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Pinpointe On-Demand overview

What is Pinpointe On-Demand?

Pinpointe helps marketers create, personalize, automate and track email campaigns with ease. This email service provider is ideal for mid to large companies or agencies that want to send high volume emails using "next-level" features.

Pinpointe users have access to advanced features like autoresponders, drip campaigns, behavioral targeting, spam scoring, a detailed preview tool, a free image library, split testing, lead capture forms and customizable metrics - just to name a few.

The platform can integrate with many of your favorite apps including:, WordPress, and


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Pinpointe On-Demand screenshot: A large variety of easily editable drag and drop templatesHave You Outgrown Your Current Email Marketing Service ProviderPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: User friendly email campaign builder - just drag and dropPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Detailed Spam Checker using SPAMASSASSIN spam filterPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Detailed statistics reportsPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Heat Map - see exactly where your recipients clicked in your emailPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Configure your social accounts and easily add them to your campaignsPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Free surveys included - easy drag and drop survey editorPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Easily add your own HTML code in our WYSIWYG editor (we have both a drag & drop and WYSIWYG editor)Pinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Modern, easy-to-use interfacePinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Large library of help videosPinpointe On-Demand screenshot: Preview your email with our built-in Email on Acid app and get a quick on-click  mobile viewWelcome to PinpointePinpointe's Powerful Drag & Drop Email Campaign Builder

Pinpointe On-Demand reviews

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Christopher Boyd

Recommend to all my clients, easy to use, easy to setup, super helpful team, very responsive

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-10-19
Review Source: Capterra

Background: I'm a freelance developer who does a lot of web development for companies, usually working with marketing. As such, I get a lot of requests about tools they can use for email marketing, SEO, etc. Pinpointe is my number one recommendation for email marketing. - The UI is easy to use and the system has a very simple interface - Statistics reporting is thorough and provides a lot of information (they are adding more with each update) - Support is helpful. You usually get a reply within an hour and the support staff have the ability to escalate issues quickly to the development team. I've never run into an issue that they couldn't help me workaround until officially fixed. - Deliverability has been better than other systems I've tested - Great range of tools for improving send results - split testing, inbox previewing, spam checker - Has an Enterprise option (at least one of my clients specifically requested this and uses it)

The biggest drawbacks I've heard from my clients is that Pinpointe doesn't have a price point for small senders (eg sending only a few emails a month), nor a free account for VERY small senders. They are great for large volume and enterprise senders though. Also, they offer a WYSIWYG and a drag-and-drop campaign builder. The drag-and-drop builder is fun to use and is really true to what you see on the screen, but it could use some additional templates.

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Pinpointe is perfect for creating emails that outperform the competition because of higher deliverability rates, pre-flight tools & robust reporting

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-15
Review Source: GetApp

I have worked with Pinpointe for over 6 years and they have always been super responsive to our needs. The UI is logical and easy to use with extraordinary reporting and statistics. Their support team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable with responses generally received within an hour. The deliverability is also better than any other system we have tested and they include great testing tools allowing for multi-variant/split testing. My favorite tool is the inbox preview which shows you 25+ inboxes and includes a pre-flight spam checker. Currently I am using their Enterprise edition which allows me to create dedicated sub accounts with an administrator account and additional configuration options. I have 3 of my clients on the platform and all of them are very impressed with the delivery and reporting they are receiving.

They don't have a price point that is competitive for small senders, nor do they have a free account. Their target is higher volume and Enterprise The Campaign Builder is very easy to use and intuitive, however I would like to see additional templates added or more options for layouts within these templates.

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Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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heidi allison

Looking forward to many, many years with Pinpointe

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2020-05-01
Review Source: Capterra

Our firm was very hesitant to leave our provider of over 12 years. Do we have any regrets? Yes, that we did not do it sooner. I cannot express how happy we are to have made the move. The system is easy to use, very high quality. The team we have on our side, is awesome. Replies anytime, any day and mostly within 45 minutes. Our delivers, opens never better and reporting very clear and detailed. The continually work with us to achieve even better results. Highly recommended. We have been here almost 1 year now. Looking forward to many, many years with Pinpointe.

Honestly, we do not have even 1 complaint. If we need something they do not have, they build it for us.

