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Domo logo



The Domo Business Cloud is where work gets done faster and s

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Domo is a data app platform that transforms businesses by putting data to work for everyone.

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Sisense logo



BI & dashboard software for multiple, large data sets

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Sisense data & analytics platform makes it incredibly easy to mashup data from across your entire data landscape and transform it into powerful, actionable analytics applications that can be embedded anywhere. From startups to brands like GE, Nasdaq, & Philips, thousands of organizations use Sisense

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TapClicks logo



A Unified Marketing Operations Platform Powered By Your Data

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TapClicks delivers a unified digital marketing services, reporting, and analytics platform built for marketing agencies, media agencies, and enterprises

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Funnel logo



Advertising Analytics Platform for Online Marketers

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Funnel takes messy, siloed data from 500+ platforms and automatically make it Business-Ready. Fully harmonized, always accessible, and can be sent to any destination.

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Heap logo



All-in-one solution for creating great digital experiences.

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Heap is the only solution that shows you every action by every user on your product or site, then provides direction on the improvements that will most impact your business. With One-Click Session Replay & Autocapture, teams can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.

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TigerLRM logo



All-In-One Sales Enablement Software for Sales Teams

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TigerLRM comes fully equipped with built-in features and tools that cut down on sales guesswork and presumptions. Designed to increase adoption and instill best practices throughout the sales cycle, TigerLRM keeps the sales team focused on driving closes.

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Octoboard for Agencies logo

Octoboard for Agencies


Client reporting solution for marketing agencies

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Octoboard is a cloud-based client reporting solution, which assists marketing agencies with managing processes for client reporting, scheduling, and advertising. Key features include custom branding, user management, campaign monitoring, predefined templates, and conversion tracking.

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SegMetrics logo



Marketing analytics software with reporting segmentation

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SegMetrics is a marketing analytics platform designed to help businesses gain insights into the true value of their leads. It lets marketers get visibility into lead source attribution, engagement touchpoints, customer purchase value, and recurring lifetime value.

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Power My Analytics logo

Power My Analytics


Automate your marketing reports

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Easily integrate metrics into your favorite data visualization, spreadsheet, analytics, and warehousing tools.

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Google Analytics 360 logo

Google Analytics 360


Enterprise-class web analytics

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Enterprise-level analytics platform for marketers, BI staff, and online businesses to gain insights into customer website interactions.

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Databox logo



Mobile-first KPI dashboards

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Databox is a mobile-first business analytics solution for creating custom analytics dashboards using data from multiple sources, to be viewed on any device

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Germain UX logo

Germain UX


APM solution for identifying the root cause of bugs & issues

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germain APM is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help businesses in industries including finance, healthcare, media, retail, telecommunication and others perform root cause analysis to monitor the performance of applications and servers.

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Adobe Analytics logo

Adobe Analytics


Marketing attribution software

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Adobe Analytics is a marketing attribution software which enables businesses of all sizes to measure & understand the impact of their customer interactions using a range of tools including web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, predictive analytics, multi-channel data collection, and more

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AgencyAnalytics logo



The All-In-One Marketing Reporting Platform for Agencies.

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AgencyAnalytics is the all-in-one marketing reporting platform for advertising agencies & freelancers. Impress clients and save time by connecting to multiple data sources to generate beautiful automated, cross-channel reports & custom reporting dashboards.

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Looker logo



Analytics Evolved

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Looker, now part of Google Cloud, is a data platform that makes it simple for anyone to find, navigate and understand their data. Looker platform has an analytics interface for exploring data, a reusable development paradigm for curating data experiences, and an extensible API set so the data can exist in other systems. Looker enables anyone to search and explore data, build dashboards and reports, and share everything easily and quickly.

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ClicData logo



Data and Business Intelligence platform

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Master the metrics of your operations, sales productivity, campaigns, ROI and KPI with actionable information that puts you ahead and accelerates your success.

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NinjaCat logo



PPC & SEO reporting platform for agencies

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NinjaCat is an all-in-one reporting, call tracking, and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, AdWords, and more for digital marketing agencies. The platform provides tools for PPC reporting, budget monitoring, call tracking, campaign monitoring, SEO reporting, and more.

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Supermetrics logo



All your marketing data, wherever you need it.

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All your marketing data, wherever you need it. Supermetrics streamlines the delivery of data from 80+ sales and marketing platforms into the analytics and reporting tools marketers use to make better decisions.

Supermetrics is used by +700k marketers in over 120 countries.

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ActiveDEMAND logo



An integrated marketing solution for marketers & agencies

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ActiveDEMAND provides extensive report automation and dashboard features that combines prospect tracking, cross channel intelligence, and connections to all major CRM to create a revenue attribution platform. Go beyond high-level aggreation data and fully report on prospect's full buyer's journey.

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Chartio logo



We Made SQL Visual

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Chartio helps companies blend data together from multiple data sources, and build analyses, reports, and dashboards with our easy-to-use interface.

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Reportz logo



All-in-one reporting solution for digital marketing agencies

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Our dashboard-based reporting tool offers you a live and always accessible report you can send to your clients. Client reporting is mainly done through the live link but our dashboards can always be exported as PDFs as well. Try it out for a full feature 15-day trial!

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Adverity logo



Get Data. Get Insights.

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Adverity is an integrated data platform that enables companies to reduce complexity and make better decisions.

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Improvado logo



Marketing data aggregation tool

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Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from 200+ pre-built connectors, transforms it, and seamlessly loads the results to wherever you need them.
Real-time reports & dashboards eliminate manual reporting time by 90%. No developers or SQL knowledge required.
Book a demo now at!

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Acquisio logo



Performance media solution for digital marketers

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Acquisio is a suite of solutions for agencies and marketers to sell, launch, manage, optimize and report on digital advertising campaign on Google, Facebook and Bing Ads. Marketers use their industry leading AI-powered PPC automation solutions to improve efficiency and scale their business.

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Coact logo



Web-based tool for automating client reporting processes

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Coact is a web tool that automates data extraction from marketing platforms and integrates the information generated. The report management system uses templates to produce performance reports and audits. Digital marketers use it to extract client data and create reports with holistic overviews.

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