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BrainCert overview

What is BrainCert?

BrainCert is an all-in-one unified training platform that enable instructors to conduct any type of custom training online such as delivering self-paced blended courses, certification exams, video conferencing, compliance training, skills development, customer training, new hire onboarding and real-time collaboration using integrated virtual classroom.

We place ourselves before the eLearning industry as the most comprehensive eLearning solution provider. With offerings ranging from a WebRTC based virtual classroom to Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS), we offer all the solutions needed to create a robust and cost-effective eLearning ecosystem in the cloud without worrying about scalability.

****What do we have on offer?****

1. Enterprise LMS for organizations
For organizations looking for a way to eliminate the need for multiple systems to deliver & track internal, cross-departmental, and extended enterprise learning programs, we have our Enterprise LMS platform on offer.
BrainCert LMS comes integrated with an eLearning platform, a WebRTC based meeting room & a virtual classroom and dedicated dashboards for HR, Training managers, & managers to
· Fasten the employee onboarding process.
· Carryout skill gap analysis.
· Collaborate in real-time with employees.
· Track ROI on training.
· Track course completion on a team level & individual level.

2. Virtual Classroom API
For customers who are into online teaching business, we have our WebRTC based virtual classroom API on offer. With our developer friendly APIs, you can easily integrate our virtual classroom platform with your existing teaching Website, CMS/LMS or app to create an engaging learning environment.

BrainCert virtual classroom comes out of the box with useful features like
· Interactive white board
· White labelled platform
· Line tools & shape
· Document reader & annotation tools
· Mobile/tablet support
· Latex equation editor, and more
· Server-side audio/video recorder
· Breakrooms
· Teach up to 100 students in one classroom

3. eLearning platform for Instructors
For instructors who look forward to creating, marketing and selling blended courses online, we have our eLearning/Course platform on offer.
With the bult-in live conferencing and whiteboard tools, instructors can teach their course material in the ways they see fit, pulling down the barriers that have hampered eLearning platforms in the past.

Our eLearning platform comes out of the box with features like
· Build-in social network for better collaboration
· Tools to offer coupons & discounts for users
· Built-in testing platform
· Intuitive tools to design & award personalized digital certificates to your students
· Comprehensive reports dashboard to measure student progress
· Integrated shopping cart
· Adaptive tests & proctored exams

4. Meeting Rooms
For organizations looking for a better way to collaborate virtually, we have our WebRTC based meeting rooms on offer. BrainCert’s meeting room is powered by WebRTC and HTML5 technology and optimized for almost any device - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet - BrainCert has you covered!
Features of BrainCert Meeting Rooms
· HD Video and Audio Conferences
· Multiple Whiteboards
· Group Screen Sharing
· Mobile/Tablet ready
· Vanity domains
· Server-side HTML5-based session recording
· Custom hostname & Free SSL Certificate for organizations to use their existing domain names
· 10 Low-latency Datacenter Locations


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BrainCert screenshot: BrainCert offers all the essential building blocks to create a robust and cost-effective eLearning ecosystem in the cloud without worrying about scalability, performance and security posture.BrainCert screenshot: Get all the information you need to analyze the learning progress at your fingertips.BrainCert screenshot: BrainCert's modern, clean and responsive LMS platform is optimized for almost any device - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet. Join live class sessions from Android and Apple iOS based devicesBrainCert screenshot: BrainCert's cloud media player is designed to play the video formats such as mp4, m4v, f4v, flv, and webm from your content library. MP4 video plays better when encoded in H.264 resulting in a better user experience.BrainCert screenshot: Create and deliver assessments for academic and certification needs, workplace skills improvement, proctored exams and pre-hire tests online securely.BrainCert screenshot: With role-based content with granular security controls, BrainCert enables users - from employees and customers to partners and suppliers - to focus exclusively on data relevant to them.BrainCert screenshot: Powerful line tools and advanced shapes such as triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, cylinder, cube, cone and other shapes in the whiteboard makes it easy to deliver any type of creative and educational training online.BrainCert screenshot: Upload, embed, and manage contents from virtually anywhere - SCORM, Google Docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, YouTube, Vimeo, and other supported sources - all in once place.BrainCert screenshot: Deliver blended learning effectively with integrated live virtual classroomBrainCert screenshot: Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins. Download recorded lessons in HD & create sharable links.BrainCert screenshot: Social learning platform BrainCert screenshot: Content library BrainCert screenshot: Dashboard to schedule live classesBrainCert screenshot: Customize the question pattern to suit your unique needs.BrainCert screenshot: Design and award your own Award personalized digital certificates to your students upon successful course completion. Choose from a range of certificate templates from our design gallery and customize it with your own logo and signatures.

