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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

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365villas overview

365villas is a cloud-based rental management software that provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of short-stay rental property business. The software targets individual owners, portfolio managers and large property agents across the world.

365villas offers a variety of features including inquiry management, reservation & payment management, guest communication management, online booking, reports and accounting. Using a three-step process, guests can book properties online, view and agree to terms & conditions, switch between properties, and configure other optional services. They can also make payments using credit cards or other online payment solutions such as PayPal, Authorize.net and Stripe. The tool also supports the owners in reservation management and has guest folders colored by booking status and payment status icons. The tool also offers email integration features and helps in threading all incoming and outbound messages in the correct guest folders, displaying booking and payment information, guest details and calendars on the same page as the message. 365villas automatically creates, customizes, updates and files rental agreements for every guest and can fix digital signatures and white labels with their own branding.

At the back-end, the software supports the needs of owners and agents and helps in automating the communication flows for efficient housekeeping and maintenance. The product also helps create custom websites that are integrated with the 365villas software or lets users integrate their existing websites with the software. 365villas is compatible with multiple device types including mobile phones. Rix Mill, Wailea Ekahi Village resort and Maui Condos vacation rentals are among few of the global customers of 365villas.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and 3 other markets, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Spanish
365villas screenshot: 365villas provides email integration featuresIntroductory overview tutorial for 365villas property management software365villas screenshot: Owner login page offered by 365villas365villas screenshot: 365villas help with reservation and payment management systems365villas screenshot365villas screenshotThe art of inquiry management for your short-stay rental property

365villas reviews

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Elizabeth Lui

Best Solution for Our Lodging Businesses!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

AWESOME. Just great. Sure, a couple things could be improved, but 365 is head and shoulders above all of the competition. They have a useful, modern product and a helpful, responsive staff. We are very grateful to have found them. There are so many great things about 365. I did a TON of research on different CRM options before settling on 365villas. We are a 14-unit vacation cottage business, and for us 365 was the best by far. They are a breath of fresh air. 365villas does all the things that you'd expect of a modern lodging CRM: calendar sync, online booking from your website, billing, contracts, email management and automation, promotion codes, etc. It is set up with automation and simplification in mind. Many competing companies look shiny and new on their sales website, but the feel and function of the user experience is straight out of the '90s. Not so with 365villas, which operates and feels completely modern, both for the business owner and the guest/customer. Another common pitfall that I discovered with other CRMs is that hidden fees appear only after you are well into your trial. It's common to charge fees for calendar sync or channel bookings, although these fees aren't mentioned in the sales process. Thankfully, 365villas has been completely above-board. While not cheap, it is reasonably priced and what you see is what you get. The simple channel calendar sync is included in the price. Works great for us! Most of all, I'm impressed by the people at 365villas. They respond quickly & thoughtfully to questions. They consistently show willingness to engage - and actually solve! - issues we mention. They clearly care and keep working to improve. Thank you, 365villas team!

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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

Ben Astbury

These are the people to work with!..... 365 software has helped us transform our business

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

We have been able to drive the business forward using this software. Our time has been freed up to spend on other areas of our business. The module reduces day to day administration (IN A BIG WAY!). Our clients have never once complained or objected to any of the output or automatic emails which use clever substitution codes that create bespoke emails.We are a company of 35 years so we know a thing or two about processing reservations. For such a multi-faceted solution, this package is very easy to use and understand. Bookings are quick to enter and amend, and payment tracking is highly accurate. The user interface is clean and clear. Properties can be managed together, or individually so the package works for larger companies as well. Pricing, minimum stay, arrival days can be set within the season bandings and these parameters can be set for all properties or individual properties. Correspondence (general emails as well as auto-generated emails) are tagged the corresponding booking. The auto-generated output saves us hours (every day), and customers are kept reliably informed about the status of their booking, so our office now runs more smoothly. The system is multilingual and multi-currency, but simple to navigate and employ (we use both, daily). Reporting and accounting modules are accurate and useful. There is functionality that you would never think could be useful, but in time this comes to make sense and brings more productivity. The customer service is excellent, as and when issues may arise or if bespoke changes are required, the team are quick to act or can suggest intuitive work-arounds.

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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

