Multiple integrations
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Run predictive insights and lead generation - Leadspace scans the internet, social, professional, and contact databases to find potential leads matching your Ideal Customer Profile. This is achieved in real-time, for up-to-the-second accuracy. Leadspace provides you with context-rich information on every lead at both the individual and company level.

Ideal Customer Profile and tracking conversations - Leadspace lets you create the exact customer you would like to find you online. Enter certain criteria into the Leadspace generation tool and your ideal customer is then created. Leadspace then scans and tracks conversations online that are fed via your ideal customer’s portfolio.

Find new prospects and score your leads in real time - Leadspace crawls forums, social media websites and blogs to identify potential leads for you. You can then score your Leadspace leads/prospects in real time and create certain techniques to reach out to these leads. The more accurate you create your Ideal Customer Profile, the more pure the leads will be.

Online support and guidance - Leadspace carry out multiple webinars on an annual basis to keep you informed of software updates and Leadspace software techniques/tutorials. An array of Leadspace videos are available online to give you a more visual experience as well as online support from initial inception to ongoing enquiries you may have regarding the Leadspace platform.