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Servant Keeper

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Servant Keeper overview

Servant Keeper is a cloud-hosted, automation-focused church management software which offers both a desktop application and web-based and mobile apps. Accomplish everything from pledge campaigns to child check-in with one system!

Servant Keeper supports both individual and family profiles, enabling users to store connected members’ information all in one place. All profiles are automatically shown in the main list on login, which can be customized to only show the profiles of members a user regularly interacts with. Profiles can be tailored to users’ needs with the option to add custom information fields and tabs, and information entry includes autofill and drop-down menus, designed to reduce repetitive typing. Multi-level security allows users to assign roles with specific access permissions, and use these to prevent unauthorized viewing of personal information by members.

Individuals can be segmented into groups, with the option to send emails, create nametags, and extend event invitations to entire groups. Users can print customizable group reports, and use the in-built mail merge feature to produce personalized letters for all group members.

Users can track donations in Servant Keeper, using either the donor’s name or their envelope number, with memorized transactions allowing for the automatic entry of previous gifts. Split transactions can be recorded, complete audit trails are generated for all adjustments, users can view graphs and charts of giving, and customizable contribution statements can be produced for donors’ records. Servant Keeper also includes multiple report templates, such as attendance reports, member lists, important dates and events, members' skills, interests and resources, and activity reports, which can be customized to include different information fields.

Multiple optional add-ons for Servant Keeper can be purchased separately, including SK Check-In, SK Giving, and more.


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Servant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper allows users to print attendance rosters for events, including contact information and barcodesServant Keeper 8 - manage and grow your ministry!Servant Keeper screenshot: Users can track event attendance with Servant KeeperServant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper includes a contribution management module, enabling users to record donationsServant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper generates full contribution statements, which donors can access and print for their recordsServant Keeper screenshot: Users can create family profiles on Servant Keeper, linking information for members of a family in the same placeServant Keeper screenshot: Users can customize the fields and tabs in Servant Keeper's member profilesServant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper includes a number of customizable report templates, including attendance, birthdays, and audit trailsServant Keeper screenshot: Users can print barcoded check-in name tags with Servant KeeperServant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper's Online Giving add-on enables users to accept donations onlineServant Keeper screenshot: Servant Keeper can produce a full photo directory of members

Servant Keeper reviews

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Vicki Williams

SK 8 is by far the best database for churches of the many I've used.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-09-19
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to track information about our members, attendees, and visitors. Reports that help us track a myriad of things about our congregation so we can better serve them, each other, our community, and our finances along with protecting our children with accurate and detailed background checks. The online directory helps our people to connect with each other easily, update information at their convenience and is secure with individual login. Our treasurer loves the ease of using the contribution section of this software and the reports generated. Just the ability to customize the software for my particular needs and the fact it is a true Windows program that allows you to copy, cut and paste plus update new information for a family with one click is worth its purchase. Many databases don't do that. It is user-friendly, customizable, and readily accessible from any computer. The cloud based version of SK8 has features like the Greet and Attend for taking attendance at any event and the information goes into the database. It has an online directory that can be accessed by the church and members can update their profile changes themselves. The online directory will upload any JPEG picture such as selfie taken by the member which is great as it gives insight into each person and their family. They have a great background check program. I could go on and on. It has made my service to my church so much easier. One of the other important features is the Help Desk. These dedicated individuals are efficient, courtesy, informative, and endlessly patient. And they all speak understandable English. The company is also very responsive to suggestions for improvement. Many of the suggestions I heard at training sessions have been implemented in subsequent versions since I began using SK6. I highly recommend this software to every church staff member I talk to and those who don't use it are really missing out.

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Liz E.

Servant Keeper 8 is an amazing tool for ministry! It helps you to keep up with your church family.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-19
Review Source: Capterra

I like the groups keeper the most! I like being able to create a group of the particular members I need to reach for our newsletter, prayer chain, small groups, worship, etc. I can create a group of members and run an array of member and contribution reports for use by the church staff, volunteers, committee and session members. We are now on the Cloud, which allows us to use the Mobile Ministry and Greet and Attend apps, as well as the New Online Office! The Online Office is extremely helpful. It allows me the capability to update or add member information from my cell phone or tablet, and that information goes right into the Servant Keeper 8 program. When I am at a small group, class or just bump into someone I haven't seen in a while, I can get my phone out and update their contact information right there. Our members have access to the online directory, they can view their contributions and update a lot of their information on the Online Office. Volunteers and staff can have access to the program from their own computers, so, now they can volunteer to do things at a time that's convenient for them, from wherever it's convenient for them. "Many hands make light work." We can give users and members access to different areas of Servant Keeper based upon their needs. Servant Keeper 8 integrates with several other programs that we use, like QuickBooks. It has also introduced us to other programs that are available like MailChimp, EventBrite and Vanco.