Mike Shopmeyer

Glad To Be Onboard With 365

Reviewed 2016-10-28
Review Source: Capterra

As a small property management company with an outdated website and a reservation system we wanted to modernize and update in order to attract more business and grow our overall business if desired. Along with a local web designer we created a new website and began an intensive search for a reservation software company. Our team of three, two of whom had experience with vacation software companies, searched for a company that would best meet our needs. After several weeks we narrowed our choice to two companies, one of which was 365 Villas. We then signed up for a 30 day trial with both companies to see how they performed side by side. We received live training and online tutorials from both companies keeping a completely open mind from the beginning. It was a lot of information to absorb especially demoing and training with two companies at the same time. In a short time it became evident to all three of us that 365 Villas was our best option. 365's integration with our own website along with the outstanding customer support and training we received from them made 365 the clear choice. In addition, cost, although not the primary concern, was more favorable with 365 and provided us with more included features at a lower annual cost. As we became more familiar and comfortable with 365's layouts and features we found a few minor details that didn't work quite as well as we had hoped. These were not critical and dealt more with visual presentation of 365 calendars on our own website than any thing technical but we decided to contact 365 anyway. We didn't expect much of a response but we immediately received a reply stating that they had looked at our website, concurred with our comments and had already requested that their designers see what they could. A day later, our requested changes had been made. 365 has given us all of the features and support we need to improve our service to our guests meanwhile simplifying and automating many of our own daily communication and bookkeeping tasks. There are many features that we have not begun to use yet but as we continue to learn, we feel that 365 will continue to provide us with all of the tools (and then some) to improve our own services. In an age where customer support and service are nonexistent, 365 has demonstrated a real interest in communicating with, responding to and in fact partnering with us to make our business better. Thank you 365!

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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

Kieren Walters

Great software, even better service and responsiveness

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

I spent a lot of time going through various options for my small property management company, trawling through reviews and watching demos. 365villas was decided upon as the best option for me in particular for the all inclusive package available, including website, customer management/reservation system, booking platform, and importantly channel manager. The website is a Wordpress template, with the possibility to add on plug ins as required. At this stage, we have not added any plug ins as the base offering is complete and covers our needs. It is however good to have an experienced support team there to advise and further develop the site in the future. Each property has it's profile and booking form, and the recently updated photo gallery looks good and works well. The reservation system covers all bases for me at this stage, and the automated processes have already saved me a number of hours in admin time. In particular creating quotes and rental agreements is very quick and easy once the templates have been set up. The channel manager link works well, any issues here have tended to be between the channel manager and the channels themselves - the link from 365villas to Rentals United is good. Ease of use, quick to set up, and clearly understandable. I am by no means a tech genius, and have easily set everything up myself with support from 365villas when required. I have asked for a number of changes and tweaks to the software to suit my needs, or to enhance existing functionalities. Each request has been quickly and efficiently responded to, and in general changes are made with little fuss. I have also requested a small number of paid development tasks, specific to my needs, which have been accepted and completed at a very reasonable cost.

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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

Andrea Scuzzarella

A product easy to use and complete, an important support for the growth of our company

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-14
Review Source: Capterra

It has greatly reduced our management work with the syncing tools across multi properties and has improved the quality of the service we offer especially with the availability calendar easily embedded in our webpage365villas has fully responded to our needs of management of several properties with different characteristics and in different locations. It is flexible and simple to use, combined with its ability to synchronise each property with the most important channels in the market, either individually with the iCal technology or in bulk, using an accessory service that can be integrated at an additional reasonable cost. The quality of Customer Support is excellent, with an available and competent staff. A special thanks goes to Giorgio, who has followed us from the beginning and who has also welcomed our requests for the development of some specific software features, subsequently implemented promptly by his colleagues. In addition to an excellent product, 365villas staff has the capacity and dynamism needed to respond promptly to the continuous and increasing demands of the sector. Which leaves us satisfied and confident, also considering the possibility for future development of our company. I have no doubt to recommend the product.

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Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

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Basic Plan - $29/month (for beginner owners)
Premium Plan - $49/month (for expert owners)
Professional Plan - $69/month (for portfolio managers)

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365villas Pricing Reviews

  • Strong functionality and easy to use
  • Ease of use for non-techie people like myself
  • Fonts and colour scheme are great. Very easy to read.
  • The price for the membership and that it is cloud based
  • I haven't found anything I don't like.
  • Costs way more than I can really afford.
  • There was nothing that I disliked about thi software
  • Previously in 2017 support was not great, good that ts has improved significantly
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365villas features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Billing & Invoicing
Booking Management
Calendar Management
Credit Card Processing
Electronic Payments
Room Booking
Third Party Integration
Website Integration

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Key features of 365villas

  • Detailed quotes
  • Customized rental agreements
  • Scenario-based emails
  • Electronic signature
  • Online booking
  • Integration with online payment solutions
  • Reports
  • Integrated accounting
  • Online payments
  • API
  • Integrate features from 365villas software with any website
  • Guest communications
  • Calendar sync
  • Expense management
  • Profit-loss statements
  • Budget planning
  • Online rental management workflow
  • Audit trail
  • Credit card payment options
  • Reservation management
  • Housekeeping
  • Check-in planner
  • Trust Accounting*
  • Multilingual functioality
  • Online booking
  • Mobile Alerts


● The software helps in communicating with guests and offers integrated email, customized email templates and automated messaging.

● The tool also helps owners and agents to create and update customized rental agreements that can be branded with the customer’s logo, preferred colors and banners.

● 365villas offers website services including the building of websites, embedding of micro-sites for each property and built-in SEO and calendar tools.

● The product supports the generation of various types of reports for booking, expense management, taxes, housekeeping and quotes that are configurable and downloadable into Excel for further analysis or can be readily emailed.

● 365villas integrates with iCal for Airbnb, Flipkey, Housetrip, 9Flats and other listing platforms and also allows customers with more than five properties to sync their site with HomeAway group, on additional payment.