BrainCert user reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Derek B.

BrainCert is The Best Online Whiteboard

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-04
Review Source: Capterra

We used BrainCert to replace our previous whiteboard system that was based on Flash. BrainCert is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition we looked at and lets us reach clients who want to use their tablets to join sessions. I would recommend it to everyone.

The Virtual Whiteboard API made it easy to integrate BrainCert's whiteboard into our own tutoring system. The automatic session recording is incredible and a must-have feature for our one-on-one tutoring sessions to ensure quality control and safety. The whiteboard space also includes functionality to help users diagnose their connection and webcam/microphone issues which previously would come back to us in the form of support calls and emails. The whiteboard space itself worked amazingly on both PCs and tablets, has all the basic tools and more handy tools like Wolfram Alpha and YouTube that teachers could take advantage of.

As a developer, I noticed the API behaved unexpectedly in some places, but nothing particularly major. The whiteboard occasionally takes some time to upload PDFs, but this seems to have been improved in recent updates.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Glynis B.

Good but a few hiccups

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

It is a good product, and I am happy I am using BrainCert. As with anything, there are things for improvements. When having difficulty with some of the BrainCert functions eg Tests, Assessor/admin roles and Virtual class recording I emailed support and skyped the person who sold me the product. The reply to my questions is slow. This is frustrating because students are complaining about my college and the platform. It does not look professional. Waiting for answers for a couple of days is not good. I think I have contacted support about half a dozen times for help. I have only started BrainCert fairly recently. So I only really need help in the beginning and then I would be do everything myself. Before asking for help from support I read the training information and viewed youtube. However, some of the problems I am having are not covered in this training​. Most problems that have occurred​ I have handled myself except for the ones mentioned above.

Easy to use. The appearance of the platform, some of the functions. virtual class, however, read below Generally speaking, ​the students find​ it easier to use than the past platform from Wiziq

It can be a little too complexed in adding extra 'admin or assessor' as a role. Setting up the roles is easy however understanding each function of each part of the role needs to be explained better. The same for adding tests. In regards to the virtual class recording. It could be more streamlined. For example. When a virtual class is recorded it would be better for the recording to be assigned to a students dashboard for easy access. Instead, I have to email a virtual class recorded link to each of my student who are in that particular course. This is a lot of extra work, and a bit of a waste of time. I approached to ​support and he told me this is what I have to do. IF there is an easier way of allowing access to the virtual class recordings please let me know. I would like to use this function often.

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Value for money
Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 8/10

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Daniel P.

Some good features, but it needs improvement

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-07-10
Review Source: Capterra

Overall I didn't like my experience, especially because in the last two weeks one of my students was not able to join the room. She lives in Italy and reported that she was seeing the message "Waiting for presenter". I am currently testing some other e-learning platforms because the company where I work is in the process of implementing online classes for all students from its franchisees in Brazil.

My favorite feature is the audio and video streaming service. It works pretty well. The whiteboard is very useful, but typing on it is not not working well. Some students have also reported that my text was not being displayed in the intended place - sometimes it was partially not visible for them. Sometimes text boxes are copied from one slide to another automatically. Changing the size of fonts doesn't work properly, too. Besides, the system doesn't save the font settings from one slide to another. I like the break-out room function, but it's really a pain on the neck to work with it. The voice and video transmissions have apparently improved, but I have had to use some other conferencing apps concomitantly to have a good voice and video transmission.

I really liked all the features that the platform offers, but all of the them have issues that impact the users' experience. Some of them were mentioned in the previous question.

Response from BrainCert

Hi Daniel!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. BrainCert is constantly working towards making the user experience seamless. Please write to us about your problem on "" and we will try to resolve it at the earliest.

Team BrainCert

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 6/10

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Daniel S.

Very good experience with Braincert LMS

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2021-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

Excellent as trainer and with my students

Excellent experience to students and excellent experience as instructor

Manage content require some time to create test and contents.

Response from BrainCert

Thank you for your awesome review, we are thankful for amazing customers like you.