Response from Pinpointe On-Demand

Thank you for the positive review! Feel free to contact us via chat inside the Pinpointe application any time if you would like to set up an account strategy review or review new features.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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andrew cory

limited ability to send targeted emails out based on purchasing history

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-25
Review Source: Capterra

the program is easy to use and is cost effective. I would like to get our open rates and click-through-rates up though.

inability to segment list and send targeted emails. I also do not like the format of the date as it makes it hard to sort data in Excel

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 3/10

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Eryn Branham

Pinpointe Is Like Constant Contact On Steroids

Reviewed 2014-05-30
Review Source: Capterra

I am a marketing consultant that primarily services B2B clients in the mid-market space. Many of my clients require email marketing as a part of their marketing strategy' from campaign planning, to creation, to tracking and reporting. For over 5 years I have recommended and used Pinpointe's robust email marketing software solution due to its advanced features and easy-to-use platform. Pinpointe has made it easy for both me and my clients to effectively manage all aspects of email marketing. Overall, Pinpointe is very easy to use. One of the things I really love about the platform is it's built-in email designer. You can either use one of Pinpointe's mobile responsive email templates (they have over 1000) or easily create your own. I often edit directly in their WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and then check my email design with their preview tool ' which shows you how your email will look in 50+ email clients. The nice thing is that if your email doesn't view properly in an email client, Pinpointe provides you with recommendations to fix it. Pinpointe's customer service is also TOP NOTCH!!! Pinpointe is one of the most responsive ESP's and their team is always VERY HELPFUL and professional. I have also been very impressed with Pinpointe's features, which are updated as technology evolves. Advanced automation, A/b (and beyond) testing, SPAM score checker, lead capture forms, and superior reporting and tracking are just a few (but I could go on and on). Pinpointe does have a few cons. I am a bit frustrated with one aspect of their design editor. I often times use custom colors in an email design that match my clients' brand. Unfortunately Pinpointe's design editor doesn't store recently used colors, so I have to continually put the hex codes in. Pinpointe also updates their features and functionality a lot. This is a good thing, but I wish they did a better job of letting me know. Overall, Pinpointe not only provides me (and my clients) with all the email marketing tools I need to easily create, send and evaluate email marketing campaigns, but they're also very reliable and have never failed me in five years plus I have used them. Campaigns go out when they are scheduled and I can always count on accurate reporting stats.

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Customer support

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Pinpointe On-Demand pricing

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Professional Edition
For mid-size businesses sending 5,000 to 250,000 emails a month, the Professional Edition is best. You'll get a single user login and access to advanced features at a great price.

Enterprise Edition
For mid to large businesses or agencies, the Enterprise Edition is a great solution. You can send 250,000-10 million+ emails a month with this high capacity package and have up to 250 user logins. You'll have dedicated servers, IP addresses, an account manager, phone support and access to additional features, like Salesforce integration.

Pinpointe On-Demand features

A/B Testing
Campaign Analysis
Campaign Management
Campaign Segmentation
Customizable Branding
Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Drag & Drop Interface
Real Time Analytics
Reporting & Statistics

Activity Dashboard (346 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (200 other apps)
Content Management (263 other apps)
Email Marketing Management (199 other apps)
Engagement Analytics (261 other apps)
Monitoring (241 other apps)
Multi-Channel Marketing (242 other apps)
Social Media Integration (310 other apps)
Third Party Integration (332 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Email marketing has become an integral part of the business marketer’s toolbox, however it’s not always easy for professionals to find software systems they can trust with their permission-based email communications. Pinpointe is a trustworthy, cloud-based solution that has been designed to enable smarter business-to-business communications.

Developed for business marketers in mid-sized enterprises, Pinpointe is an email marketing software system that includes advanced features like list segmentation, flexible drip campaigns, mobile-friendly templates, social sharing tools, and real-time site analytics.

What is Pinpointe On-Demand?

Pinpointe is an email marketing service for business communications. Although there are many email marketing solutions developed for small businesses and individuals, Pinpointe differentiates itself by offering tools designed specifically for business-to-business (B2B) customers and mid-size companies.

Specifically, Pinpointe provides the types of advanced automation features and targeting capabilities that are necessary to run strategy-based email marketing campaigns. Pinpointe allows businesses to utilize these tools without having to deal with complex coding or intricate systems. The platform’s user interface (UI) is intentionally straightforward and easy for businesses to use.

Who is Pinpointe On-Demand For?

Built primarily for business-to-business (B2B) customers and mid-size companies, Pinpointe now offers multiple plans that cater to different segments of its intended market. For example, the Professional Edition is frequently used by small and medium-size businesses that send between 5,000 and 250,000 emails per month. At the other end of the spectrum, Pinpointe is frequently used by medium to large enterprises and agencies that send between 250,000 and 25 million (or more) emails per month.