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Douglas Lape

Servant Keeper - The First Three Weeks

Reviewed 2017-02-09
Review Source: Capterra

The migration to Servant Keeper from another software management program has exceeded all expectations. We migrated our data files over on a Friday morning and the staff was entering the Sunday offerings the following Monday morning without any issues or concerns. Our time to post the offerings and prepare the deposit documents was reduced by over 40%. By the end of the third week of use, the VANCO Payment Systems software were linked to the Servant Keeper program, and the Servant Keeper software was totally integrated into the QuickBooks Premier Edition 2017 Non-Profit software. The Importing and Exporting of the data between the three (3) programs has exceeded our expectations. By the end of the first month the Finance Committee received at their monthly meeting, in addition to their standard financial reports, additional reports generated from the vast number of report options available from the Servant Keeper Report Manager. (We discovered that the Report Manager was so powerful that we could within 60 seconds not only could we select the Reports menu, the Report Manager, and the Criteria for the report, the report was displayed on the screen and the printing was usually completed in less than 50 seconds.) The Membership module has also exceeded all expectations. By the end of the first week our Pastor's smartphone was programmed to access the Church's Servant Keeper data base and within hours it was put into use as well. Our former management program had limited information about our members and we are taking advantage of the vast number of data fields to gather and enter the information. We will be launching later this year the option to make it possible for members to access the member portal that will be added to our website. This will benefit both our members and our staff to update and maintain the family records. There is no doubt that Servant Keeper software is a very powerful, but easy to use, management program. In the business environment of which I was involved in the design and implementation of software programs such as Servant Keeper would be rated in the top 10% without a doubt. There is no doubt that a software program of this caliber would be significantly more expensive to acquire and administer. If a staff member has a reasonable working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs, they can replicate the experience we have had and the support that has been provided to us from Servant Keeper. Easy of navigation, yet extremely comprehensive in depth.

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Susan Hellwich

We recently upgraded to SK 8 with our database on the Cloud. Technical Support was awesome!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-31
Review Source: Capterra

We have used the SK Contributions module for many years and it has worked extremely well. I especially like, that if we make the occasional data entry error, it is a straightforward process to make corrections. Three of our volunteers attended a SK training session last spring and we were impressed with the membership module. We could immediately see how we could use membership features to support many of our ministries. The ease of customizing our database with our own names for various fields is great. The Groups Keeper is an awesome tool and we foresee using it extensively. Although we are still learning the SK Writer functions, we can already see that in conjunction with the Groups Keeper, we will be able to personalize letters, emails, campaigns, etc. Perhaps the most appreciated feature of SK8 is that it resides on the Cloud. This enables all of us to work from home, which is a huge plus for our organization, which is 100% volunteers, except for our minister. Also, we appreciate that our data is backed up daily automatically.

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Scott McBroom

Investing in the Helpdesk saved me as a customer with Servant Keeper

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-25
Review Source: Capterra

I love how much time it saves me. Highly proficient. Love the Help Desk department!. They are quickly becoming my 2nd family.

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Servant Keeper features

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Additional information for Servant Keeper

Key features of Servant Keeper

  • Indiviudal and family profiles
  • Customizable profile fields
  • Multi-level security
  • Built-in mail merge
  • Paperless statements via email
  • Personalized letters and reports
  • Customizable contribution statements
  • Attendance tracking
  • Payment tracking
  • Complete audit trail
  • Reminders for important dates
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Online church directory
  • Auto-fill fields
  • Group emails
  • Donation management
  • Online giving add-on
  • Profile edit histories
  • Documents attached to profiles
  • Memorized transactions
  • Targeted messaging
  • Scheduling add-on
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Users can set up individual and combined family profiles, all of which are shown in the main list, with customizable information fields and tabs, automated data entry screens, and drop-down menus, and set multi-level security to vary user access based on role.

Servant Keeper includes reports templates for member lists, attendance reports, birthday and anniversary lists, member interests and skills, visitation schedules, activity reports, and more.

Users can record donations using the donor’s name or envelope number, with auto-entry of previous gifts, options for split transactions, full audit trails of any adjustments, graphs and reports of donation activity, and customizable contribution statements, all of which integrates with Servant Keeper’s Online Giving add-on.

Servant Keeper allows users to track attendance of individuals or families, or by headcount, add visitors while taking attendance, automatically print rosters for events, visualize congregation numbers with graphs and charts, and use scanners or fingerprints for check in.

The SK Notify tools allows users to send voice, email, and text messages, with members given options for which types of messages they wish to receive, and the ability to change their own contact information and view archived messages through the online dashboard.