Guess what, we are only three months short of celebrating the second anniversary of our business association. We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we are happy to hear that we have hit the mark for you.
We also note that it is taking you time to create courses & tests on the platform. Please note that BrainCert comes with bulk import tools for faster content upload and test creation. If you want, we can get on a quick call to go over this.

Thanks again!

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Amar P.

BrainCert Enterprise LMS review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-07-29
Review Source: Capterra

It has made sharing videos and quizzing clients a breeze.

Being able to embed videos from a lot of different places and not being forced to pay for storage because our videos are hosted on Amazon AWS S3

At first the system had a lot of bugs, most of the promised features hot a wall. Subsequent updates and chats with support brought these bugs to their attention and now things are going way better and a lot easier to use. My least favorite thing is how slow the back end is. To get a list of users usually takes a full minute to load. Then entering each user to edit something takes just as long.

Response from BrainCert

Hi Amar,

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable feedback. We will forward your feedback to the concerned team and will update you, please write to us at "". We would love to hear from you!

Team BrainCert

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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BrainCert pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
Free trial
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BrainCert has four products with different pricing structure. Start with a free account to test everything and work with our sales expert to customize the features and purchase a standard or custom subscription package.
eLearning Platform: Pricing starts at $39/month
Enterprise LMS: Custom pricing based on requirements
Virtual Classroom API: Pricing starts at $59/month
Meeting Rooms: Pricing starts at $16/month
eLearning Platform
A social learning platform designed for instructors to sell courses, tests and live classes in the global marketplace.
Enterprise LMS
A complete white-label platform for organizations to easily on-board, engage, collaborate, and retain customers with role-based access control.
Virtual Classroom as a Service (VCaaS)
Powerful REST-based Developer API to easily integrate WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual classroom in any website, CMS, LMS, or app.
Meeting Rooms
Real-time web conferencing powered by collaboration tools.

BrainCert features

Access Controls/Permissions
Activity Dashboard
Collaboration Tools
Communication Management
Content Management
Customizable Branding
Data Import/Export
Document Management
Document Storage
File Sharing
Mobile Access
Third Party Integrations

Drag & Drop (300 other apps)
Task Management (303 other apps)
Version Control (293 other apps)
Workflow Management (275 other apps)