Main Features

List Segmentation

Pinpointe’s “smart segments” make it possible for marketers to target prospects with custom email lists. Using lead scoring, Pinpointe even gives users the option to create smart segments for “hot leads” based on certain customers’ website and email behaviors.

To segment your email lists, define your segment criteria. You can combine different behavioral information, like whether a subscriber clicked on a link or opened up a specific campaign email. You also have the option to base your segmented lists on demographics or custom fields.

Flexible Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns help businesses maximize efficiency and improve overall email marketing results. Using autoresponders, businesses can create trigger-based campaigns based on individual prospect behaviors.

Before you can start a drip campaign, you have to decide which types of triggers or behaviors you’d like to target. Set up automatic sequences that take place in individual emails. For example, you could set up a drip campaign that begins each time a person subscribes to your list or becomes a customer at your business. When that occurs, you can tell Pinpointe to automatically send educational emails at regular intervals over a period of several weeks.

Mobile-Friendly Templates

One of the most important parts of designing an email campaign has to do with selecting the right template design. Pinpointe’s templates are mobile-friendly and ready-to-use. They’re also customizable, which means you can change the colors or the branding to fit your company’s own aesthetic.

Browse through Pinpointe’s selection of available templates, taking a look at mobile responsive templates, mobile email templates, email newsletter templates, and e-commerce email templates. Responsive templates are designed to automatically adjust when they’re opened on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices. This ensures that your campaigns will look professional, regardless of the devices your customers are using.

Analytics & Heatmaps

Pinpointe has integrated real-time website tracking and analytics into its email marketing service software. This gives businesses a complete view of how their contacts and prospects are interacting with their messages, and enables the tracking of inbound marketing results.

Among the many tracking and analytics features that Pinpointe provides are heatmaps, social metrics, lead scoring, and the ability to track funnel conversions. Pinpointe can track the responses you generate from all of your online marketing campaigns, including any banner ads or paid programs you participate in. You can also measure inbound marketing to see which websites and links are generating the most interest in your content.


Users with the Enterprise Edition and Agency Edition are able to sync Pinpointe to their contacts. Pinpointe’s “ForceSync” system pushes contacts into Pinpointe. It then syncs bounces and unsubscribed contacts back to Pinpointe also offers an XML API Connector.


Pricing for Pinpointe is based on the number of active contacts stored in a business’ email contact lists. Monthly costs range from $49 (for up to 5,000 contacts) to $898 (for up to 200,000 contacts). Organizations with more than 200,000 contacts are encouraged to contact Pinpointe directly for custom pricing options.

Bottom Line

  • Cloud-based solution enables business-to-business communications

  • Developed for business marketers in mid-sized enterprises

  • Segment lists based on customer behaviors and demographics

  • Create flexible drip campaigns

  • Use real-time site analytics to for more effective marketing strategies

Videos and tutorials

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Jimmy Flores

Additional information for Pinpointe On-Demand

Key features of Pinpointe On-Demand

  • Save Money - 3 flexible pricing options
  • Create ‘Drip Marketing’ campaigns - Improved automation
  • Advanced Segmenting / Targeting - Better results
  • ‘Email Marketing in the Cloud‘ – No hardware
  • Enterprise Edition - Up to 200 users
  • SPAM Score Checker - Improve email delivery
  • Email Inbox Previewer - check before you send
  • HTML Email Templates - Professionally designed
  • RSS Archiving of All Campaigns
  • Bounce Processing
  • Import / Export Data Records
  • Send Emails ‘On-Behalf-Of’ Someone
  • Synchronize with
  • De-duplicate, Fix Email List Errors
  • Segment Your Audience
  • Email Split /Multi-Variant Testing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Campaign Statistics – Drill-Down
  • Drag & Drop Surveys
  • Drag & Drop Campaign Builder
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Create effective, responsive emails
With Pinpointe's drop-and-drag editor, you can customize templates that look great on any device. Responsively designed templates ensure your message adapts to any screen size.

Preview your email
Competitors show you how your email looks on a desktop, tablet and phone, but Pinpointe will show you how your email looks on specific devices, like the iPhone 6.

Automate emails
Save time by sending emails automatically. Schedule emails to send on a certain day or trigger emails to send based on a subscriber's action. You can create and automate drip campaigns too.

Access detailed metrics
Get easy-to-interpret metrics that will help you fine tune your campaigns and make solid business decisions.

Set up multiple accounts
For mid-size companies, agencies or universities, Pinpointe offers multiple logins that allow each user to manage their own lists and content.