Staffbase Reviews

Staffbase Reviews


Your own branded employee app.

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Jessica C. Deike

Verified Reviewer

Communication Management as its best


Seems like an app has never been as useful and important before Staffbase. We already thought we're informing our staff well enough but THIS app increases success of promotions/jobs immediately! If you want to get new staff supported, existing staff informed and customers satisfied, this is your solution.


- customer support - independence (you're able to setup the whole thing on your own and don't need to pay extra for service) - go online with your app in a few days (if you prefer a branded app calculate with at least 1 month) - reach staff with push news


None - except from negligible bugs which get eliminated within a few days

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 1-2 years

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A verified reviewer
Verified Reviewer

Out-of-the-box app for our company


Very easy to get started. Inviting my office staff was straightforward (via email) and for our drivers the EmployeeApp provided access codes which I could print and hand them over. We use it for three things: 1. Company blog: once a week I write a longer article on recent business developments. 2. Push notifications: several times per week there are messages we want to get out to everyone. In EmployeeApp you can send them with push notifications which is a handy feature. You can also target specific groups inside your organization but we haven't used this yet. 3. Documents: we have a few documents and guidelines everyone should have access to. We created a page in EmployeeApp for them and uploaded the documents.

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Customer testimonials for Staffbase

The following testimonials have been provided by Eyo EmployeeApp.

It helps us to reach those employees who are not in office on a daily base. Our employees use the app to read corporate news on train, at the airport, in the hotel or at home. Creating new content is super easy as is the usability of the app. We have a lot of exciting plans with the app, including creating own plugins to add custom functionality like a corporate quiz and room booking system.

Susann Wanitschke, Internal Communications at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

Hanging on the phone for hours? Writing endless mails? That all belongs to the past for us. Communication has become much easier and more reliable with our own employee app! Our staff works on many different places. Now they can retrieve important information at any time. With push notifications we can always reach them in real-time. Staffbase provides us with a channel to reduce communication chaos and get better results.

Jessica C. Deike, Senior Project & Sales Manager