Additional information for BrainCert

Key features of BrainCert

  • "What You See Is What You Get" - see how recipients will see your email formatting while creating the email (no html coding, etc)
  • A centralized repository to store content
  • A list of events with their respective dates
  • A set of indicators that tracks how well an organization, a division, or a particular project are performing
  • Ability to chat online in real time
  • Ability to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time
  • Access for students to complete learning materials on mobile platforms
  • Access the software remotely via mobile devices
  • Add customized logos and colors to the interface
  • Add customized logos and colors to the interface
  • Alerts/notifications within the system
  • Allow users to access multiple services after entering their login credentials once
  • Allows for integration with other systems/databases
  • Alter the layout and content of reports
  • An on-demand webcast is a pre-recorded presentation, which is available online at the viewer¿s convenience.
  • Assign issues and tasks to users based on their availability and capability of completing the task/issue
  • Back-office tasks (ie. schedule courses, organize resources, course registrations, and email reminders)
  • Broadcast live video streams
  • Classes/sessions accessible via web browser of built-in video conferencing
  • Collect, upload, store, and share all documents in a centralized location making it easier for everyone involved to access information
  • Communicate with and outreach to followers/customers/clients in multiple ways
  • Connect with meeting participants remotely over the web
  • Coordinate schedules and organize meetings
  • Courses or paths that combine in person classes with virtual online classes
  • Create a collection of marketing actions to complete specific goals.
  • Create a course, organize it and assign it to learners
  • Create and view customizable employee profiles to track important information (e.g. job title, manager, contact info, etc.).
  • Create quick polls to keep people engaged.
  • Create tasks and assign completion dates and/or times
  • Create tests or questionnaires
  • Create tools to measure student retention of learning material and lessons
  • Create tools to promote social interaction and learning between students/trainees and instructors/trainers
  • Create, manage, and share multiple calendars
  • Create, save, and re-purpose formatting
  • Create, save, and store files
  • Creating, updating, monitoring accuracy, and ensuring brand consistency for all written materials that are distributed to stakeholders.
  • Dashboard to view activity
  • Database of student to track personal information of individuals and families
  • Digitally share a wide variety of media types
  • Digitally share screen view with others
  • Engage in direct, instant messaging
  • Facilitate search engine optimization associated to content
  • Facilitates online authoring and publishing of the content
  • Games or game-like elements to track progress and reward accomplishments
  • Gateway through which end users can access the system
  • Gauge satisfaction and receive information for improvement and success
  • Group collaboration to solve ideas in a productive and concentrated manner.
  • Group courses and course materials together to be completed in a sequential order
  • High-definition audio capability
  • Import and export information and reports to and from the program
  • Improve business process by accessing more features and applications by combining third party integrations
  • Informational updates that are delivered to users as soon as an event occurs
  • Integrate with eCommerce systems
  • Integrate with email such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Integrate with Talent Managment software to better track learners progress and training sessions
  • Integration with LMS system
  • Learning sessions in which a group of learners are participating and engaging in learning at different times
  • Learning sessions in which a group of learners are participating and engaging in learning at the same time
  • Leave comments and notes on documents that are visible to others
  • LMS functionality built-in for content delivery
  • Maintain personal certifications/qualifications
  • Manage user accounts, profiles, roles, permissions, and other details
  • Monitor and track project related activities based on various metrics
  • Notices sent to individuals when a task, deadline, appointment, or activity is approaching
  • Notify presenter that attendee wishes to speak
  • Observe employees over a period of time to gain an understanding of their abilities to perform certain tasks
  • Online gateway through which employees can access and track their own information and metrics
  • Organize and track educational activities
  • Participants can alert the Host that they have a question when they are muted.
  • Plan an event's time and location
  • Plan and collect attendance for classes
  • Plan availability and assign specific time slots for tasks and resources
  • Premade examples and templates for emails
  • Process of familiarizing new stakeholders with the company, a new location, or a service
  • Profiles of users providing basic information
  • Provide special privileges to hosts and presenters to control audience actions, such as putting someone on mute, etc.
  • Receive information and notification of changes as soon as they are available
  • Recognize and support multiple languages/dialects
  • Record active support and chat sessions for auditing and training
  • Record live video calls to play later
  • Record the audio of phone conversations for quality assurance purposes
  • Record the audio of phone conversations for quality assurance purposes
  • Regulate who can view and use the system by setting permissions and issuing passwords
  • Reporting on changes over time to the state of a request, a process, or an object
  • Reporting on how each task or process has advanced since its initiation
  • Schedule and manage the logistics of activities and other gatherings
  • Schedule in-person or online classes
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Search available resources to locate required information
  • Secure file sharing between multiple endpoints during remote sessions
  • Send messages to selected individual(s) from the entire audience
  • Share and present designs
  • Software designed for companies who offer training programs to clients
  • Software specialized for companies that sell courses/content
  • Software specialized for corporate training
  • Software specialized for schools (K-12 & Post-Secondary)
  • Store and find contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts
  • Store documents in a centralized location for easy access
  • Stream slide presentations during the web conference to present it to the audience
  • Students can access materials and communicate with instructors via their online student profile
  • Sub-room created within virtual meeting/class
  • Supports audio files
  • Supports video files
  • Tools that allow you to create and publish courses and course material/content
  • Track and ensure employees obtain necessary skill sets/certifications
  • Track and manage non-adherence to policies in a service, product, process, or supplier behavior
  • Track and report regulatory data to either internal management or external stakeholders
  • Track employee skills, competencies, training & qualifications
  • Track employee's progression through training programs
  • Track specific people who attended events or the total number of attendees
  • Track student's scores and grades on course materials
  • Track which progress and course materials have been completed by each student
  • Tracks employee schedules, availability, performance
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • Virtual whiteboards allow instructors to share information with students in real-time
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> eliminate the need for multiple platforms for the delivery of eLearning
> Deliver blended learning with integrated virtual classroom.
> Join & Host classes from Android and Apple iOS-based devices without any downloads
> Integrated E-Commerce to sell your courses in the B2C marketplace
> Create interactive courses using our drag-and-drop course builder tool
> Worldwide datacenter locations
> Interactive whiteboard for increased collaboration
> BrainCert's responsive theme is optimized for almost any device - be it Mobile, Web or Tablet
> Integrated unified content management engine
> Save time and increase ROI